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白桦BpGT14基因表达模式及对非生物 胁迫诱导的响应(PDF)



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The expression patterns of BpGT14 gene in Betula platypylla Suk. and the response to biotic stress
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LI Leilei SUN Fengkun DONG Heng ZHAN Yaguang YAND Dan ZENG Fansuo*
College of Life Sciences, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, China
birch(Betula platypylla Suk.) glycosyltransferase BpGT14 abiotic stress expression patterns
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S792.153; Q786
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Birch(Betula platypylla Suk.)GT14 gene sequence, named BpGT14 gene(JQ409354)have been cloned in this study. Bioinformatics was used to analyze its physical and chemical properties. The expression of BpGT14 gene in xylem, phloem, leaves and male inflorescence of wild birch was analyzed through real-time PCR. At the same time, we had treated suspension cells of birch stems with salicylic acid(SA), salt stress(NaCl), cadmium(CdCl2)and 4 ℃ to determine the stress response of BpGT14. Research indicated that the gene was 1 302 bp, encoding 433 amino acids. Protein analysis showed that the BpGT14 gene contained important domain of acetyl glucosaminyl transferase which belongs to a glycosyltransferase 14 family. The GT14 protein we selected from different species showed highly conserved amino acid sequence in the 100-350 region and the identity of BpGT14 and Populus trichocarpa GT14 was up to 79%. BpGT14 gene real-time quantitative PCR results showed that the gene expression had specificity in different months and parts. Meanwhile, the results showed that the expression levels of BpGT14 gene was higher in xylem, phloem and leaves than that in male inflorescence. The results of abiotic stress treatment showed that BpGT14 gene was respond to abiotic stress, but its response pattern was different. The results of SA,CdCl2 and 4 ℃ treatments showed that early treatment increased the expression of the target gene. After 6 h treatment, the expression of BpGT14 gene was 51.2, 48.9 and 3.3 times compared with the control group, but then the relative expression levels were lower compared with the control group except the 4℃ at 96 h. NaCl treatment had been showing downward trend and reduced by 93.7% compared with control in 24 h. This study was to reveal the molecular structure of BpGT14, figure out the expression patterns of BpGT14 and the response to biotic stress and explore the function of BpGT14 in birch growth and development. It provides the basis and inspiration for the research of other woody plants.


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