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1 Molecular and morphological characterization of Laimaphelenchus liaoningensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) in China
宋雅婷, 刘任军, 江奕, 周立峰, 谈家金, 孙守慧, 陈凤毛
2020年4期 [93-101][Abstract](250)[pdf 1603KB](208)
2 Dynamic characteristics of floral components and anatomical observation of petals in three cultivars of Osmanthus fragrans
施婷婷, 杨秀莲, 王良桂
2020年4期 [12-20][Abstract](265)[pdf 2372KB](234)
3 Effects of NaN3 on Sapium sebiferum seed germination and seedling growth
陈黎, 朱超, 朱庆祥, 王翠鸣, 鲍佳书, 莫辰, 施婷婷, 万志兵
2020年4期 [47-54][Abstract](257)[pdf 1174KB](236)
4 Responses of photosynthetic characteristics and chloroplast ultrastructure to salt stress in seedlings of Cornus hongkongensis subsp. elegans
鲁强, 杨玲, 王昊伟, 袁佳秋, 洑香香, 方彦
2020年4期 [29-36][Abstract](254)[pdf 1527KB](289)
5 Cloning, subcellular localization and expression analysis of CiAGL6 gene in pecan
王敏, 席东, 莫正海, 陈于, 赵玉强, 朱灿灿
2020年4期 [63-69][Abstract](245)[pdf 2595KB](246)
6 The cloning and expression analysis of mevalonate pyrophosphate decarboxylase gene cDNA sequence from Sanghuangporus baumii
刘增才, 孙婷婷, 王世新, 马依莎, 王旭彤, 孙健, 邹莉
2020年4期 [79-85][Abstract](262)[pdf 2295KB](210)
7 Effects of atmospheric acid deposition on root physiological characteristics of Pinus massoniana seedlings
周思婕, 王平, 张敏, 陈舒展, 许雯, 朱丽婷, 何销勤, 龚书锐
2020年4期 [111-118][Abstract](243)[pdf 1215KB](159)
8 Predicting the impact of future climate change on the distribution patterns of Toona ciliata var. pubescens in China
黄红兰, 钟沃谷, 衣德萍, 蔡军火, 张露
2020年3期 [163-170][Abstract](157)[pdf 2502KB](92)
9 Estimation of wood basic density in a Pinus elliottii stand using Pilodyn and Resistograph measurements
丁显印, 陶学雨, 刁姝, 栾启福, 姜景民
2020年3期 [142-148][Abstract](101)[pdf 623KB](49)
10 Screening of indigenous phosphate?solubilizing bacteria from Liquidambar formosana Hance rhizosphere and its potential applications for improving plant growth
宋娟, 徐国芳, 赵邢, 姚尧, 杨学祥, 唐荣林, 崔家旺, 陈凤毛, 任嘉红
2020年3期 [95-104][Abstract](175)[pdf 1321KB](79)
11 Photosynthetic characteristics of grafted plants of different Carya illinoinensis varieties
汤文华, 窦全琴, 潘平平, 季艳红, 谢寅峰
2020年3期 [81-88][Abstract](150)[pdf 625KB](73)
12 Nutrient composition of litters and functional diversity of different microorganisms in various decomposition stages of Casuarina equisetifolia plantations
徐志霞,张雅倩,陶 月,李 玲,李 蕾*
2020年02期 [197-205][Abstract](386)[pdf 2459KB](178)
13 Hormetic effect of Cd on soil alkaline phosphatase:driving mechanism of land use change
2020年02期 [173-180][Abstract](339)[pdf 2455KB](136)
14 Spatial modeling and grade evaluation of forest and grass fire danger in Yunnan Province
王 周
2020年02期 [141-149][Abstract](298)[pdf 2966KB](146)
15 Microscopic observation on the process of axenic seed germination of Cymbidium tortisepalum var. longibracteatum
张 巧,李 杰*,山萌蒙,刘 鑫,李媛媛
2020年02期 [105-110][Abstract](369)[pdf 3116KB](150)
16 Effects of exponential fertilization on growth and root morphology of Tilia amurensis seedlings
杨 阳1,施皓然2,及 利1,杨立学1*
2020年02期 [91-97][Abstract](368)[pdf 2196KB](193)
17 Photosynthetic and fluorescence characteristics of pecan grafting seedlings grafted on different rootstocks
李晓锐1,周 樊1,冯 刚1,郑小琴1,李永荣2,彭方仁1
2020年02期 [84-90][Abstract](313)[pdf 2170KB](208)
18 Analysis of differentially expressed proteins in leaves of triploid Populus simonii × P. nigra hybrid clones under salt stress
张 恒,刘晓婷,陈 嵩,周雪燕,司冬晶,李 莹,赵曦阳*
2020年02期 [59-66][Abstract](365)[pdf 3011KB](212)
19 Clonal selection of middle/large diameter timber of Eucalyptus urophylla × E. tereticornis hybrid clones
朱显亮1,2,兰 俊3,王建忠3,翁启杰1,周长品1,甘四明1,李发根1*
2020年02期 [43-50][Abstract](322)[pdf 1402KB](185)
20 Isolation and identification of endophytic fungi from Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.)Iljinskaja
寇晓琳1,谢 楠1,吴彩娥1,2*,范龚健1,洑香香2
2020年02期 [26-34][Abstract](397)[pdf 3239KB](273)
21 Effects of light quality on accumulation of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activities in Cyclocarya paliurus(Batal.)Iljinskaja leaves from different families
陈 培1,周明明1,方升佐1,2*,刘 洋1,杨万霞1,2,尚旭岚1,2
2020年02期 [17-25][Abstract](395)[pdf 3233KB](257)
22 Key bioactive substances and their antioxidant activities in Cyclocarya paliurus(Batal.)Iljinskaja leaves collected from natural populations
林 源,陈 培,周明明,尚旭岚,方升佐*
2020年02期 [10-16][Abstract](462)[pdf 2103KB](305)
23 Key ecological issues in plant-soil feedback: pattern, process and mechanism
2020年02期 [1-9][Abstract](489)[pdf 2020KB](390)
24 Recent progress of artificial lighting technique and effect of light on plant growth
王建平1,王纪章1,周 静1,贺 通1,李萍萍1,2*
2020年01期 [215-222][Abstract](668)[pdf 2117KB](421)
25 The alleviating effects of selenium on cadmium-induced toxicity in tea leaves
张 庆1,3,魏树和2*,代惠萍1*,贾根良3
2020年01期 [200-204][Abstract](504)[pdf 2046KB](293)
26 Analysis of photosynthetic characteristics of hybrid golden leaf ginkgo
赵 辉1,吕良贺2,路 鑫2,郭力宇1,祝遵凌3,4*,王改萍2,4
2020年01期 [193-199][Abstract](458)[pdf 2910KB](270)
27 Tensile mechanical properties of roots based on chemical composition
张乔艳,唐丽霞*,潘 露,陈 龙
2020年01期 [186-192][Abstract](587)[pdf 2910KB](255)
28 Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on Lycium barbarum fruit morphological parameters and sugar accumulation during development period in Ningxia
郭芳芸,曹 兵Symbolj@@,宋丽华,哈 蓉
2020年01期 [105-110][Abstract](419)[pdf 2985KB](226)
29 Comparison on activities of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase from Populus trichocarpa and its application in trans-cinnamic acid production
张 晨1,2,臧 颖3,许 倩1,2,郑兆娟1,2,欧阳嘉1,2*
2020年01期 [97-104][Abstract](486)[pdf 2735KB](188)
30 Effects of N/P ratio and loading on growth and construction of nutrients reserves of one-year-old seedlings for five kinds of precious tree species
李峰卿1,3,王秀花2,楚秀丽1*,张东北2,吴小林1,周生财2,叶 明4
2020年01期 [72-80][Abstract](503)[pdf 3183KB](218)
31 Effects of different carbon sources on somatic embryo of Cinnamomum camphora L.
荆茹月1,王佩兰1,黄 振2,何林骏1,李志辉
2020年01期 [54-62][Abstract](573)[pdf 3022KB](275)
32 Root order-dependent responses of poplar fine root morphology to phenolic acids
2020年01期 [39-46][Abstract](486)[pdf 2664KB](271)
33 Comparative analysis on the fine root traits of the four native broad-leaved trees in the hilly region of central Sichuan Province
陈俊华1,2,周大松1,2,牛 牧3,别鹏飞4,谢天资1,2,赵 润4,慕长龙1,2*
2020年01期 [31-38][Abstract](563)[pdf 1729KB](347)
34 Effects of ethephon on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Dalbergia odorifera
王玥琳1,2,徐大平1*,杨曾奖1,刘小金1,洪 舟1,张宁南1,陈文德2
2020年01期 [18-24][Abstract](595)[pdf 2514KB](344)
35 Mechanism of Burkholderia pyrrocinia JK-SH007 growth-promoting to plant via siderophore-mediation
闵莉静1, 2,郭 璐3,叶建仁1*
2019年06期 [164-172][Abstract](517)[pdf 2449KB](321)
36 Potential habitat prediction of Hyphantria cunea based on a random forest model in China
2019年06期 [121-128][Abstract](624)[pdf 2561KB](391)
37 Study on the growth adaptability of north American crabapple introduced to southern China
何 梅1,2,胡玉安2, 武启飞2,许 军2,赵 安1*
2019年06期 [73-82][Abstract](575)[pdf 1718KB](437)
38 Response of photosynthetic fluorescence of the endangered plant Manglietia ventii seedlings to shade treatment
徐 清1,闭鸿雁1,崔光帅1,郭晓荣1,周 睿1,苏文华 1,欧阳志勤2,张光飞1 *
2019年06期 [46-52][Abstract](528)[pdf 2063KB](385)
39 The growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Cinnamomum longepaniculatum ‘Longnao Xiangzhang’ steckling under different N, P and K level by drip fertilization
张银荣1,兰再平1*,秘洪雷2,彭晶晶1,马 鑫1,秦杏宇1
2019年06期 [39-45][Abstract](658)[pdf 1642KB](489)
40 Effects of gas exchange and morphological characteristics of desert species Nitraria tangutorum under moisture variation
段 娜1,2,汪 季1*,郝玉光2,高君亮2,陈晓娜2,多普增2
2019年06期 [32-38][Abstract](708)[pdf 2985KB](475)
41 Study on the population differentiation of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in Guangdong Province by SNP markers
2019年06期 [25-31][Abstract](590)[pdf 1564KB](480)
42 Comparison of morphological index and pathogenicity of two isolates of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in southern and northern in China
盛若成1,李 敏1,陈 军2,高志健2,孙守慧3,叶建仁1,陈凤毛1*
2019年06期 [18-24][Abstract](709)[pdf 1634KB](452)
43 Ontogenesis of pine parasitic nematode Bursaphelenchus mucronatus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae)
尚 征, 周立峰,冯玥瑶,刘费樱,陈凤毛*
2019年06期 [11-17][Abstract](643)[pdf 2015KB](426)
44 Transmission of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) through feeding activity of Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
王 洋1, 陈 军2,陈凤毛1*, 周 权1, 周立峰1,孙守慧3
2019年06期 [1-10][Abstract](1527)[pdf 1800KB](850)
45 Effects of elevated atmospheric ozone on the growth and biomass of Raphanus sativus L.
李 丽1,2,MANNING William3,王效科2
2019年05期 [187-192][Abstract](945)[pdf 1894KB](559)
46 Effects of the proportional fertilization on the nutrient content and photosynthesis of young grafted pecan seedlings
郑小琴1,陈文静1,曹 凡1,冯 刚1,李永荣2,彭方仁1*
2019年05期 [169-174][Abstract](1116)[pdf 1395KB](684)
47 Isolation, screening and identification of an endophytic bacteria in Ceresas with resistance to Agrobacterium tumefaciens and phosphorus solubilizing ability
丁 森1,王 焱2,陆蓝翔1,张岳峰2,江明明1,魏 奇1,叶建仁1*
2019年05期 [81-88][Abstract](942)[pdf 2210KB](861)
48 Bioinformatics and expression characteristics analysis of BpTCP8 in Betula platyphylla Suk.
安琳君,栾嘉豫,任 丽,李慧玉,夏德安*
2019年05期 [67-73][Abstract](988)[pdf 3325KB](513)
49 Development of single copy nuclear gene primers for the family Salicaceae
刘舒宇1,刘 霞2,李金花1*,王兆山1*
2019年05期 [44-50][Abstract](934)[pdf 1474KB](518)
50 Characterization of photosynthetic and growth traits of precocious leaf senescence mutant of BpGH3.5 transgenic lines in Betula platyphylla
孟德恺,徐志鹏,刘宁宁,王 萌,王 楚,刘桂丰*
2019年05期 [37-43][Abstract](794)[pdf 1507KB](485)
51 Response of phenophase of Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge to environmental factors
张 毅1,敖 妍1*,刘觉非2,赵磊磊3,张永明3
2019年05期 [30-36][Abstract](1065)[pdf 1337KB](544)
52 Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on biomass allocation and root morphology in Betula alnoides clones
刘士玲1,陈 琳1,杨保国1,贾宏炎1 *,庞圣江1,张 培1,王 晖2
2019年05期 [23-29][Abstract](1025)[pdf 1339KB](622)
53 Effects of gibberellin on early growth and fruiting of potted Betula platyphylla clones
王 楚,顾宸瑞,姜 静,刘桂丰*
2019年05期 [16-22][Abstract](1004)[pdf 1467KB](477)
54 Root morphology of different poplar clone stecklings under waterlogging and flooding treatment
赵小军,程 方,张 康,黄开栋,倪 云,孟 晓,唐罗忠
2019年05期 [1-8][Abstract](1046)[pdf 1648KB](570)
55 Effects of different planting matrices on the root growth of four roadside trees in Shanghai
严 巍1, 3, 杨瑞卿1, 3, 胡永红2, 3*
2019年04期 [192-198][Abstract](994)[pdf 1592KB](612)
56 Effects of different nitrogen forms on phenotypic traits, photosynthesis and yield of Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan’
刘曙光1,2,段佩玲3,张利霞1,2*,段祥光1,2,郭丽丽1,2,刘 伟1,2,侯小改1,2*
2019年04期 [161-168][Abstract](1043)[pdf 1459KB](706)
57 Purification of total triterpenoids from lingonberry and anti-inflammatory activity in vitro
樊梓鸾1,2 ,赵梓煣1 ,赵 翔1,陈凯莉1 ,付玉杰3*
2019年04期 [132-138][Abstract](819)[pdf 1506KB](448)
