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Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2018 02

Light response characteristic of Phyllostachys edulis under drought treatment
NI Xia1,2, WU Sisi1,ZHOU Benzhi2,3, LU Xiaozhen1*, CAO Yonghui2,3
2018 02 [47][Article][PDF: 1342 KB]
Plant species diversity of vegetation restoration of moving sandy land on flood plain in Tibet, China
LIAO Chengrui1, LYU Guoping1, WANG Tao2, XU Yannan1*, LI Haidong2*
2018 02 [89][Article][PDF: 3367 KB]
Relationship between PM2.5 adsorption and wettability of different trees during summer, autumn in West Mountain of Beijing
CHEN Bo1, JIANG Yan2, LU Shaowei1,3 Symbolj@@ , LI Shaoning1,3, Symbol`@@ CHEN Pengfei4,LIU Hailong4, ZHAO Dongbo4
2018 02 [113][Article][PDF: 1636 KB]
Exploring the ecological healthy function of Phyllostachys pubescens forest in Qishan Park of Fuzhou in summer
WANG Qian1, WANG Cheng2 Symbolj@@ , DU Wanguang3, XU Chao1, GUO Junqi1
2018 02 [120][Article][PDF: 1733 KB]
Establishment and quality evaluation of cutting orchard of Carya illinoinensis
LE Dongliang, LI Yongrong, PENG Fangren*, LIU Zhuangzhuang
2018 02 [134][Article][PDF: 1376 KB]
Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass for four common greening tree species in Shanghai City, China
ZHANG Xijin1, LENG Hanbing2, ZHAO Guangqi2, JING Jun2, TU Aicui1, SONG Kun1,4*, DA Liangjun1,3,4
2018 02 [141][Article][PDF: 1368 KB]
Review of forest health assessment methods
WANG Qiuyan1,CHEN Pengfei1,LI Xuedong2,FENG Yan3, SONG Xinyu4,FU Liyong 1*
2018 02 [177][Article][PDF: 1330 KB]
Advances on impact of climate change on ecosystem services
HAN Huiqing1,ZHANG Jiaoyan2*,MA Geng1,ZHANG Xinding1,BAI Yumei1
2018 02 [184][Article][PDF: 1309 KB]
Morphological and cellular characterization of rhizome development of Phyllostachys edulis ‘Pachyloen'and Phyllostachys edulis
WEI Qiang1, GAO Zhipeng1, CHEN Ming1, CAO Junjie1, GUO Lin1, YU Fen3, YANG Guangyao3, DING Yulong1*
2018 02 [197][Article][PDF: 3616 KB]
Histo-cytological observation on the graft union formation in Carya illinoinensis
YAN Pan1, PENG Fangren1*, ZHANG Rui1, CAO Mingmin1, ZHAI Min2, LIU Zhuangzhuang1
2018 02 [202][Article][PDF: 2638 KB]