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Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2019 04

2019 04 [0-0][Article][PDF: 327 KB]
Development of genomic SNP markers based on RAD-seq and genome data in Liriodendron
LU Ye1,2,LONG Xiaofei1,2,WANG Pengkai3,CHEN Jinhui1,2,SHI Jisen1,2*
2019 04 [1-7][Article][PDF: 1404 KB]
Estimation of the genetic parameters based on HalfsibBV package and integrated selection for Zelkova schneideriana families
LI Tingting1,YUAN Weigao1*,WEN Lina2,ZHU Jinru1,LIU Jianling2,QIU Shuai3,ZHANG Dawei2
2019 04 [8-16][Article][PDF: 1381 KB]
Effect of controlled-release fertilizer(type and dosage)on the performance of nursery-grown Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. Seedlings
WANG Miaomiao1, ZHANG Rui 1,2, LI Guolei1,2*, FU Yanlin 1, WANG Jiaxi1, LIU Wen3
2019 04 [17-25][Article][PDF: 2405 KB]
Effects of different proportion of nitrogen forms on the growth and physiological characteristics of Camellia oleifera seedlings
WANG Rui1,2, CHEN Longsheng2, WANG Xiangnan2, TANG Wei2, PENG Yinghe2, ZHANG Zhen2, LI Anliang1,2, CHEN Yongzhong2*
2019 04 [26-32][Article][PDF: 1353 KB]
Flower bud differentiation and dynamic changes of endogenous hormone in Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge
ZHANG Ning1, HUANG Yaoyao1, AO Yan1,2*, SU Shuchai1,2, LIU Jinfeng3, ZHANG Xingjie3, LIU Juefei4
2019 04 [33-42][Article][PDF: 3818 KB]
Analysis of volatile components in different flowering stages in six species of Styrax spp.
Analysis of volatile components in different flowering stages in six species of Styrax spp.
2019 04 [48-56][Article][PDF: 1522 KB]
Component detection analysis of floral color formation in Cymbidium ensifolium
LI Wenjian1,2,3, SHEN Yongbao1,2*, SHI Fenghou2, JIA Wenqing4
2019 04 [57-62][Article][PDF: 1590 KB]
Analysis on the character diversity of Ormosia hosiei seeds from different producing regions
ZHAI Dacai1, FANG Zhen2, WU Jinfei1, YAO Qi3, BAI Xiaohui1, YANG Lichun1, HAO Qingqing1, ZHANG Yan1
2019 04 [63-69][Article][PDF: 1314 KB]
Cultivar evaluation and selection in ornamental crabapple for cut flower application
YANG Yifan1, ZHOU Ting1, FAN Junjun1, MU Qian1, ZHANG Jing1, ZHANG Wangxiang1,2*, YU Zhongming3
2019 04 [70-76][Article][PDF: 1452 KB]
Interspecific association analysis of Castanopsis eyrei community in evergreen broad-leaved forests in Huangshan, Anhui Province
XU Baokun1, XU Xiaogang1,LI Yao1, LI Xiaodong1, CHEN Shuifei2,DING Hui2, JIANG Xiaohui3, GOU Lingchen3,FANG Yanming1*
2019 04 [77-84][Article][PDF: 5432 KB]
Quantitative classification and ordination of Zelkova schneideriana habitat in Zhejiang Province
SUN Jiejie1,2, SHEN Aihua2, HUANG Yujie2, YUAN Weigao2, WU Chuping2, YE Nuonan3, ZHU Jinru2, QIU Haojie3, JIAO Jiejie2, JIANG Bo2*
2019 04 [85-93][Article][PDF: 1444 KB]
Purification of total triterpenoids from lingonberry and anti-inflammatory activity in vitro
FAN Ziluan1,2, ZHAO Ziroul, ZHAO Xiang1, CHEN Kaili1, FU Yujie3*
2019 04 [132-138][Article][PDF: 1506 KB]
Path analysis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and soil factors in coastal afforestation tree species
MA Jieyi,WANG Jinping,ZHANG Jinchi*,ZHU Lingjun,YUAN Zhongming
2019 04 [139-147][Article][PDF: 2612 KB]
Analysis of the variation in yield and oil quality traits of selected Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’ individuals
WANG Yichen1, SUN Haiyan1, LI Yongrong2, CHEN Huihui3, LI Shuxian1*
2019 04 [155-160][Article][PDF: 1285 KB]
Effects of different nitrogen forms on phenotypic traits, photosynthesis and yield of Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’
LIU Shuguang1,2, DUAN Peiling3, ZHANG Lixia1,2*, DUAN Xiangguang1,2, GUO Lili1,2, LIU Wei1,2, HOU Xiaogai1,2*
2019 04 [161-168][Article][PDF: 1459 KB]
Research progress on lichens, lichenic acids, rock and mineral weathering and its mechanisms
SONG Jinfeng1, RU Jiaxin1, ZHANG Hongguang2, CAO Kai3, CUI Xiaoyang1*
2019 04 [169-177][Article][PDF: 1371 KB]
A new ornamental crabapple cultivar ‘Luokeke Nüshi’
ZHANG Wangxiang1,2, ZHANG Long1, JIANG Hao1, FAN Junjun1, ZHOU Ting1, CAO Fuliang1
2019 04 [203-204][Article][PDF: 2018 KB]