58 Analysis of volatile components in different flowering stages in six species of Styrax spp.
曹媛媛,贾斐斐,吴岐奎,陈 晨,高振洲,喻方圆*
2019年04期 [48-56][Abstract](1026)[pdf 1522KB](785)
59 Study on floral bud differentiation and photoperiod characteristics of Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’
2019年04期 [43-47][Abstract](1094)[pdf 2018KB](503)
60 Effects of different proportion of nitrogen forms on the growth and physiological characteristics of Camellia oleifera seedlings
王 瑞1,2,陈隆升2,王湘南2,唐 炜2,彭映赫2,张 震2,李安亮1,2,陈永忠2*
2019年04期 [26-32][Abstract](932)[pdf 1353KB](630)
61 Effects of Salix saposhnikovii on removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage intermittently running through wetland surface
王天乐1,孔 进2,刘茂松1*
2019年03期 [200-204][Abstract](960)[pdf 1444KB](622)
62 Cytological study on the size reduction of leaf blade of Pseudosasa japonica var. tsusumiana
魏 强,郭 琳,陈 铭,夏苏娟,丁雨龙
2019年03期 [195-199][Abstract](1122)[pdf 3149KB](508)
63 Physiological response of blueberry roots to Mn2+ stress in soil
2019年03期 [169-174][Abstract](1110)[pdf 1724KB](806)
64 Anti-inflammatory activity of polyphenol extracts from blueberry fruit
姚 蓓1,赵慧芳1,吴文龙1*,李维林1,2*
2019年03期 [152-156][Abstract](1181)[pdf 1478KB](786)
65 Social network analysis of dominance behavior and social structure of Crossoptilon crossoptilon in breeding season
石树敏1,王 楠1*,李扎西姐2
2019年03期 [137-144][Abstract](905)[pdf 1804KB](651)
66 Influence of roof greening substrate materials on nitrogen and phosphorus characteristics in rainfall runoff
席梦涵1,4,郑思俊2,3,张青萍1*,张 浪1,2,3*
2019年03期 [77-84][Abstract](1040)[pdf 1708KB](729)
67 Spatial distribution pattern and sampling technique of Sphecodoptera sheni larvae on Carya illinoinensis
刘凯舟1,曹 霞1,2,巨云为1*,翟 敏3,严晓茹1,王笑石1,周际丰1
2019年03期 [23-27][Abstract](1128)[pdf 1326KB](634)
68 The effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi on the growth of mulberry in different nursery substrates
黄小辉1,2 ,陈道静1 ,冯大兰1*
2019年03期 [9-16][Abstract](1074)[pdf 5375KB](745)
69 The karyotype and FISH analysis of 45S and 5S rDNA on the chromosomes of Phyllostachys edulis and Phyllostachys edulis ‘Pachyloen'
2019年02期 [203-208][Abstract](1275)[pdf 1863KB](696)
70 Niche characteristics of a salinized Phragmites communis meadow in a wetland of West Lake, Dunhuang, Gansu Province
张继强1,2,陈文业1,2*,谈嫣蓉1,2,刘冬皓1,2,袁海峰3,王斌杰1,2,刘鸿源1,陈 旭3
2019年02期 [191-196][Abstract](1342)[pdf 1345KB](628)
71 Geographical variation and genetic stability of seedling traits of Dalbergia cochinchinensis from different provenances
麦宝莹1,2,洪 舟1*,徐大平1,罗明道 1,2,张宁南1,黄锡钊2
2019年02期 [168-174][Abstract](1446)[pdf 1501KB](812)
72 Variation of seed germination and seedling growth among different families of Dalbergia cochinchinensis
麦宝莹1,2,洪 舟1*,徐大平1,罗明道 1,2,张宁南1,黄锡钊2
2019年02期 [153-160][Abstract](1457)[pdf 1425KB](678)
73 Effects of riparian poplar plantation buffer strips on phosphorus removal in runoff water
周子尧,吴永波*,余昱莹,杨 静
2019年02期 [100-106][Abstract](1257)[pdf 1531KB](643)
74 Environment-dependent phenotypic variation of Osmanthus fragrans
郑孙元1,朱 弘1,金思雨2,王梦娟2,孙 杰2,谷诚诚2, 裴引祎2,王贤荣1*,段一凡1*
2019年02期 [38-46][Abstract](1381)[pdf 1879KB](677)
75 Anther development and floral morphology characteristics of Bambusa oldhami ‘Xia Zao' ZSX
2019年02期 [7-13][Abstract](1395)[pdf 3336KB](657)
76 Effects of biochar application on microbial biomass C, N, P and stoichiometry characteristics of poplar plantation soil
王国兵1, 王 瑞1, 徐 瑾1, 曹国华2, 阮宏华1
2019年02期 [1-6][Abstract](3340)[pdf 1503KB](1487)
77 Study on the characters of improving saline soil using rice husk charcoal
王 潇1,2,胡海波1,2*,施海新3
2019年01期 [193-197][Abstract](1298)[pdf 1306KB](731)
78 Review on combined electrokinetic and phytoremediation technology for soil contaminated by heavy metal
魏树和1,徐 雷1,2,韩 冉1,2,窦薛楷1,2,杨 微1,2
2019年01期 [154-160][Abstract](1580)[pdf 1382KB](1088)
79 Characteristics of nitrogen and phosphorus runoff of wheat-rice double cropping field and poplar forest land in intersection area of Hung-tse Lake
李吉平,徐勇峰,陈子鹏,韩建刚,李 威*,李萍萍*
2019年01期 [98-104][Abstract](1147)[pdf 1887KB](777)
80 Water source of Salix cheilophila plantation in alpine sandy land in summer
朱雅娟1,齐 凯1,庞志勇2
2019年01期 [91-97][Abstract](1177)[pdf 1601KB](708)
81 Identification and characteristics of a strain of Serratia marcescens isolated from the termites,Odontotermes formosanus
傅仁杰, 祁雪连,丰 凯,夏馨蕊,汤 方*
2019年01期 [76-82][Abstract](1417)[pdf 1956KB](892)
82 Effects of salt-alkaline mixed stress on growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Taxodium hybrid ‘Zhongshanshan 406’
郭金博,施 钦,熊豫武,殷云龙,华建峰*
2019年01期 [61-68][Abstract](1096)[pdf 1469KB](710)
83 Effects of heavy metal chromium stress on the photosynthetic characteristics of Indocalamus barbatus McClure
马迎莉,高 雨,袁婷婷,代 丽,张雨峰,谢寅峰*
2019年01期 [54-60][Abstract](1503)[pdf 1610KB](834)
84 Cloning and expression analysis of BpTCP7 promoter from Betula platyphylla
任 丽,董京祥,杨 洋,黄海娇,李慧玉*
2019年01期 [32-38][Abstract](1169)[pdf 2600KB](856)
85 Functional study of BpMYB4 in birch response to low temperature stress
张 宇,陈 肃,高 源,黄海娇*
2019年01期 [25-31][Abstract](1361)[pdf 2935KB](772)
86 Flower bud differentiation process and its morphology and anatomical structure in two types of stigma of Plumbago auriculata
赵云芳,代佳灵,高素萍*,雷 霆,蒋雨兰,张芯周,朱俞婷
2018年06期 [203-208][Abstract](1613)[pdf 2366KB](745)
87 Preparation and stability of avermectin-loaded ethylcellulose
2018年06期 [186-190][Abstract](1455)[pdf 1577KB](714)
88 Comparison of chemical constituents in volatile compounds from leaves of five Thuja species
倪妍妍1,2,张玉婷1,刘建锋1*,肖文发2,黄跃宁1,姚 宁1,胡 军3
2018年06期 [179-185][Abstract](1389)[pdf 2109KB](597)
89 Pathological changes in ultrastructure of the Pinus thunbergii due to flagellin toxin
王华光,李 良,巨云为,张金池*,赵博光*
2018年06期 [137-144][Abstract](1253)[pdf 3127KB](639)
90 Isolation, screening and identification of endophytic bacteria from Cinnamomum camphora that promote growth and antagonistic pathogen
陆蓝翔1,江明明1,王 焱2,张岳峰2,张洪良2,叶建仁1*
2018年06期 [128-136][Abstract](1466)[pdf 3309KB](661)
91 Effects of mycorrhizal fungi on photosynthetic characteristics of Zelkova serrata Thunb
朱凌骏,傅致远,张金池*,王金平,林 杰,袁钟鸣,程雪飞,储冬升
2018年06期 [121-127][Abstract](1288)[pdf 1825KB](733)
92 The impact of urban heat island of Landsat 8 OLI on plant phenology in Nanjing
2018年06期 [99-105][Abstract](1438)[pdf 3844KB](785)
93 Multiple trees contour extraction method based on Graph Cut algorithm
2018年06期 [91-98][Abstract](1404)[pdf 3570KB](702)
94 Separation analysis and mixed genetic analysis of phenotypic traits in F1 progenies of tree peony
张 琳1,郭丽丽1,郭大龙2,侯小改1*
2018年06期 [51-60][Abstract](1382)[pdf 3170KB](704)
95 Effects of drought stress and rewatering on physiological indexes of four Paeonia lactiflora cultivars and evaluation of their drought resistance
常青山1,张利霞2*,王建章3,王 梓1,徐少君1,康 璐1,严俊驿1,杨梦浩1,赵一凡1, 刘 杨1
2018年06期 [44-50][Abstract](1265)[pdf 2219KB](694)
96 Tissue specificity and hormone induced expression of three cytochrome P450 genes from Betula platyphylla Suk
杨 杰1,孙 璐1,王思瑶1,李 影1,翟 睿1,林香雨1,詹亚光1,2,尹 静1*
2018年06期 [27-34][Abstract](1601)[pdf 2529KB](920)
97 The characteristics of bamboo charcoal pyrolyzed from moso bamboo culms in 14 bamboo producing areas in China
刘国华1,方 正1,郑 笑1,范婷婷1,高佳伟1,王福升1,张金池2*
2018年06期 [13-19][Abstract](1350)[pdf 2904KB](834)
98 Comparison of cell morphology of moso bamboo fibers from fifteen main producing regions in China
陈 铭1,2,郭 琳1,2,郑 笑1,2,姜明云1,2,王 茹1,2,丁雨龙1,2,高志民3,魏 强1,2*
2018年06期 [7-12][Abstract](1513)[pdf 2867KB](855)
99 A comparative analysis of volatile components of Phoebe hui Cheng ex Yang
王天石1,宁莉萍1,2*,熊 燕1,陈颐萱1,李嘉诚1,丁 文1
2018年05期 [129-134][Abstract](1181)[pdf 1415KB](775)
100 Characteristics of soil saturated hydraulic conductivity in classic suburb shelter forests in the Three Gorges Reservoir
马思文,张洪江*,程金花,李明峰,王 平
2018年05期 [99-106][Abstract](1332)[pdf 1509KB](690)
101 Study on the composition and stability of soil aggregates of the main forest stands in Fengyang Mountain, Zhejiang Province
2018年05期 [84-90][Abstract](1160)[pdf 1458KB](706)
102 Effects of dimethyl sulphonate on proteome of Paulownia tomentosa seedlings infected by phytoplasma
邓敏捷,靳冉冉,赵振利,王 哲,范国强*
2018年05期 [77-83][Abstract](1317)[pdf 1720KB](828)
103 Monitoring the occurrence of Asian gypsy moth(Lymantria dispar asiatica)with sex pheromone-baited trap in five types of forest stands
薛 羿,孟昭军,董效文,牛豪杰,严善春*
2018年05期 [71-76][Abstract](1499)[pdf 1472KB](623)
104 Study on function of cathepsin bmcath1 in Bursaphelenchus mucronatus using method of RNA interference
潘妍毅1,2,黄 麟1,吴小芹1*
2018年05期 [65-70][Abstract](1410)[pdf 1910KB](681)
105 The role of autophagy of pine wood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in the growth and development and infecting pine trees at early time
吴 凡,吴小芹*
2018年05期 [59-64][Abstract](1198)[pdf 1562KB](607)
106 A study on new and old branch's leaf photosynthetic capacity and water use efficiency of natural Larix gmelinii forest in the northern Great Xing'an Mountains
宋 浩,满秀玲*,段北星,刘家霖
2018年05期 [53-58][Abstract](1441)[pdf 1443KB](616)
107 Effects of planting densities on tree growth and wood quality of 25-year-old Liriodendron chinense plantations
潘文婷1,夏 莘2,夏良放2,孙建军1,武晓玉1,余良富1,厉月桥1*
2018年05期 [46-52][Abstract](1540)[pdf 1402KB](743)
108 A study on mechanism of propagation and shoot cutting of Monarda didyma
2018年05期 [39-45][Abstract](1110)[pdf 2167KB](821)
109 Effects of different planting years on soil physical and chemical properties in navel orange orchard
2018年04期 [181-186][Abstract](1905)[pdf 1558KB](972)
110 Application of unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)image automatic stitching in landscape planning based on Agisoft PhotoScan
代婷婷,马 骏,徐雁南*
2018年04期 [165-170][Abstract](1896)[pdf 1908KB](1564)
111 Spatial distribution of arbor forests in Altay Mountains based on Landsat date
2018年04期 [153-158][Abstract](1612)[pdf 2168KB](1210)
112 Cloud detection technology based on Gaussian mixture model for high-resolution remote sensing imagery
杨 帆,赵增鹏*,张 磊
2018年04期 [134-140][Abstract](2436)[pdf 3968KB](1796)
113 Cloning and expression pattern of BpMYB21 from Betula platyphylla Suk.
孙 璐1,杨 杰1,王思瑶1,李 欣1,李 影1,徐志强1,詹亚光1,2,尹 静1,2*
2018年04期 [119-126][Abstract](2417)[pdf 11380KB](1263)
