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Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2018 06

Research on inflorescence establishment and revision of inflorescence type in bamboo plants
LIN Shuyan1,2, WAN Yawen1,2,3, FU Huajun1,2,3, ZHANG Li1,2,3, JIANG Mingyun1,2,3, YIN Zengfang1, 3, DING Yulong1,2*
2018 06 [1-6][Article][PDF: 2457 KB]
Comparison of cell morphology of moso bamboo fibers from fifteen main producing regions in China
CHEN Ming1,2, GUO Lin1,2, ZHENG Xiao1,2, JIANG Mingyun1,2, WANG Ru1,2, DING Yulong1,2, GAO Zhimin3, WEI Qiang1,2*
2018 06 [7-12][Article][PDF: 2867 KB]
The characteristics of bamboo charcoal pyrolyzed from moso bamboo culms in 14 bamboo producing areas in China
LIU Guohua1, FANG Zheng1, ZHENG Xiao1,FAN Tingting1,GAO Jiawei1, WANG Fusheng1,ZHANG Jinchi2*
2018 06 [13-19][Article][PDF: 2904 KB]
Genetic variation in growth and wood properties for southern type poplar clones
lv Yi1,2, LIU Yang1,2, FANG Shengzuo1,2*, TIAN Ye1,2, XU Xizeng2
2018 06 [20-26][Article][PDF: 1522 KB]
Tissue specificity and hormone induced expression of three cytochrome P450 genes from Betula platyphylla Suk
YANG Jie1, SUN Lu1, WANG Siyao1, LI Ying1, ZHAI Rui1, LIN Xiangyu1, ZHAN Yaguang1,2, YIN Jing1*
2018 06 [27-34][Article][PDF: 2529 KB]
The effects of methyl jasmonic acid on leaf antioxidative capacity of Ilex verticillata L. seedlings under drought and re-watering
CHEN Yanqiong1,2, SHEN Yang1,2, FAN Jialu1,3, CHEN Xi1,2, XU Xinyue1,3, ZHANG Di1,3, QIAN Gang1,3, CHEN Ying1,2*
2018 06 [35-43][Article][PDF: 2029 KB]
Effects of thinning on hydrological properties of the natural secondary Larix gmelinii forest in the Daxing’an Mountains
GUAN Huiwen, DONG Xibin*, ZHANG Tian, QU Hangfeng, WANG Zhiyong, RUAN Jiafu
2018 06 [68-76][Article][PDF: 1766 KB]
Spatial distribution pattern and interspecific association of dominant tree species in a broad-leaved mixed forest on Zijin Mountain
CHEN Xia1, 2, YUAN Zaixiang2, JIN Xuemei1, ZHU Jun1, XU Haibing1, ZHAO Chen1, CHEN Bin2, GUAN Qingwei2*
2018 06 [84-90][Article][PDF: 1651 KB]
Effects of altitude change on soil organic carbon fractions in Pinus taiwanensis and broad-leaved mixed forest
MENG Miaojing1, ZHANG Jinchi1*, GUO Xiaoping1, WU Jiasen1, ZHAO Youpeng1, YE Lixin2, LIU Shenglong1,2
2018 06 [106-112][Article][PDF: 1714 KB]
Characteristics of the avian communities in the natural wetland and artificially restored wetland in Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai
CAO Mu1, JIANG Shaoyan2, CHEN Tingyuan3,CHEN Weipin3,TANG Chendong3, JING Xiaowei2, XUE Jianhui1*
2018 06 [113-120][Article][PDF: 2452 KB]
Effects of mycorrhizal fungi on photosynthetic characteristics of Zelkova serrata Thunb
ZHU Lingjun, FU Zhiyuan, ZHANG Jinchi*, WANG Jinping, LIN Jie, YUAN Zhongming, CHENG Xuefei, CHU Dongsheng
2018 06 [121-127][Article][PDF: 1825 KB]
Isolation, screening and identification of endophytic bacteria from Cinnamomum camphora that promote growth and antagonistic pathogen
LU Lanxiang1, JIANG Mingming1,WANG Yan2,ZHANG Yuefeng2,ZHANG Hongliang2,YE Jianren1*
2018 06 [128-136][Article][PDF: 3309 KB]
Pathological changes in ultrastructure of the Pinus thunbergii due to flagellin toxin
WANG Huaguang, LI Liang, JU Yunwei, ZHANG Jinchi*, ZHAO Boguang*
2018 06 [137-144][Article][PDF: 3127 KB]
Experimental study on thermal insulation performance of green roof in hot summer and cold winter area
YIN Wenfeng1, FENG Xiaoping1*, JIA Zhemin1, LI Dongan2, SHEN Heyun3
2018 06 [159-164][Article][PDF: 2438 KB]
Comparison of chemical constituents in volatile compounds from leaves of five Thuja species
NI Yanyan1,2, ZHANG Yuting1, LIU Jianfeng1*, XIAO Wenfa2,HUANG Yuening1,YAO Ning1, HU Jun3
2018 06 [179-185][Article][PDF: 2109 KB]
Preparation and stability of avermectin-loaded ethylcellulose
ZENG Jianyong1, YU Yingying1, ZHANG Fangming1, LI Dabo2, ZHANG Guocai1*
2018 06 [186-190][Article][PDF: 1577 KB]
Review on emission from biomass combustion
LUO Bizhen1, LUO Sisheng1, WEI Shujing1,2, SUN Long1, HU Haiqing1*
2018 06 [191-196][Article][PDF: 1405 KB]
Flower bud differentiation process and its morphology and anatomical structure in two types of stigma of Plumbago auriculata
ZHAO Yunfang, DAI Jialing, GAO Suping*, LEI Ting, JIANG Yulan, ZHANG Xinzhou, ZHU Yuting
2018 06 [203-208][Article][PDF: 2366 KB]