114 Bioinformatics and expression analysis of BpTCPs in Betula platyphylla Suk.
董京祥,任 丽,张 园,杨 洋,黄海娇,李慧玉*
2018年04期 [113-118][Abstract](2288)[pdf 2507KB](1780)
115 Effects of low molecular weight organic acid on inorganic phosphorus fractions of typical temperate forest soils
陈立新1,梁薇薇1,段文标1*,李 刚1,李亦菲1,李少然1,马海娟2
2018年04期 [75-82][Abstract](1941)[pdf 1321KB](1565)
116 Effects of application of poplar litter and sludge compost on poplar seedling growth in Cd2+-contaminated soil
曹 莉1,3,王艮梅1,2*,续卫利4,普慧梅1,2,杨 园1,3
2018年04期 [68-74][Abstract](2130)[pdf 1576KB](1333)
117 Research on the structure and photosynthetic responses of Phyllostachys glauca spathes during flowering
刘国华,徐 强,丁雨龙,林树燕*
2018年04期 [32-38][Abstract](2369)[pdf 3142KB](1810)
118 Characterization of fiber morphological variation of Pseudosasa japonica var. tsutsumiana and the underlying mechanism
魏 强, 高志鹏,郭 琳, 胡 佩, 夏苏娟, 丁雨龙
2018年04期 [25-31][Abstract](2423)[pdf 2633KB](1692)
119 Effects of thinning on nitrogen contents and enzyme activities of rhizosphere soil in Pinus massoniana plantations
叶钰倩,赵家豪,刘 畅,关庆伟*
2018年03期 [193-198][Abstract](1918)[pdf 1330KB](1093)
120 Effects of common urban tree species on vertical distribution of soil carbon & nitrogen and organic carbon storage
袁在翔1,金雪梅1,翟凯燕1,陈 斌1,关庆伟1*,徐建峰2
2018年03期 [153-158][Abstract](1678)[pdf 1371KB](1556)
121 Effects of NAA on growth and active ingredients in root tuber of Pseudostellaria heterophylla
马迎莉,时 蕾,张雨峰,谷 慧,王晓容,代 丽,谢寅峰*
2018年03期 [123-130][Abstract](2416)[pdf 1412KB](1184)
122 Photosynthetic characters of seedlings of plant species for afforestation in Zhoushan Island
叶 波, 张 玲, 王国明
2018年03期 [105-110][Abstract](2253)[pdf 1698KB](1625)
123 Genetic variation analysis and early comprehensive selection of 21 Eucalyptus clones in western Guangdong Province, China
2018年03期 [73-80][Abstract](2720)[pdf 1352KB](1462)
124 Exploring the ecological healthy function of Phyllostachys pubescens forest in Qishan Park of Fuzhou in summer
王 茜1,王 成2,杜万光3,许 超1,郭珺琪1
2018年02期 [120-126][Abstract](1038)[pdf 1733KB](556)
125 Study on the aroma component emission pattern of Osmanthus fragrans ‘Boye Jingui'
2018年02期 [97-104][Abstract](1367)[pdf 2236KB](591)
126 Light response characteristic of Phyllostachys edulis under drought treatment
倪 霞1,2,吴思思1,周本智2,3,鲁小珍1*,曹永慧2,3
2018年02期 [47-51][Abstract](1291)[pdf 1342KB](719)
127 Effects of PEG and GA3 priming on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of aged moso bamboo(Phyllostachys edulis)seeds
蔡春菊1,范少辉1*,曹帮华2,赵建诚1,3,刘 凤1,2
2018年02期 [40-46][Abstract](1221)[pdf 1451KB](621)
128 Comparison of sample preparation methods suitable for poplar leaf proteomics
甄 艳,郑秀化,施季森
2018年02期 [33-39][Abstract](818)[pdf 1756KB](426)
129 Characterization of gene expression in anthocyanin synthesis and salt tolerance of Betula pendula ‘Purple Rain'
吕东林,林 琳,郭译文,韩 锐,姜 静*
2018年02期 [25-32][Abstract](1211)[pdf 2024KB](632)
130 Effects of inoculation ways on nodule formations of precious timber tree species Ormosia henryi seedlings
安常蓉1, 韦小丽1*, 段如雁1,2, 叶 润1, 黎星炜1
2018年02期 [9-16][Abstract](1418)[pdf 1375KB](604)
131 Response of roots morphological characteristics and nutrient utilization to low phosphorus stress among five clones of Cunninghamia lanceolate(Lamb.)Hook.
韦如萍1,2, 胡德活2, 陈金慧1, 施季森1*
2018年02期 [1-8][Abstract](1426)[pdf 1593KB](785)
132 Immobilized of g-C3N4 on wood surface and characterization of its photodegradation property
袁炳楠,董 悦,郭明辉*
2018年01期 [193-197][Abstract](1641)[pdf 1650KB](806)
133 Variation in radial increment of Lindera megaphylla and its wood anatomical characteristics
杨建飞1,宁莉萍1,2*,杨 了1,王天石1,陈甜甜1,钱钰滢1
2018年01期 [181-187][Abstract](1455)[pdf 1689KB](942)
134 Research advances of Clematis Sect. Fruticella(Ranunculaceae)
何 健,刘慧杰,谢 磊*
2018年01期 [156-162][Abstract](1799)[pdf 1831KB](1130)
135 Soil water movement in Cinnamomum camphora plantation under drip irrigation
张银荣1,兰再平1*,彭晶晶1,秘洪雷1,马 鑫1,贺 新1,楼 杰2
2018年01期 [120-126][Abstract](1300)[pdf 1769KB](735)
136 Study on morphological differentiation and growth rhythm of underground buds of spring ephemeroid plant Erythronium japonicum during summer dormancy
2018年01期 [67-72][Abstract](1425)[pdf 2529KB](881)
137 Physiological features of C and N metabolism during shoot elongation in Phyllostachys edulis f. tubaeformis and its reverse mutant
岳晋军1,2,王 涛3,彭镇华1,3,李潞滨1,3*,顾小平2,袁金玲2,吴晓丽2,刘正娥2
2018年01期 [60-66][Abstract](1736)[pdf 1347KB](907)
138 Effects of nitrogen application on photosynthetic characteristics and yields of oil tree peony Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan'
段祥光1,张利霞1,刘 伟1,郭丽丽1,郭大龙2,侯小改1Symbolj@@
2018年01期 [48-54][Abstract](2034)[pdf 1422KB](840)
139 Effects of flooding stress on the growth and chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics of Malus hupehensis
张 虎1,曹福亮2*, 范俊俊2, 张往祥2
2018年01期 [35-40][Abstract](1536)[pdf 2298KB](780)
140 Analysis on comprehensive utilization of landscape water resources based on UAV digital photogrammetry technology
王 玮1,王 浩2,李卫正3*,乌日汗4,田晓冬5,郭苏明2,陈周翔2,张浩峰1
2018年01期 [7-14][Abstract](2378)[pdf 3524KB](1045)
141 Research of the application of digital survey techniques in private garden
张青萍1,梁慧琳1,李卫正2,杨梦珂1,朱灵茜1,黄 安1
2018年01期 [1-6][Abstract](2161)[pdf 3312KB](1664)
142 Proteomic analysis of Ilex seedling leaf response to low temperature
周余华1, 2, 梁有旺1, 彭方仁1*
2017年06期 [187-192][Abstract](2366)[pdf 1724KB](1505)
143 Fabrication of superhydrophobic SiO2/epoxy resin/fluorinated alkylsilane nanocomposite coatings on wood surfaces
2017年06期 [158-162][Abstract](2739)[pdf 3027KB](1037)
144 Screening for endophytic antagonistic bacterium of Jacaranda acutifolia and biocontrol effect against stem rot
2017年06期 [61-67][Abstract](2715)[pdf 2163KB](1401)
145 Analysis of phenotypic characteristics of the Malus ‘Purple Prince’ half-sib progenies at the seedling stage
张往祥1,2,范俊俊1,杨 萍3,周 婷1,浦 静1,曹福亮1
2017年06期 [33-40][Abstract](2687)[pdf 2288KB](1355)
146 Analysis of the differential proteins in the graft healing process of pecan(Carya illinoinensis)
2017年06期 [19-25][Abstract](2934)[pdf 1622KB](1629)
147 Effects of different pruning measures on the photosynthetic characteristics of pecan seedlings
韩 杰1,张 明2,林苏宝2,商 婧1,李小飞1,刘壮壮1,彭方仁1*
2017年06期 [13-18][Abstract](2850)[pdf 1675KB](1752)
148 Observation of morphological and anatomical characters on staminate and pistillate flower differentiation in Carya illinoensis(Wangenh.)C. Koch
2017年06期 [1-7][Abstract](5371)[pdf 2907KB](4987)
149 The growth and photosynthesis characters of Taxodium hybrid ‘Zhongshanshan 407' following the de-submergence
华建峰1,韩路弯1,王芝权1,2,施 钦1,殷云龙1*
2017年05期 [191-196][Abstract](1529)[pdf 1438KB](915)
150 Identification of the pathogen causing stem canker on Sophora japonica Linn. var. japonica f. pendula Hort.
2017年05期 [175-179][Abstract](1463)[pdf 3481KB](1092)
151 The phosphate-solubilizing characteristics of a Talaromyces flavus strain SH16
2017年05期 [169-174][Abstract](1488)[pdf 1478KB](947)
152 Strengths and light fastness of the strengthening-dyeing modified poplar wood
2017年05期 [147-151][Abstract](1115)[pdf 2132KB](807)
153 Effects of compound management in citrus orchard on soil micro-aggregate fractal features and soil physical and chemical properties
舒正悦,王景燕*,龚 伟,吕向楠,闫思宇,蔡 煜,赵昌平
2017年05期 [92-98][Abstract](1394)[pdf 1304KB](894)
154 Effects of hydrothermal factors on vegetation index and tree-ring index of Populus euphratica in the lower reaches of the Tarim River
2017年05期 [85-91][Abstract](1695)[pdf 1855KB](782)
155 Physiological characteristic analysis of etiolation mutant in Paulownia fortnnei
2017年04期 [181-185][Abstract](2225)[pdf 1496KB](1166)
156 Response of forest soil greenhouse gases fluxes to forest management and global atmospheric change
高 菲,高 雷,崔晓阳*
2017年04期 [173-180][Abstract](2064)[pdf 1725KB](10401)
157 Ultrastructure of Pagiophloeus tsushimanus Morimoto antennal sensilla with scanning electron microscope
顾天滋1,张丛丛1,苏 鹏2,樊斌琦3,王 焱3,郝德君1*
2017年04期 [89-94][Abstract](1877)[pdf 2435KB](977)
158 Effects of cerium nitrate on growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Pseudostellaria heterophylla
马迎莉,谷 慧,张雨峰,代 丽,李 静,江方蕾,夏大娟,谢寅峰*
2017年04期 [71-79][Abstract](1827)[pdf 2001KB](1097)
159 Study on photosynthetic characteristics of five ornamental crabapple
武启飞1, 2,范俊俊1, 2,赵明明1, 2,周 婷1,李千惠1,张丹丹1,张往祥1, 2*
2017年04期 [64-70][Abstract](2407)[pdf 1724KB](1195)
160 The screening and identification of two bacterial strains with nematicidal activity against Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2017年04期 [37-41][Abstract](2000)[pdf 1565KB](997)
161 Regularity on geographic variation in DBH growth and wood density of Cyclocarya paliurus
2017年04期 [1-5][Abstract](2978)[pdf 1704KB](3744)
162 Stress wave propagation patterns in larch standing trees
刘丰禄1, 姜 芳1*,王喜平2,张厚江1,刘兴凯1
2017年03期 [133-139][Abstract](1313)[pdf 3649KB](904)
163 Distribution and statistical analysis of knots in Erythrophleum fordii plantations
郝 建1, 2,蒙明君1,黄德卫1,韦菊玲1,李忠国1,唐继新1,徐大平2*
2017年03期 [100-104][Abstract](1292)[pdf 1739KB](993)
164 The variation in chlorophyll content and fluorescence parameters of Taxus wallichiana var. mairei breeding parents from different locations
肖 遥1,2, 张 蕊1*,刘建慧3, 梁 朔3, 周志春1
2017年03期 [57-64][Abstract](1659)[pdf 1696KB](1011)
165 An efficient extraction method of chloroplast proteins from ginkgo plants compatible for two-dimensional electrophoresis
施大伟1,2,何 梅2,3,梁霏霏2,徐 鸣2,谢寅峰1,2
2017年03期 [51-56][Abstract](1521)[pdf 1803KB](1354)
166 Effects of decomposingleaf litter of Cinnamomum camphora on the resistance physiology of three intercropping crops and activity of the organic nitrogen fraction
张如义1,2,胡红玲1*,吕向阳2,陈 洪3,杨珊珊1,胡庭兴1
2017年03期 [29-36][Abstract](1563)[pdf 2045KB](1273)
167 Effects of rice husk biochar application on nitrogen and phosphorus leaching and microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen content in yellow brown soil
2017年03期 [22-28][Abstract](1881)[pdf 1636KB](1210)
168 Stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus and the content in grassland ecosystem in the upper reaches of Ili River
马 杰1,2,李兰海2*,刘 翔2,白 磊2,高利伟3,朱咏莉4*
2017年03期 [7-14][Abstract](1614)[pdf 1753KB](1328)
169 Spatial heterogeneity of canopy photosynthesis in Larix principis-rupprechtii Mayr. Plantations
2017年02期 [193-197][Abstract](1785)[pdf 1416KB](1061)
170 Compare of porous structure of moso bamboo and Pinus sylvestris L. lumber
何 盛,徐 军,吴再兴,包永洁,于 辉,陈玉和
2017年02期 [157-162][Abstract](1733)[pdf 1959KB](1123)
171 Characteristics of the throughfall of Berberis diaphana and the factors influencing it in the Qilian Mountain
万艳芳1,3,刘贤德1,2*,于澎涛3,马 瑞1,王顺利2,王彦辉3,李晓青1,3
2017年02期 [97-102][Abstract](1561)[pdf 1860KB](966)
172 The carbon metabolism characteristics and diversity of soil microbial communities from pure or coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests in the Maoer Mountain region
吴 迪,张萌萌,张钰莹,李 阳,张潆心,迟 琦,逄好胜,孙广玉*
2017年02期 [81-89][Abstract](1770)[pdf 2301KB](920)
173 Improvement on growth and photosynthetic physiological performance of three willow clones or cultivar under Cd treatments and supplying Fe
戴前莉1,李金花1*,胡建军1,卢孟柱1,GIUSEPPE Nervo2
2017年02期 [63-72][Abstract](1537)[pdf 1780KB](839)
174 Effects of stump water storage on the photosynthesis and transpiration characteristics of Phyllostachys heterocycla cv. Pubescens under a simulated drought environment
张 磊,谢锦忠*,张 玮,冀琳珂,杜 澜,陈 胜
2017年02期 [47-54][Abstract](1626)[pdf 1644KB](840)
175 Stoichiometric characteristics of leaf carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in forest ecosystems in the head of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
刘泽彬1,程瑞梅1,2*,肖文发1,王 娜1
2017年02期 [27-33][Abstract](2072)[pdf 1539KB](1284)
176 Relationship between shoreline morphology and elements distribution in near-shore sediments
袁 芳1,陈怀艳1,康 昕1,盛 晟2,徐 驰1,刘茂松1
2017年02期 [9-14][Abstract](2540)[pdf 1968KB](1053)
177 Experiment study of thermal physical properties of marine artificial frozen soil
杨国清1,杨 平1*,何文龙1,张春进2
2017年01期 [170-176][Abstract](1824)[pdf 1508KB](847)
178 Effects of nitrogen fertilization on nitrification and denitrification in Phyllostachys edulis forests
刘琦蕊,漆良华*,胡 璇,张 宇
2017年01期 [82-88][Abstract](1665)[pdf 1548KB](685)
179 Floral characteristics and its effect on insect pollination of Jatropha curcas L.
罗长维1,2,陈 友1
2017年01期 [55-60][Abstract](2023)[pdf 1847KB](873)
180 Effects of habitat restoration on the diversity of bird and marcobenthos in the Chongming Dongtan wetland
马 强1,吴 巍1,汤臣栋1,钮栋梁1 ,吴纪华2,马志军2
2017年01期 [9-14][Abstract](2303)[pdf 1998KB](1500)
181 Female and male flower bud differentiation of Jatropha curcas L. induced by gibberellin
2016年06期 [174-REF!][Abstract](3779)[pdf 1887KB](1482)
182 The preparation and component analysis of pine shell volatile oil by salting out-assisted steam distillation
宗芳芳,包怡红,李德海*,郭宏鑫,徐 颖,顾嘉林
2016年06期 [122-128][Abstract](3481)[pdf 1566KB](1345)
183 Effects of two phosphate-solubilizing Penicillium strains on microbial community structure and their growth-promoting in masson pine rhizosphere
乔 欢,吴小芹*,魏 伟
2016年06期 [109-116][Abstract](3204)[pdf 2136KB](1118)
184 Impact of climate change on potential distribution range and spatial pattern of Phoebe chekiangensis
吴显坤1,2,南程慧2,汤庚国1*,李 垚1,毛丽君1,2,张志成3
2016年06期 [85-91][Abstract](4755)[pdf 3144KB](1565)
185 Flowering biological characteristics and mating system in immature plantations of heterodichogamous Cyclocarya paliurus
毛 霞,刘晶晶,李晓春,秦 健,洑香香*
2016年06期 [47-55][Abstract](4362)[pdf 3562KB](1287)
186 Effect of drought stress on photosynthetic diurnal course and growth of Salix purpurea
姬慧娟1, 贾会霞1, 2, 章小铃1, 胡建军1,2*
2016年06期 [41-46][Abstract](3769)[pdf 1560KB](1581)
187 Genetic variation among origin locations of Phoebe bournei(Hemsl.) Yang and a preliminary selection based on seedling growth and root traits
张 兰1, 张 怡1, 段如雁1, 韦小丽1*, 徐小琴2
2016年06期 [33-40][Abstract](3942)[pdf 1392KB](1375)
188 Effects of NAA treatment on the endogenous hormone changes in cuttings of Carya illinoinensis during rooting
吴文浩1,曹 凡2,刘壮壮2,彭方仁2 Symbolj@@ ,梁有旺2,谭鹏鹏2
2016年05期 [191-196][Abstract](4555)[pdf 1619KB](2536)
189 Progress on the regulating effects of urban forest vegetation on atmospheric particulate matter(especially PM2.5)
王 磊,黄利斌,万 欣,张亚楠,王 火
2016年05期 [148-154][Abstract](4329)[pdf 575KB](2459)
190 Effects of artificial cavity defects on electric resistance tomography and stress wave technology of Cunninghamia lanceolata discs
2016年05期 [131-137][Abstract](4035)[pdf 2734KB](1942)
191 Effects of ammonia cold plasma pretreatment of ammonium polyphosphate on the properties of rice straw/high density polyethylene composites
史书凯,蔡 欣,周晓燕,潘明珠*
2016年05期 [126-130][Abstract](3862)[pdf 1522KB](2244)
192 Effects of nitrogen fertilization level in soil on physiological characteristics and quality of tea leaves
袁昌洪1,2,韩 冬1,杨 菲1,杨再强1*
2016年05期 [67-73][Abstract](4092)[pdf 1832KB](2137)
193 Study on the wild imitation cultivation technique for Dictyophora indusiata in Dendrocalamus latiflorus stands
卢 鹏1,谢锦忠1*,童 龙2,王 玲3,陈丽洁2,张 玮1,耿养会2,吕玉奎3
2016年04期 [177-182][Abstract](3113)[pdf 1510KB](1911)
194 Research on the relationship of autophagy with the virulence and development of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2016年04期 [171-176][Abstract](3086)[pdf 2159KB](2055)
195 Isolation and purification of an odorant binding protein from Batocera lineolata Chevrolat
卓志航1,杨 伟1*,徐丹萍2,杨春平1,杨 桦1,刘臣山3,谢婷婷1
2016年04期 [164-170][Abstract](3286)[pdf 1897KB](2096)
196 Effects of environmental temperature on the electrical resistance on the cross section in standing tree
2016年04期 [143-148][Abstract](2924)[pdf 2258KB](1923)
197 Influences of pretreatment with alkaline copper quat and copper azole on properties of masson pine laminated veneer lumber
金菊婉1,王锦涛1,姬 宁2,唐金华1,尹文秀1,谢承健1
2016年04期 [119-124][Abstract](3059)[pdf 1397KB](1932)
198 Study on the biocontrol of Xylotrechus rusticus L. by parasitic enemies
丁俊男1,2,宇 佳2,迟德富2*
2016年04期 [107-112][Abstract](3002)[pdf 1417KB](1843)
199 A study of tree measurement systems based on Android platform
周克瑜1,2,汪云珍3,李 记1,2,姜广宇1,2,徐爱俊1,2*
2016年04期 [95-100][Abstract](2748)[pdf 1577KB](1964)
200 Photosynthetic characteristics of Koelreuteria bipinnatavar. integrifoliola and it's natural yellow mutant ‘Jinyan'
2016年04期 [74-80][Abstract](2693)[pdf 1642KB](1790)
201 Effects of physical and chemical factors on anthocyanin stability in Hyacinthus
唐东芹1,徐怡倩1,袁 媛1,陶秀花2,史益敏1
2016年04期 [69-73][Abstract](3245)[pdf 1816KB](2080)
202 Micromorphological characters of leaf epidermis in Magnolia sieboldii from different habitats
张淑媛,杜凤国*, 王瑞俭,王金玲,孙广仁,高红兵
2016年04期 [56-62][Abstract](2797)[pdf 5563KB](1862)
203 Response of photosynthetic characteristics of Pleioblastus fortunei to high frequent simulated acid rain
何亚飞,张珊珊,孙 鑫,王 涛,代 丽,谢寅峰*
2016年04期 [49-55][Abstract](2926)[pdf 1813KB](1909)
204 A study on free amino acid in different forest types soil of cold-temperate forest region
王 星,崔晓阳,郭亚芬*
2016年04期 [42-48][Abstract](2718)[pdf 1636KB](1819)
205 Emissions of CO2 and N2O in sediments with different vegetation types in Chongming Dongtan wetland
印 杰,汤逸帆,崔洪磊,韩建刚*,李萍萍*
2016年04期 [29-34][Abstract](3523)[pdf 1541KB](1902)
206 Property enhancement of bamboo mildew-proof emulsion coating using modified halloysite nanotubes
李瑜瑶,张 融,靳肖贝,覃道春*
2016年03期 [127-132][Abstract](2449)[pdf 1762KB](1981)
207 Effects of rootstocks ages on the shoot growth and leaf photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of pecan seedling
李小飞1,曹 凡1,彭方仁1*,梁有旺1,李永荣2
2016年03期 [75-80][Abstract](2957)[pdf 1429KB](817)
208 Hyperspectral response and light response of the Populus×euramericana ‘Neva' under different nitrogen nutrition levels
王鑫梅1,牟洪香1*,杨可伟1,赵 雪1,孙 晓1,程志庆2,王鹤松3,4
2016年03期 [70-74][Abstract](3020)[pdf 1891KB](1005)
209 Differences of photosynthetic characteristics based on a mechanistic model of light-response for three herbaceous plants
闫小红1,2,周 兵2,王 宁2,叶子飘2,尹增芳1*
2016年03期 [63-69][Abstract](3029)[pdf 1757KB](935)
210 Destruction of the peritrophic membrane of the larvae of Hyphantria cunea Drury by the mixture of Bt and Chlorbenzuron
徐 明1,2,徐福元2,吴小芹1*
2016年03期 [52-56][Abstract](2809)[pdf 2246KB](743)
211 Effects of endobacteria on reproduction and virulence of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
何龙喜1,2,薛 旗1,吴小芹1*
2016年03期 [47-51][Abstract](2835)[pdf 1506KB](854)
212 Expression and purification of Phyllostachys violascens SOC1 protein in prokaryotic system
汤叶根,施 泉,林新春,徐英武*
2016年03期 [41-46][Abstract](2402)[pdf 1643KB](720)
213 Analysis of pollen morphological difference and relationship of Camellia meiocarpa native varieties
2016年03期 [26-32][Abstract](2719)[pdf 2689KB](857)
214 Influence of nitrogen levels on photosynthesis,nutrient elements and camptothecin content of Camptotheca acuminata
2016年03期 [15-20][Abstract](3314)[pdf 1627KB](2415)
215 Research of strengthening-dyeing modification of Plectocomia pierreana cane and its properties
2016年02期 [155-159][Abstract](2503)[pdf 1494KB](1500)
216 Effect of cuprous chloride on properties of flame retardant system composite phenolic foams
2016年02期 [132-138][Abstract](2569)[pdf 2220KB](1679)
217 Identification and function prediction of proteins during the adventitious rooting of pecan hardwood cuttings
曹 凡,彭方仁*,梁有旺,谭鹏鹏,王克春,吕 昕
2016年02期 [53-58][Abstract](2975)[pdf 1946KB](1634)
218 Gray correlation analysis on nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry between Phragmites australis and soil
李 川1,朱陈名1,葛之葳1,李 琪2,李 昱2,薛建辉1
2016年02期 [16-20][Abstract](3118)[pdf 1571KB](1776)
219 Synthesis of 6-(2-(3,3-dimethyloxiran-2-yl)ethyl)naphthalene-1,4-dione
罗金岳1,韩 莉1,陆 强1,柳华锋1,刘祖广2
2016年01期 [111-116][Abstract](2682)[pdf 1677KB](1877)
220 The identification of Dalbergia odorifera and D. tonkinensi by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
杨 柳1,方崇荣1,张 建2,于海霞1,王 增1,朱杰丽1,杨伟明1,柴振林1
2016年01期 [97-103][Abstract](2773)[pdf 1835KB](1998)
221 Effects of topdressing nitrogen on growth and nutrient status in leaves of Phoebe chekiangensis container seedlings
2016年01期 [33-38][Abstract](3586)[pdf 1418KB](2012)
222 Analysis of growth traits and photosynthetic characteristics of Bombax ceiba among different provenances
倪建中1,王 伟1,郁书君2,贺漫媚1,张继方1,代色平1*
2015年06期 [185-189][Abstract](3442)[pdf 1490KB](2244)
223 Investigation of terahertz spectra of chlorophyll
蒋 玲1,虞江萍1,徐雨田1,李 春1,孙海军2,徐 莉2,刘云飞1*
2015年06期 [181-184][Abstract](3084)[pdf 1730KB](2438)
224 Liquefaction conditions optimization of peanut shell by phenol using response surface analysis
周 颖,李子成,沈 达,赵国敏,申伟杰,周晓燕,韩书广*
2015年06期 [137-142][Abstract](3032)[pdf 1863KB](3292)
225 A study on reserves and water holding function of litter in four types of evergreen broadleaved forest in subtropical zone of China
赵雨虹1,2,范少辉2*,夏 晨3
2015年06期 [93-98][Abstract](2934)[pdf 1647KB](2282)
226 Effect of substrate ratio and slow-release fertilizer loading on the quality of large size container seedlings of Phoebe chekiangensis
楚秀丽1,王秀花2,张东北2,吴小林2,王 艺1,周志春1*
2015年06期 [67-73][Abstract](3814)[pdf 1674KB](2250)
227 Effects of salt stress on growth,physiological and biochemical characteristics of Carpinus turczaninowii seedlings
周 琦1,祝遵凌1,2,3*,施 曼1
2015年06期 [56-60][Abstract](2978)[pdf 1971KB](2067)
228 Drought resistance analysis of Nitraria billardieri seedlings
鲁 路1,张景波2,陈金慧1,周艳威1,成铁龙1*
2015年06期 [51-55][Abstract](2688)[pdf 2221KB](2089)
229 Cytological mechanism of unreduced 2n pollen formation in Populus euphratica
2015年06期 [40-44][Abstract](2876)[pdf 2786KB](2095)
230 Bioinformatic and expression analysis of a cathepsin gene Bmcath1 in Bursaphelechus mucronatus
潘妍毅1,2,黄 麟1,2,吴小芹1,2*
2015年06期 [12-16][Abstract](3341)[pdf 5142KB](2510)
231 Rapid diagnostic methods for Phytophthora tentaculata using LAMP
2015年06期 [1-6][Abstract](3393)[pdf 1966KB](2879)
232 A preliminary study on the type of photosynthetic pathway in Phyllostachys edulis and Dendrocalamus latiflorus
杨 丽1,娄永峰1,彭镇华1,2,高志民1*
2015年05期 [169-173][Abstract](3028)[pdf 1448KB](2180)
233 Ultraviolet durability of Bruma rosewood polished using beewax modified by hydrophobic nano SiO2
郭 伟1,2,牛晓霆1,蔡英春1,李 伟1
2015年05期 [111-117][Abstract](3560)[pdf 1824KB](2562)
234 Dynamic changes and accumulation rule of Ca, Mg and Si contents in winter shoot of Phyllostachys edulis
2015年05期 [106-110][Abstract](2584)[pdf 1438KB](2133)
235 Fire danger modeling with Geographically Weighted Poisson Model in Henan Province
王 周,金万洲
2015年05期 [93-98][Abstract](2661)[pdf 2470KB](2277)
236 Statistical methods and application of forest logging digital photogrammetry
2015年05期 [87-92][Abstract](2730)[pdf 1462KB](2045)
237 Effects of three different plantations on soil physicochemical and microbial characteristics in Krast region
吴 平1,2,3,薛建辉1,2*
2015年05期 [67-72][Abstract](3648)[pdf 1367KB](2169)
238 Structure characteristics of dominant tree species population in different succession stages of forest community in Xinglong Mountain
魏 强1,凌 雷1,张广忠1,柴春山1,王多锋1,陶继新2,薛 睿1
2015年05期 [59-66][Abstract](3082)[pdf 2261KB](2048)
239 Genetic analysis on early growth and cold tolerance of Eucalyptus urophylla × E. dunnii hybrids
翁启杰1,赖秋香2,李发根1,周长品1,李建文2,李 梅1,甘四明1*
2015年05期 [33-38][Abstract](3021)[pdf 1381KB](2118)
240 Resistance responses of Castanea mollissima callus to Cp-toxin under Cryphonectria parasitica stress
韩 珊1,2,朱天辉1,2*,谯天敏3,李姝江1,2,汪 菊2,张博阳2
2015年05期 [1-6][Abstract](3267)[pdf 1484KB](2221)
241 The orthogonal optimization of artificial diet for larvae of Drosophila suzukii Matsumura
吴 军1,骆亚琴1,廖太林1*,曾 虹1,师振华1,陈集翰1,纪 睿1,安榆林2
2015年04期 [178-180][Abstract](3268)[pdf 1287KB](2479)
242 Studies on biological control of Macrosiphum roswomm by using Beauveria bassiana
姚晓洁1,2,朱 虹2*
2015年04期 [173-177][Abstract](3013)[pdf 1513KB](2302)
243 Construction of hydrophobic nano-TiO2 on wood surface and analysis of its anti-photodiscoloration performance
常焕君1,2, 刘思辰1,3, 王小青1,2*, 刘君良1,2
2015年04期 [116-120][Abstract](3075)[pdf 1857KB](2650)
244 Morphological and surface characteristics of twin-screw squeezed unit of poplar wood chips
刘秀娟1,2,周秉亮1,陈 玲1,徐信武1*,范刚华3
2015年04期 [111-115][Abstract](2939)[pdf 4969KB](2398)
245 Influence of different extraction methods on the chemical composition of grape pomace condensed tannins
兰 平1, 黄润州1*, 周定国1, BROSSE Nicolas2, CHRUSCIEL Laurent2
2015年04期 [105-110][Abstract](3155)[pdf 1694KB](2298)
246 Endobacteria from different virulence Bursaphelenchus mucronatus
袁为敏1,2,项 杨1,2,吴小芹1,2*
2015年04期 [63-68][Abstract](3437)[pdf 1789KB](2448)
247 The development of flowering bud differentiation and male gametophyte of Bambusa multiplex
林树燕1,2,李 洁1,2,赵 荣1,2,董晓波1,2,丁雨龙1,2*
2015年04期 [51-56][Abstract](3488)[pdf 3208KB](2245)
248 The microsporogenesis and the development of male gametophyte in Osmanthus fragrans ‘Wanyingui’
董立格1,2,丁雨龙1,3*,王贤荣2,胡 波2
2015年04期 [44-50][Abstract](2796)[pdf 5323KB](2238)
249 Auxology analysis of galls of Phylloxera notabilis on Carya illinoensis(Wangenh.)
周 平1,4,叶 健2,窦全琴3,曹 霞1,高 瑾1,巨云为1,4*
2015年04期 [26-30][Abstract](4482)[pdf 2347KB](2561)
250 Photosynthetic characteristics of grafting plants of different pecan varieties
何海洋1,2,彭方仁1,2*,张 瑞1,2,徐建南1,2,吴 斌3,李小飞1,2,苏文川1,2
2015年04期 [19-25][Abstract](3511)[pdf 1745KB](2625)
251 Surface densification and high temperature hydrothermal post treatment of the Abies nephrolepis lumber
战剑锋1,2,曹 军2,顾继友1,张馨然1,陈 伟1,刘卓杰1,刘 彬1,马恒建1
2015年03期 [119-124][Abstract](3342)[pdf 1593KB](2462)
252 Effects of drought stress on physiological characters of Sinocalycanthus chinensis seedlings
朱 琳,芦建国*
2015年02期 [179-182][Abstract](2962)[pdf 1445KB](2127)
253 The physiological responds of seven Ilexs to benzene stress and their benzene resistance capacity
2015年02期 [174-178][Abstract](3243)[pdf 1327KB](2214)
254 Synthesis of 5,5-dimethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroanthracene-1,4-dione
陆 强1,高飞飞1,罗金岳1,2*,杨 帆1, 冯虹钧1, 刘祖广3
2015年02期 [127-131][Abstract](3057)[pdf 1534KB](2053)
255 Preparation of longifolene with high purity
刘 兵1,2,彭 晗2,徐 徐2,王石发2*
2015年02期 [116-120][Abstract](2672)[pdf 1296KB](2424)
256 Occurrence regularity of brown culm streak of Phyllostachys praecox
陈 凯1,2,吴小芹1,2*,薛 旗1,2
2015年02期 [75-78][Abstract](3110)[pdf 1449KB](2258)
257 Prediction for candidate effector proteins from Phytophthora cinnamomi genome
2015年02期 [69-74][Abstract](3049)[pdf 1755KB](2330)
258 Synthetical evaluation of the fruit quality of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. under different combinations of boron,zinc microelement fertilizer
2015年02期 [40-46][Abstract](2705)[pdf 1433KB](2118)
259 Effects of poplar-wheat intercropping systems on three forms of phosphorus in soil eluvial water
金梅娟1,2,褚 军1,2,侍 昊3,薛建辉1,2*,吴永波1,2,庄雪青1,2,孙嘉曼1,2
2015年02期 [33-39][Abstract](3059)[pdf 1565KB](2256)
260 Enrichment strategies and prospects of phosphoprotein(phosphopetide)in phosphoproteomics
甄 艳,李春映,陆 叶,施季森*
2015年01期 [149-154][Abstract](2968)[pdf 1549KB](2470)
261 Study on fast curing PF resin added by compound curing agent
2015年01期 [109-113][Abstract](2969)[pdf 1482KB](2241)
262 Quantitative analysis of the main forest vegetation spatial characteristic in terrain gradient of Argun National Nature Reserve
龚文峰1,孙 海2,智长贵3,张 静1,范文义4*
2015年01期 [79-85][Abstract](3557)[pdf 2041KB](2436)
263 The clonal architecture and biomass of Phyllostachys edulisas affected by different management modes
朱强根1,金爱武1*,陈 操2,王意锟1,黄海泳3
2015年01期 [73-78][Abstract](2810)[pdf 1466KB](2099)
264 Interspecific variation in seed morphology and germination of ten plant species from Picea genus
林 玲1,段二龙1,罗 建2*
2015年01期 [62-66][Abstract](3042)[pdf 1415KB](2208)
265 Analysis of photosynthesis and transpiration characteristics of typical tree species in the broad-leaved mixed forest of Fengyang Mountain——based on grey correlation method
吴雁雯,张金池*,刘 鑫,韩 诚,顾哲衍
2015年01期 [55-61][Abstract](2913)[pdf 1733KB](2120)
266 Evaluation of a artificial diet of Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae)larvae
颜学武1,2,嵇保中1*,周 刚2
2015年01期 [39-43][Abstract](3414)[pdf 1409KB](2227)
267 The gene structural character and molecular evolution of hsp70 and hsp90 in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and B. mucronatus
许剑涛,黄 麟,叶建仁*
2015年01期 [11-16][Abstract](3516)[pdf 1986KB](2558)
268 Prediction of potential distribution of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus in China based on Maxent ecological niche model
韩阳阳1,2,王 焱2,项 杨1,叶建仁1*
2015年01期 [6-10][Abstract](3317)[pdf 1924KB](2990)
269 The fecundity and virulence of offspring crossbred from virulent and avirulent isolates of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
朱丽华,施学文,胡玉丹,梁 文,叶建仁*
2015年01期 [1-5][Abstract](4646)[pdf 1419KB](26271)
270 Resistance physiological responses of two species of Lycium to NaHCO3 stress
刘 强,王占武,周晓梅*
2014年06期 [165-169][Abstract](2023)[pdf 1391KB](933)
271 Endophytic bacteria: research advances and biocontrol applications
2014年06期 [153-159][Abstract](3473)[pdf 1487KB](2621)
272 Effects of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii proliferating, blooming and decaying on dynamics of phosphorus in water column and sediments
朱咏莉1,吴 清1,徐 莎1,印 杰1,吴丽云2
2014年06期 [60-64][Abstract](1976)[pdf 1669KB](1011)
273 Characteristics of hybridization between Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and B.mucronatus
2014年06期 [48-54][Abstract](2154)[pdf 1654KB](971)
274 Seasonal dynamic study on photosynthetic characteristics of dominant evergreen broadleaved forest
曾 伟,熊彩云,肖复明,邱凤英,余 林,熊振宇,徐海宁
2014年05期 [157-160][Abstract](3319)[pdf 1299KB](2174)
275 Research on technological conditions of SSF to prepare phosphate-solubile biological fertilizer with leaves residual of Eucommia ulmoides Olive as carrier
张昌伟,彭 胜,张琳杰,王志宏,周云雷,彭密军*
2014年05期 [134-138][Abstract](2907)[pdf 1485KB](2036)
276 Effects of underwater illumination compensation on growth and physiological indices of submerged macrophyte Vallisneria natans L.
2014年05期 [102-106][Abstract](3074)[pdf 1535KB](2287)
277 Effects of continuous planting of poplars on soil biological activity and nutrients
陈莉莎1,2,张金池1*,陆 茜1,司登宇1,卓为君3,李梅花3,李世昌3
2014年05期 [85-90][Abstract](2801)[pdf 1563KB](2221)
278 Effects of different nitrogen supply on biomass, N and P concentration and their seasonal variation of Larix olgensis seedlings
李海霞1,许传玲2,郭树平1*,郭成博1,白 卉1*
2014年05期 [79-84][Abstract](3569)[pdf 1520KB](2415)
279 Nitrogen dynamic of rhizosphere and bulk soil in Alnus formosana silvopasture systems
范 川,李贤伟*,张 健
2014年05期 [73-78][Abstract](2828)[pdf 1400KB](2036)
280 Effects of ectomycorrhizal fungi inoculation on growth and rhizosphere microorganisms of Pinus elliottii seedlings
张 扬1,2 ,曾丽琼1,叶建仁1*,吴小芹1,张林平2
2014年05期 [57-61][Abstract](3156)[pdf 1891KB](2390)
281 Resistance identification of 48 Casuarina clones to Anoplophora chinensis
2014年05期 [51-56][Abstract](3054)[pdf 1475KB](2162)
282 Lignin distribution of Daemonorops margaritae fiber
汪佑宏1,刘杏娥2*,江泽慧2,费本华2,徐 斌1,武 恒1,张双燕1,涂道伍1
2014年05期 [41-44][Abstract](3789)[pdf 1505KB](2035)
283 Studies on the relationship between Cerasus serrulata distribution region and the environmental factors
李 蒙,伊贤贵,王华辰,商 韬,顾 宇,王贤荣*
2014年增刊 [74-80][Abstract](4336)[pdf 1521KB](16807)
284 Study on the Osmanthus fragrans blooming season phenology
2014年增刊 [51-56][Abstract](3381)[pdf 2036KB](5834)
285 Pollen morphology and phylogenetic significance of Pseudocydonia and related genera
臧德奎,马 燕
2014年增刊 [13-16][Abstract](3160)[pdf 1767KB](2357)
286 Study on the properties of flame retardant acrylate emulsion adhesive
于向东1,3,刘 娟1,陈日清1,2*,王春鹏1,2,卜洪忠3
2014年04期 [140-144][Abstract](3002)[pdf 2273KB](2558)
287 Effects of polyethylene glycol on the properties of rice straw/PHBC composites
潘明珠,周定国,周晓燕,许吉凯,施 良
2014年04期 [123-126][Abstract](3126)[pdf 1406KB](2400)
288 Spatial distribution characteristics and theoretical sampling of Cephalica chuxiongnica larvae on overburden in Pinus yunnanensis forest
刘 凌1,闫大琦2,祁荣频1,胡光辉1,毛云玲1,徐 亮1,闫争亮1*,马慧芬1
2014年04期 [97-101][Abstract](3831)[pdf 1360KB](2368)
289 Studies on the adaptive physiological changes of Fargesia yunnanensis leaves in long-term high temperature environment
2014年04期 [87-90][Abstract](3205)[pdf 1296KB](2108)
290 Variations of morphology among first order roots in different branch orders and the effect of thinning on its’ morphology in Chinese fir plantation
王 东,李瑞霞,陈信力,关庆伟*
2014年04期 [69-74][Abstract](3177)[pdf 1455KB](2338)
291 A study on the population dynamics and its biomass adjustment mechanisms of clonal plant Hippophae rhamnoides L. ssp. sinensis
刘 明1,唐翠平2,郭 峰3,韦 宇3,李秀寨3,贺 斌2,李根前2*
2014年04期 [57-63][Abstract](3927)[pdf 1452KB](2414)
292 Chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and expression of cold-related transcription factors in regenerated plants of Dendrocalamus farinosus under cold stress
陈 容, 张 丽, 曹 颖, 卢学琴, 胡尚连*, 段 宁
2014年04期 [39-44][Abstract](3384)[pdf 1415KB](2325)
293 Optimization of preparation of mid-temperature curing phenol-formaldehyde resin by response surface methodology
2014年03期 [179-183][Abstract](3426)[pdf 2865KB](2349)
294 Phylogenetic relationship analysis of Tillandsia plants based on trnL-F gene
2014年03期 [175-178][Abstract](3616)[pdf 1438KB](2336)
295 Control effects of mixture of insecticides and foliage fertilizer on the population of Pseudophacopteron canarium
2014年03期 [167-170][Abstract](3267)[pdf 1317KB](2313)
296 Research advances on soil organic phosphorus mineralization
2014年03期 [160-166][Abstract](3480)[pdf 1487KB](3709)
297 Multiple approaches for monitoring the air heavy metal pollution in Taizhou
2014年03期 [139-143][Abstract](3281)[pdf 1323KB](2162)
298 Influence of wooden materials and inflaming retarding agents on the properties of particleboard panel
2014年03期 [103-108][Abstract](2992)[pdf 1653KB](2369)
299 A study on growth promotion effect of Rahnella aquatilis JZ-GX1 and its excellent mutant strains on masson pine seedlings
2014年03期 [83-87][Abstract](3364)[pdf 1909KB](2287)
300 Laboratory decomposition research of Lophodermium on the litter needles from Pinus armandii
2014年03期 [77-82][Abstract](2992)[pdf 1922KB](2184)
301 Flowering morphological characteristics, pollen viability and stigma receptivity of Carya illinoinensis
2014年03期 [50-54][Abstract](4902)[pdf 2404KB](2495)
302 Effects of low phosphorus stress on the growth and nutrient utilization efficiency of different Camellia oleifera clones
2014年03期 [45-49][Abstract](3255)[pdf 1376KB](2284)
303 Effects of phosphorus fertilization on growth and foliar nutrient(N,P,K) of Phoebe bournei seedlings
2014年03期 [40-44][Abstract](4089)[pdf 1475KB](2150)
304 Cloning and expression analysis of the BpMYB2 gene and its promoter in Betula platyphylla
2014年03期 [24-28][Abstract](3401)[pdf 2230KB](2138)
305 Effect of drought stress on photosynthetic characteristics of two energy resource sandy shrubs
孙 龙,彭祚登*,王 冲,杨 腾
2014年02期 [99-104][Abstract](3592)[pdf 1476KB](2083)
306 Cloning and expression analysis of PeSCL6 gene in Phyllostachys edulis Carr.
陈东亮1,2, 彭镇华1,3, 高志民1*
2014年02期 [43-46][Abstract](3138)[pdf 2220KB](2044)
307 Development of simple sequence repeats base on pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus)genome sequence
许峻荣,吴小芹*,刘 云,叶建仁
2014年02期 [36-42][Abstract](3488)[pdf 4934KB](2251)
308 Simulation analysis of flow characteristics and collection efficiencies of fibers in forward cleaner
张 健,沙九龙,杨 帅,王 晨,张 辉*
2014年01期 [130-134][Abstract](3101)[pdf 1926KB](2235)
309 Open space morphology and research framework with multi-perspectives
韩凌云,徐 振,王良桂*
2014年01期 [83-89][Abstract](3335)[pdf 4437KB](2347)
310 The effects of simulated acid rain on the nitrate reductase activities of Acorus gramineus and Saururus chinensis under eutrophication
尹 璐,薛建辉*,罗 英
2014年01期 [65-69][Abstract](3249)[pdf 1667KB](2243)
311 The relationship between leaf anthocyanin content and chlorophyll fluorescence, as well as excited energy distribution during leaf expansion of Syringa oblata Lindl.
田 野, 张会慧, 张秀丽,王 娟,齐 飞, 孙广玉*
2014年01期 [59-64][Abstract](3246)[pdf 2236KB](2134)
312 Effects of two nitrogen application methods on growth of Eucalyptus urophylla×E.grandis container seedlings cultivated with light media
张华林1,2,彭 彦1,谢耀坚1*,罗 萍2
2014年01期 [53-58][Abstract](3436)[pdf 1484KB](2302)
313 The 16SrDNA sequences analysis of associative nitrogen fixing bacteria from rhizosphere of Camellia oleifera
彭方仁1,梁有旺1,蔡 苗1,陈隆升2,陈永忠2
2014年01期 [27-30][Abstract](3754)[pdf 1481KB](2391)
314 Variation of EST-SSR molecular markers among provenances of Chinese fir
徐 阳1,陈金慧1,赵亚琦1,王 颖1,王新民1,刘伟东1,施季森1*
2014年01期 [1-8][Abstract](4106)[pdf 2510KB](2687)
315 Physiological influence of low temperature stress on hybrid clones of Populus tremula×P.tremuloides
闫绍鹏1, 杨瑞华2,王秋玉1*
2013年06期 [161-164][Abstract](3589)[pdf 715KB](2193)
316 Preparation of magnetic porous PS microspheres by microsuspension
徐 鹏1,苏天翔1,曹小勇2,高勤卫1,张 蕤1*
2013年06期 [107-110][Abstract](3288)[pdf 631KB](2052)
317 Effect of the snow storm on the leaf litter decomposition and its nutrients releasing of Phyllostachys edulis ecosystem in the Wuyi Mountains
2013年06期 [69-72][Abstract](3204)[pdf 695KB](2075)
318 Determination of organic acids in oil tea root tissue and root exudation with HPLC
叶思诚,谭晓风*,袁 军,张雪洁,石 斌
2013年06期 [59-63][Abstract](3641)[pdf 674KB](2148)
319 Study on phenotypic diversity of seed and fruit in natural populations of Camellia reticulate f.simplex in the west of Yunnan,China
2013年06期 [53-58][Abstract](3194)[pdf 647KB](2011)
320 Distribution pattern of Euzophera pyriella Yang in the garden of Pyrus sinkiangensis
侯世星1,刘 兵2,温俊宝1,2*,庞 华3,孙世国3
2013年06期 [41-46][Abstract](3517)[pdf 1269KB](2145)
321 Biological diversity and ecological distribution of endophytic fungi in Metasequoia glyptostroboides
卢东升,卢 帅,潘中超,李佳佳
2013年06期 [33-36][Abstract](4288)[pdf 485KB](2106)
322 Selection of an antagonistic bacterium against Arthrinium phaeospermum and its antibacterial protein analysis
李姝江,梁 漫,朱天辉*,杨长青
2013年06期 [27-32][Abstract](3627)[pdf 975KB](2067)
323 Improvement bondability of poplar veneers by atmospheric pressure plasma discharge treatment
2013年05期 [169-171][Abstract](3914)[pdf 1310KB](2197)
324 Analysis of chromosome karyotypes in Phoebe neurantha and P. bournei
刘玉香1, 宋晓琛2, 江香梅1,2*
2013年05期 [157-160][Abstract](4313)[pdf 1407KB](2416)
325 Research progress on polyphenols from Juglans plants
周晔1,2, 王伟1, 王成章2, 裴东1*
2013年05期 [146-152][Abstract](3717)[pdf 1461KB](2696)
326 Comparison of microstructure of secondary phloem in Liriodendron
2013年05期 [113-118][Abstract](3445)[pdf 2545KB](2074)
327 Morphological and mechanical properties of cotton stalk fiber bundle through rub silk process
2013年05期 [108-112][Abstract](3220)[pdf 1669KB](2049)
328 Morphological and molecular identification of Metasequoia red blight
匙明强1, 王焱2, 叶建仁1*, 张岳峰2
2013年05期 [75-80][Abstract](3285)[pdf 2680KB](2179)
329 Effect of mixed operating in Moso bamboo(Phyllostachys edulis) forest on soil labile carbon pool and carbon management index
2013年05期 [49-54][Abstract](3652)[pdf 1437KB](2233)
330 Soil microbial biomass carbon dynamics of Phyllostachys edulis forests under different managing patterns in the hilly region of central Hunan, southern China
2013年05期 [45-48][Abstract](2997)[pdf 1332KB](2168)
331 A comprehensive evaluation of salt resistance in three clove varieties by the fast fluorescence transient parameters
张会慧, 张秀丽, 王娟, 田野, 李鑫, 胡举伟, 孙广玉*
2013年05期 [13-19][Abstract](3325)[pdf 1601KB](2301)
332 TabZIP transferred Betula platyphylla generation and salt tolerance analysis
2013年05期 [6-12][Abstract](3596)[pdf 1890KB](2323)
333 On the redesignation of lectotype of Phoebe chekiangensis
2013年04期 [163-164][Abstract](4309)[pdf 1160KB](2127)
334 Synthesis and properties of isobornyl methacrylate
徐晓维,徐 徐,魏柏松,王石发*
2013年04期 [133-138][Abstract](3636)[pdf 1008KB](1991)
335 Synthesis of isobornyloxyethyl methacrylate from camphene
王士康,徐 徐,徐晓维,魏柏松,王石发*
2013年04期 [127-132][Abstract](3417)[pdf 785KB](2142)
336 Fiber morphology of different variation types of Neosinocalamus affinis(Rendle)Keng f.
甘小洪1,2,陈 凤1,2,林树燕3,丁雨龙3,谢 海4
2013年04期 [99-104][Abstract](3500)[pdf 637KB](2029)
337 Study on the photocatalytic degradation characteristics of ibuprofen with immobilized TiO2 catalyst
2013年04期 [90-94][Abstract](3463)[pdf 663KB](2093)
338 Effects of salt stress on physiological and biochemical index of ten provenances of Cupressus lusitanica
2013年04期 [29-33][Abstract](3586)[pdf 977KB](2122)
339 Effects of high temperature on photosynthesis and growth of crabapple seedling
刘春风,张往祥,孙 垒,阮俊阳,王 涛,曹福亮*
2013年04期 [17-22][Abstract](3317)[pdf 866KB](2138)
340 Cloning and characterization of the geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase gene from Ginkgo biloba Linn
2013年04期 [8-12][Abstract](3774)[pdf 1968KB](2205)
341 Synthesis of camphorquinone from α-pinene
梁志华1,李好瑾1,徐 徐1,2,王石发1,2*
2013年03期 [123-128][Abstract](3773)[pdf 641KB](2219)
342 Wood identification and properties analysis of the coffin timbers taken from Lizhouao ancient tomb in Jiang’an county of Jiangxi
潘 彪1,翟胜丞2,樊昌生3
2013年03期 [87-91][Abstract](4184)[pdf 2085KB](2119)
343 Fertility quality assessment of urban green space soils in Xuzhou city
司志国1, 2,彭志宏2,俞元春1,3*,唐 虹4,俞小鹏1,白玉杰1,关庆伟1
2013年03期 [60-64][Abstract](4766)[pdf 603KB](2278)
344 Quantitative characteristics of natural regeneration population of Jatropha curcas Linn. in dry hot valley of Yuanmou in Yunnan
宋立奕1,郎南军2,3*,郑 科3,艾 畅4
2013年03期 [53-59][Abstract](4283)[pdf 887KB](2133)
345 The water-balance of different forest types of Phyllostachys edulis in north of Fujian province
2013年03期 [41-46][Abstract](3631)[pdf 983KB](2309)
346 Climate-growth relationships of three hardwood species and Korean pine and minimum temperature reconstruction in growing season in Dunhua, China
李 牧,王晓春*
2013年03期 [29-34][Abstract](3328)[pdf 951KB](2199)
347 Isolation and transcription expression analysis of SPL8 transcription factors gene of Betula platyphylla
官民晓,刘雪梅*,张 妍,刘 瀛,孙丰宾
2013年03期 [17-22][Abstract](4751)[pdf 1494KB](2214)
348 Phylogenetic and expression analysis of CesA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana, Oryza sativa and Populus trichocarpa
朱 煜,谭梦月,邹爱兰,张文举,戚金亮,杨永华*
2013年03期 [11-16][Abstract](3130)[pdf 1048KB](2123)
349 Studies on the breeding system in Shibataea chinensis and Arundinaria simonii f. heterophylla
2013年03期 [1-5][Abstract](4251)[pdf 2343KB](2167)
350 Impacts of Jatropha curcas energy forest afforestation on landscape pattern in Shuangjiang county of Yunnan province
欧光龙1,2,王俊峰2,胥 辉2*,马焕成2,卢 慧2,杨彩花2
2013年02期 [159-163][Abstract](3730)[pdf 609KB](2283)
351 Effects of ectomycorrhizal on growth, physiological characteristics and nutrition in Pinus massoniana seedlings
王 艺1,2,丁贵杰1*
2013年02期 [97-102][Abstract](3780)[pdf 1355KB](2064)
352 The development of conifer volume table based on aerial photograph in the Liangshui region
赵 鑫,李凤日,赵颖慧*,贾炜玮,董利虎
2013年02期 [65-70][Abstract](3206)[pdf 783KB](1984)
353 Photosynthetic characteristics of high yield Camellia oleifera during summer drought period under different treatment
左继林1,2,龚 春2,黄建建2,周文才2,赵松子2,高捍东1*
2013年02期 [33-38][Abstract](4789)[pdf 919KB](2055)
354 Effects of stand ages on carbon storage, fine root morphology and biomass in Platycladus orientalis plantation
李瑞霞,凌 宁,郝俊鹏,闵建刚,陈信力,关庆伟*
2013年02期 [21-27][Abstract](4640)[pdf 742KB](2208)
355 Effects of NaCl and Na2SO4 Stress on physiological characteristics in Betula microphylla
王 斌
2013年01期 [132-136][Abstract](3876)[pdf 1449KB](2175)
356 Synthesis of 2,3-epoxypinane by epoxidation of α-pinene with high selectivity
徐 徐1,刘 兵2,唐年华1,王石发1*
2013年01期 [96-100][Abstract](4420)[pdf 1372KB](2283)
357 Composition analysis of the oviposition secretion of Anoplophora glabripennis
马晓乾1,赵红盈1,周 琦1,邓 勋1,宋小双1,遇文婧1,范海娟2
2013年01期 [83-86][Abstract](3830)[pdf 1535KB](2252)
358 Effects of NaCl and Na2CO3 stresses on growth and photosynthetic characteristics characteristics of mulberry seedlings
张会慧,张秀丽,胡彦波,许 楠,李 鑫,孙广玉*
2013年01期 [55-60][Abstract](4257)[pdf 1596KB](2321)
359 New records of Oleaceae plants distributed in Jiangxi province
2012年06期 [157-158][Abstract](3552)[pdf 286KB](2069)
360 Green synthesis of allyl isobornyl ether
2012年06期 [95-100][Abstract](3579)[pdf 850KB](2018)
361 Effect of pesticide stress on polyphenol oxidase in poplars
2012年06期 [81-84][Abstract](3750)[pdf 803KB](2033)
362 Comparison of the photosynthetic characteristics of Dendrocalamus asper introduced in different latitude regions
2012年06期 [53-57][Abstract](4008)[pdf 743KB](2199)
363 Effects of different nutrient deficiency on Calophyllum inophyllum L. seedlings
2012年06期 [33-36][Abstract](3370)[pdf 914KB](2131)
364 Effect of super absorbent and fertilizer on growth and physiological characteristics of Fraxinus chinensis Roxb container seedlings
2012年06期 [28-32][Abstract](3541)[pdf 683KB](2117)
365 Effects of mycorrhizal fungus inoculation on the root of Cupressus duclouxiana and Catalpa bungei seedlings under drought stress
2012年06期 [23-27][Abstract](4334)[pdf 859KB](2208)
366 Interaction between high effective phosphatesolubilizing bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi and its effects on poplar growth
2012年05期 [170-173][Abstract](3522)[pdf 1530KB](2092)
367 Species identification of rhizosphere parasitic nematodes of pine tree in Jiangsu province
2012年05期 [109-114][Abstract](3764)[pdf 2952KB](1979)
368 Taxonomic study on the larvae of longicorn beetles in Nanjing
2012年05期 [102-108][Abstract](4225)[pdf 2623KB](2211)
369 Antennal sensilla of Micromelalopha troglodyta(Graeser) observed by scanning electron microscope
2012年05期 [97-101][Abstract](4644)[pdf 3016KB](2133)
370 Effect of doubled CO2 concentration on photosynthesis characteristics of Lycium barbarum seedling
2012年05期 [71-76][Abstract](3558)[pdf 867KB](1995)
371 Physiological responses and purifying effects of five emerged plants under sewage submerging
2012年05期 [66-70][Abstract](3324)[pdf 757KB](2104)
372 Effect of fertilization in sand bed on growth and photosynthesis of Lycoris aurea
2012年05期 [61-65][Abstract](4087)[pdf 720KB](2022)
373 Identification and analysis of proteins in the latex Cserum related to the tapping panel dryness in Hevea brasiliensis
2012年05期 [37-41][Abstract](3490)[pdf 874KB](2047)
374 Physiological effects under the condition of spraying nano-SiO2 onto the Indocalamus barbatus McClure leaves
李 博1,2,陶功胜1,谢寅峰1*,蔡贤雷1
2012年04期 [161-164][Abstract](3914)[pdf 753KB](2167)
375 A morphological analysis of guard hairs of Mustela erminea and M. sibirica by scanning electron microscope
2012年04期 [149-152][Abstract](3454)[pdf 2321KB](2076)
376 Research progress on Phytophthora cinnamomi
2012年04期 [140-144][Abstract](4126)[pdf 1008KB](2327)
377 The effect of different light intensity on the growth and photosynthesis characteristics of two kinds of colorful Hosta
李金鹏,赵和祥,董 然*,冯 敏
2012年04期 [57-61][Abstract](3870)[pdf 761KB](2190)
378 The response of clonal growth of Hippophae rhamniodes L.subsp sinensis to the availability of soil moisture in Mu Us sand land
贺 斌1,赵粉侠1,李根前1,2*,马先锋1,徐德兵3,李甜江 2
2012年04期 [46-50][Abstract](4441)[pdf 740KB](2287)
379 Variation in photosynthetic characteristics of Cyclocarya paliurus seedlings from different provenances
杨瑞卿1,2,楚秀丽1,3,杨万霞1,尚旭岚1,方升佐1*,车少辉 3
2012年04期 [41-45][Abstract](5291)[pdf 752KB](2292)
380 Evaluation and analysis of forest ecosystem services in Zhejiang province
姚鸿文,陶吉兴,杜 群,张国江,季碧勇
2012年04期 [13-17][Abstract](3422)[pdf 537KB](2017)
381 Response and bioindicator of bryophyte and lichen as cryptogamae plants to environmental change
杨琳璐,王中生*,周灵燕, 马元屾, 王志科, 营 婷, 宋圆圆, 徐卫祥
2012年03期 [137-143][Abstract](3910)[pdf 873KB](2428)
382 Research on fiber morphology of Miscanthus floridulus culm
赵佳美1,魏斯盘2,胡勇庆1,钱少平1,李 冰1,钱 俊1*
2012年03期 [115-119][Abstract](3630)[pdf 2803KB](2025)
383 Preparation and properties analysis of porous magnetic microspheres from regenerated cellulose
谷 军1,吴伟兵1,2*,王 飞1,龚木荣1,景 宜1,戴红旗1
2012年03期 [111-114][Abstract](3525)[pdf 1146KB](2194)
384 Flora composition analysis of seed plants in secondary forests of Jingoulin forest center
蔡 烁1,亢新刚1*,龚直文1,高 延2,冯启祥2,王卓晖2,秦 磊1
2012年03期 [74-80][Abstract](3851)[pdf 744KB](2241)
385 Response to waterlogging stress of different five Liquidambar formosana provenances
2012年03期 [43-48][Abstract](4540)[pdf 2731KB](2072)
386 Effects of Brevipalpus lewisi infested on physiological, biochemical and volatile components in Metasequoia glyptostroboides leaves
樊斌琦1,2,苏 鹏1,郝德君1*,王 焱2,张岳峰2
2012年03期 [28-32][Abstract](3318)[pdf 645KB](2188)
387 Effect of dimethyl sulphate on phytoplasma of Paulownia tomentosa seedling infected by witches’ broom and its DNA loci at SSR level
2012年03期 [5-8][Abstract](3633)[pdf 827KB](2006)
388 Analysis of surface color and wettability and chemical composition of differentage Phyllostachys pubescens
侯玲艳1,2,赵荣军2*,任海青2,安 珍3
2012年02期 [159-162][Abstract](4571)[pdf 994KB](2777)
389 Site classification of Phyllostachys nidularia Munro in Liangping county,Chongqing city
黄甫昭1,吕大勇1,王福升1*,范 怡1,温中斌2
2012年02期 [142-146][Abstract](4114)[pdf 696KB](2207)
390 Nitrogen and phosphorus losses mechanisms from agro-forestry system under simulated rainfall conditions
2012年02期 [117-120][Abstract](3542)[pdf 686KB](2176)
391 Effects of simulated acid rain on NH+4,NO-3,H+ ion fluxes in roots of Oenanthe javanica
罗 英1,2,薛建辉1*,尹 璐1,吴殿鸣1
2012年02期 [101-105][Abstract](4076)[pdf 654KB](2118)
392 Choice of the optimum period of mating and exposure in artificial production of Tetrastichus nigricoxae Yang
郭同斌1,梁 波1,杨中林2,宋明辉1,杜 伟1,王虎诚1
2012年02期 [73-76][Abstract](3928)[pdf 588KB](2150)
393 Effects of nano-silicon dioxide on photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics ofIndocalamus barbatus McClure
谢寅峰1,李 博1,2,陶功胜1,张千千1,张春霞1
2012年02期 [59-63][Abstract](3795)[pdf 813KB](2197)
394 Study on the physiological and biochemical properties of Pseudolarix kaempferi (Lindl.)seeds under seed preservation
2012年02期 [52-58][Abstract](4228)[pdf 1146KB](1938)
395 Influence of porosity and saturation on thermal properties of silty soils
王海波1,杨 平1,何忠意2
2012年02期 [42-46][Abstract](3982)[pdf 724KB](2048)
396 Study on removal of lipophilic extractives from wheat straw by Candida cylindracea lipases
江 华1,张 洋2,王雪飞1,马跃进1
2012年02期 [35-41][Abstract](3767)[pdf 1180KB](2056)
397 Preparation of degradable and thermoplastic wood powder and investigation of its thermo-flow behaviour
2012年02期 [22-24][Abstract](3830)[pdf 478KB](2168)
398 Measurement and application of developmental threshold temperatures and effective cumulative temperatures of Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi
2012年01期 [89-92][Abstract](3660)[pdf 1280KB](2165)
399 Photosynthesis characteristics of poplar after damaged by Micromelalopha troglodyta
2012年01期 [84-88][Abstract](3975)[pdf 1456KB](2307)
400 Effect of drought stress on photosynthetic characteristic of six tree species
2012年01期 [68-72][Abstract](3856)[pdf 1428KB](2160)
401 Genetic difference between normal and leave chlorosis Cinnamomum camphora detected by ISSR analysis
2012年01期 [33-37][Abstract](3963)[pdf 1682KB](2301)
402 Physical mechanical properties and nature durability of Bambusa emeiensis  bamboo scrimber of different ages
2011年06期 [111-115][Abstract](3134)[pdf 1321KB](1043)
403 Cryopreservation of the pine wood nematode(Bursaphelenchus xylophilus)
朱丽华, 季锦衣, 张文莉,叶建仁*
2011年06期 [63-66][Abstract](2287)[pdf 1291KB](909)
404 Observation of morphological and anatomical characters on staminate and pistillate flower differentiation in Cyclocarya paliurus
2011年06期 [17-22][Abstract](4241)[pdf 5840KB](1124)
405 Analysis of physiological indexes of Quercus virginiana under drought stress
2011年06期 [6-10][Abstract](2948)[pdf 1483KB](1104)
406 Adsorption of organophosphorus pesticides on bentonite and humus by Chromatography
2011年05期 [143-146][Abstract](2895)[pdf 1424KB](1733)
407 Removal effect on total nitrogen and total phosphorus in eutrophic water of Pterocarya stenoptera
2011年05期 [139-142][Abstract](2785)[pdf 1376KB](1460)
408 Effects of interplantation on soil physical and growth ofCamellia oleifera young forest
2011年05期 [117-120][Abstract](3878)[pdf 1318KB](1550)
409 Synthesis and characterization of bis(Ovanillin)benzoic imine Schiff base
2011年05期 [91-94][Abstract](3003)[pdf 1467KB](1569)
410 The relationship between substance on the pine wood nematode body surfaceand bacteria carried by the nematode
2011年05期 [35-39][Abstract](3206)[pdf 1296KB](1366)
411 Effects of phosphorus applying method on growth of Larix olgensis sowed seedling
2011年05期 [16-20][Abstract](2974)[pdf 1290KB](1446)
412 Study on removing silicate scale on disk disperser with the alkaline phonochemistry method
2011年04期 [101-105][Abstract](2613)[pdf 1539KB](1336)
413 Characteristics of rainfall redistribution under the canopy of different types Phyllostachys edulis forests in Northern Fujian province
2011年04期 [63-66][Abstract](3620)[pdf 1206KB](1458)
414 Research on photosynthesis characteristics in different canopy layers of poplar clone 107 (Populus×euramericana cv.Neva)
2011年04期 [39-42][Abstract](3104)[pdf 1320KB](1524)
415 Research on the photosynthetic characteristics of the two varieties of pecan
2011年04期 [34-38][Abstract](2966)[pdf 1326KB](1397)
416 Differential analysis of twodimensional gel electrophoresis profiles of protein in poplars after inoculation with Botryosphaeria dothidea
2011年04期 [1-6][Abstract](2982)[pdf 2170KB](1503)
417 The vanguard role of bryophytes in the course of vegetation restoration of Karst degradation area
2011年03期 [28-][Abstract](3311)[pdf 1155KB](1635)
418 Effects of natural low temperature stress on physiological and biochemical properties of Phyllostachys edulis
2011年03期 [27-][Abstract](3755)[pdf 1205KB](1613)
419 Study on rooting and transplanting of the tissuecultured plantlets from Pinus densiflora with good resistance to pine wilt disease
2011年03期 [17-][Abstract](3394)[pdf 1191KB](1473)
420 Morphological and molecular identification of bamboo culm brown rot
2011年03期 [16-][Abstract](2590)[pdf 1597KB](1440)
421 Effects of soil moisture on taxol content and related physiological indexes of Taxus media cv. Hicksii
2011年03期 [14-][Abstract](3269)[pdf 1196KB](1296)
422 Study on the genetic diversity of an endangered plant Cercidiphyllum japonicum
2011年03期 [12-][Abstract](2997)[pdf 1311KB](1459)
423 Geographic variation of seed/fruit and seedling growing traits in Toona ciliata var pubescens
2011年03期 [10-][Abstract](3127)[pdf 1151KB](1455)
424 The dynamic equilibrium of soil microbial community structure affected by methamidophos
2011年03期 [1-][Abstract](3603)[pdf 1313KB](1650)
425 Study on fluorescence resonance energy transfer in polystyrene microspheres microspheres
2011年02期 [83-87][Abstract](3265)[pdf 1369KB](1467)
426 Improving the dryability of Eucalyptus by premicrowave or prefreezing treatment
2011年02期 [61-64][Abstract](3092)[pdf 1859KB](1456)
427 Susceptibility and evaluation of growth traits about the tissue of Pinus thunbergii
2011年02期 [31-34][Abstract](3477)[pdf 1734KB](1518)
428 The relationship between difference of superoxide anion and lesion in the interaction of different varieties of pines and Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2011年02期 [25-30][Abstract](3697)[pdf 8400KB](1481)
429 Difference of response to salt stress of nine clones of Catalpa bungei
2011年02期 [20-24][Abstract](3402)[pdf 1455KB](1829)
430 Comparison of photosynthesis characteristics, bud characters and chemical compositions for tea in different planting models
2011年02期 [15-19][Abstract](3660)[pdf 1226KB](1631)
431 Physiological and characteristics of Ulmus pumila afforestation on recovering stage
2011年01期 [139-141][Abstract](2610)[pdf 1356KB](1423)
432 Diurnal changes of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of Polystichum tsussimense (Hook)J. Sm. under different light intensities
2011年01期 [135-138][Abstract](2760)[pdf 1322KB](1692)
433 Study on the fungi species in stem of Pinus massoniana in Anhui province
2011年01期 [132-134][Abstract](4525)[pdf 1187KB](1685)
434 Effects of the MUF on the properties of fastgrowing Pinus massoniana lumber
2011年01期 [67-70][Abstract](2857)[pdf 1214KB](1498)
435 Effects of salt stress on photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll content of Sapium sebiferum seedlings
2011年01期 [29-33][Abstract](3387)[pdf 1287KB](1473)
436 Effect of latex content of coated paper on quality of flexographic printing
2010年06期 [115-118][Abstract](2197)[pdf 763KB](1346)
437 The photosynthetic and phenotypic response of Phragmites australis to sediment dredging
2010年06期 [71-76][Abstract](3396)[pdf 876KB](1334)
438 Study on the soil nutrients status of phosphorus and potassium in stands of Phyllostachys pubescens and it’s growth efficiency
2010年06期 [33-37][Abstract](3374)[pdf 805KB](1378)
439 Study on the floral quantity size and ecological adaptability of Jatropha curcas
2010年06期 [28-32][Abstract](3584)[pdf 799KB](1287)
440 Effects of exogenous Ca2+ on the photosynthesis and the changes of growth in Populus×euramericana Nanlin 895 cuttings
2010年06期 [23-27][Abstract](2949)[pdf 709KB](1362)
441 The difference of H2O2 and oxidative enzyme in the interaction of different resistance pines and Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2010年06期 [13-17][Abstract](4448)[pdf 1062KB](1363)
442 Effects of several ectomycorrhizal fungi on the chlorophyll content and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in different pine seedlings
2010年06期 [9-12][Abstract](3238)[pdf 510KB](1390)
443 Comparison of mechanical properties of different single vegetable fibers
2010年05期 [87-90][Abstract](2572)[pdf 643KB](1377)
444 Effect of the permeability of Eucalyptus urophylla×E.grandis wood on collapse in drying
2010年05期 [83-86][Abstract](3208)[pdf 905KB](1452)
445 The survival rate of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus on different moisture of woody packaging material
2010年05期 [63-65][Abstract](3393)[pdf 752KB](1653)
446 The difference of conductivity and pH value between healthy and pine wilt diseased woods of Pinus kesiya var.langbianensis
2010年05期 [59-62][Abstract](3588)[pdf 567KB](1681)
447 The culture conditions of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain JKJS3 with the nematicidal activity on Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2010年05期 [55-58][Abstract](3406)[pdf 599KB](1651)
448 Optimum density of Eucalyptus urophylla plantation using improved density effect model
2010年05期 [43-46][Abstract](3039)[pdf 549KB](1388)
449 Effects of simulated acid rain on physiological characteristics of Camellia japonica
2010年05期 [39-42][Abstract](3536)[pdf 658KB](1662)
450 Comparison of RAPD fingerprints of fruiting mei generated by different electrophoresis and characterization of the amplified sequences
2010年05期 [29-33][Abstract](3112)[pdf 898KB](1512)
451 Soil environmental characteristics of different types of Phyllostachys pubescens forests with intensive cultivation in northwest of Fujian province
2010年05期 [17-22][Abstract](3577)[pdf 689KB](1625)
452  Differential responses of rhizosphere microbial communities to the planting of
different soybean varieties

2010年05期 [1-6][Abstract](3427)(1)
453 Characteristics of Chinese pennisetum as raw material for medium density fiberboard
2010年04期 [149-152][Abstract](3678)[pdf 551KB](1576)
454 Pollen grain characteristics under SEM for classification of Chimonanthus praecox cultivars
2010年04期 [145-148][Abstract](3281)[pdf 807KB](1435)
455 Study on the Hydrilla verticillata’s purification performance on sewage with different pollution levels
2010年04期 [83-86][Abstract](3359)[pdf 762KB](1556)
456 Soil microbial biomass carbon and other major chemical properties in the east of Taihu riparian zones
2010年04期 [13-16][Abstract](3696)[pdf 662KB](1606)
457 Leaf litter (Pinus tanwanensi) decomposition in four plant communities at different altitude in Wuyi Mountain
2010年03期 [141-145][Abstract](4252)[pdf 818KB](1512)
458 Influences of the snow storm on the leaf litter decomposition dynamics of Phyllostachys heterocycla ecosystem in Wuyi Mountain
2010年03期 [131-135][Abstract](4039)[pdf 753KB](1706)
459 The influence of snow storm on soil respiration and soil microbial biomass carbon of Phyllostachys heterocycla cv.pubescens forest
2010年03期 [126-130][Abstract](3967)[pdf 759KB](1659)
460 Investigation and floristic analysis of pteridophyte in Zijin Mountain National Forest Park in Nanjing
2010年03期 [107-122][Abstract](3462)[pdf 836KB](1380)
461 Studies on the pathogen and the occurrence trends of the bamboo leaf rust in Nanjing
2010年03期 [101-106][Abstract](3141)[pdf 1188KB](1288)
462 Responses of beach plum (Prunus maritima) seedlings to NaCl stress using pot culture experiments
2010年03期 [89-92][Abstract](3669)[pdf 605KB](1466)
463 The photosynthesis response to different light intensity for the endangered plant Parrotia subaequalis
2010年03期 [83-88][Abstract](2945)[pdf 861KB](1443)
464 Effects of NaCl stress on physiological characteristic and cell ultrastructure in leaves of two Broussonetia papyrifera varieties
2010年03期 [77-82][Abstract](3405)[pdf 1823KB](1447)
465 Observation on flowering habits and anatomy of stamen development in Cyclocarya paliurus
2010年03期 [67-71][Abstract](4760)[pdf 1392KB](1447)
466 Soil moisture physical characteristics of three types of forest in Liuxihe small watershed
2010年03期 [62-66][Abstract](3498)[pdf 677KB](1620)
467 Effect of lipases on lipophilic extractives of wheat straw
2010年03期 [25-30][Abstract](3492)[pdf 745KB](1405)
468 Synthesis and structure characterization of 12(2,4dinitrophenylhydrazono) 8hydroxy7,8dihydroabietic acid and its methyl ester
2010年03期 [20-24][Abstract](3342)[pdf 673KB](1513)
469 Preparation of monodisperse fluorescent microspheres and their optical properties
2010年03期 [15-19][Abstract](3635)[pdf 1087KB](1332)
470 Comparison on the photosynthetic characteristics between Tilia miqueliana and T.cordata at seedling stage
2010年02期 [133-136][Abstract](3444)[pdf 709KB](1727)
471 The characteristic on adsorptiondesorption of organic and inorganic phosphorus in paddy soils
2010年02期 [129-132][Abstract](3764)[pdf 931KB](1520)
472 Characteristics of nanosized TiO2/melamine formaldehyde resin mixture
2010年02期 [65-68][Abstract](2777)[pdf 825KB](1491)
473 Study on the water and soil erosion rules during the three types of vegetation recovery process
2010年02期 [59-63][Abstract](3590)[pdf 675KB](1514)
474 The mostly phototactic forest insect pest and the phototactic moths first recorded in Guangxi
2010年02期 [55-58][Abstract](2942)[pdf 515KB](1408)
475 Analysis of nutrient input and output in a Phyllostachys pubescens ecosystem of southern Sichuan province
2010年02期 [31-36][Abstract](3257)[pdf 869KB](1614)
476 The physiological indices affecting parameters of electrical impedance spectroscopy in Pinus bungeana Zucc. needles during frost hardening
2010年02期 [24-30][Abstract](3431)[pdf 1020KB](1432)
477 Pollen features of 5 species in genus Tillandsia under SEM
2010年01期 [138-140][Abstract](3793)(1)
478 Identification of the pathogeny of the powdery mildew on Platanus sp. and the pathogenic biological character
2010年01期 [135-137][Abstract](3754)(1)
479 Variation analysis of seedling characters among provenances of Cyclocarya paliurus
2010年01期 [34-38][Abstract](4992)(1)
480 Allelopathic effect of phenolic acids on Phyllostachys edulis seedlings
2010年01期 [29-33][Abstract](4287)(2)
481 Soil heterotrophic respiration of metasequoia shelter forests in silting coastal area of northern Jiangsu province
2010年01期 [15-18][Abstract](3909)(1)
482 Research on graphic information and trajectory control of robots
2009年06期 [113-][Abstract](2688)(1)
483 Phosphorus removal ability of immobilized algae from waste water
2009年06期 [95-][Abstract](3082)(1)
484 Physiological characteristics for drought resistant Chilopsis linearis, an introduction tree to dryhot valley
2009年06期 [83-][Abstract](3287)(1)
485 The research on the morphology and structure of root nodules in eight legume species
2009年06期 [60-][Abstract](3065)(1)
486 Effects of different fungus on the reproduction and virulence of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2009年06期 [57-][Abstract](3729)(1)
487 Study on the changes in the flow of water and the activity of roots system after Pinus thunbergii inoculated with Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2009年06期 [53-][Abstract](4225)(1)
488 Physiological characteristics of leaf senescence in Shibataea chinensis after anthesis
2009年06期 [39-][Abstract](3294)(1)
489 Effects of skidding by suspended cable on the physical and chemical properties of soil of artificial forest cutting area
2009年05期 [151-][Abstract](3635)(1)
490 Structure dynamics and quantitative statistics of natural Phyllostachys edulis clone population
2009年05期 [135-][Abstract](3797)(1)
491 Study on host acceptance behavior of Tetrastichus nigricoxae Yang (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)
2009年05期 [121-][Abstract](3863)(1)
492 Properties of poplar oriented strandboard containing zinc borate
2009年05期 [81-][Abstract](3577)(1)
493 Study on the techniques of assistant measure to optimize the afforestation in the rocky hills
2009年05期 [41-][Abstract](2705)(1)
494 Influence of light intensity and soil water content on morphological and growth traits of Clerodendrum trichotomum seedling
2009年05期 [27-][Abstract](3560)(1)
495 Studies on cadmium uptake, accumulation and tolerance in Salix babylonica
2009年05期 [17-][Abstract](2774)(1)
496 Effects of lanthanum nitrate on growth of Dendrobium fimbriatum tube seedling
2009年04期 [158-161][Abstract](3197)[pdf 467KB](1725)
497 Synthesis of polymerizable photosensitive initiator 4vinyl4′chlorobenzophenone
2009年04期 [155-157][Abstract](3493)[pdf 459KB](1609)
498 Advance in population differentiation of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2009年04期 [135-139][Abstract](3915)[pdf 616KB](1813)
499 Effects of ectomycorrhizal seedlings of masson pine on absorption and utilization of N, P and K
2009年04期 [77-80][Abstract](4580)[pdf 623KB](1649)
500 Physiological responses of five evergreen broadleaved ornamental tree species to low temperature variations during winter season
2009年04期 [38-42][Abstract](3119)[pdf 907KB](1511)
501 Molecular clone and sequence analysis of phenylalanine ammonia lyase gene from Camellia oleifera
2009年04期 [24-28][Abstract](3803)[pdf 1427KB](1631)
502 Annotations and comments on new phylogenetic trees of land plants
2009年04期 [1-7][Abstract](2767)[pdf 1694KB](1472)
503 The radial variation trend of tracheid morphology of branches from Ginkgo biloba L.cultivars
2009年03期 [99-102][Abstract](3523)[pdf 799KB](1714)
504 Study on nitrogen and phosphorus leaching at different fertilizer levels in Phyllostachys praecox stands
2009年03期 [60-64][Abstract](3566)[pdf 757KB](1591)
505 Analysis of floristic geography of Chinese Athyrium Roth
2009年03期 [25-30][Abstract](3500)[pdf 728KB](1547)
506 The megasporogenesis, microsporogenesis and the development of their female and male gametophyte in Menstruocalamus sichuanensis
林树燕1,郝娟娟1,辛华2 ,丁雨龙1*
2009年03期 [9-12][Abstract](2718)[pdf 728KB](1650)
507 The difference of progenitive power and superoxide anion production in Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and B.mucronatus
2009年03期 [5-8][Abstract](3796)[pdf 586KB](1628)
508 Using MuPS marker technique to identify individual of Pinus massoniana resistance to pine wilt disease
2009年03期 [1-4][Abstract](4916)[pdf 626KB](1773)
509 Effects of highorder dispersion and highorder nonlinearity on crossphase modulational instability
2009年02期 [125-][Abstract](2775)[pdf 733KB](1498)
510 Study on anaerobic toxicity of polybrominated diphenyl ethers with glucose as cosubstrate
2009年02期 [113-][Abstract](2534)[pdf 753KB](1539)
511 Distribution characters of fine root of poplar plantation and its relation to properties of soil in the northern slope of Qinling Mountain
2009年02期 [85-][Abstract](4356)[pdf 638KB](1785)
512 Response of photosynthesis rate, transpiration rate and water using efficiency of Populus adenopoda to light intensity and elevated CO2 concentration
2009年02期 [55-][Abstract](3102)[pdf 786KB](1597)
513 The poplar genome project and progress in poplar molecular biology studies
2009年01期 [131-135][Abstract](7821)[pdf 725KB](4606)
514 Design and realization of geographic information system based on plugin technology for forest resources management
2009年01期 [127-130][Abstract](3956)[pdf 1185KB](2417)
515 Proteomic analysis of extracellular cellulolytic enzyme in Trichoderma reesei on different carbon sources
2009年01期 [92-96][Abstract](3850)[pdf 961KB](1819)
516 Effect of asphalt rubber stress-absorbing membrane interlayer on anti-crack of pavement
2008年06期 [151-153][Abstract](1874)(1)
517 The photosynthetic influence of trees under doubled CO2 concentration on Acer truncatum and Robinia pseudoacacia
2008年06期 [143-146][Abstract](2188)(1)
518 Comparative investigation of the growth and physiology characteristics for different Catalpa spp. saplings
2008年06期 [123-127][Abstract](2093)(1)
519 Effects of drought stress on the fluorescence characteristics of four type of Catalpa spp.
2008年06期 [119-122][Abstract](2447)(1)
520 Effects of chitosan on some physiological indices of apple seedlings under drought stress
杨 峰1,2,胡景江2*,李建龙1*,武卫敬3
2008年06期 [61-64][Abstract](2099)(1)
521 The structure of leaf micromorphology of Osmanthus
卢龙斗1,常生辉1,高武军1,邓传良1,洪 达1,向其柏2*
2008年06期 [52-56][Abstract](1997)(1)
522 Biological characteristics of Tetrastichus nigricoxae Yang ( Hymenoptera : Eulophidae)
颜学武1,2,郭同斌1*,蒋继宏2,钱桂芝3,杜 伟1,王虎诚1,于艳华1
2008年06期 [29-33][Abstract](2406)(1)
523 Study on superoxide anion of Pinus thunbergii infected by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and B. mucronatus in the earlier interaction
刘 勘,吴小芹*,何龙喜,应晨希
2008年06期 [24-28][Abstract](2217)(1)
524 The comparison of cold resistance of five kinds of Photinia plants introduced in Shandong
2008年05期 [153-156][Abstract](2085)(1)
525 Water characteristics of highway asphalt pavement runoff
2008年05期 [149-152][Abstract](2208)(1)
526 Review on the structure of plant mycorrhiza
2008年05期 [135-139][Abstract](3690)(1)
527 The effects of wood-gypsum ratio, water-gypsum ratio and temperature on the properties of the gypsum sawdust board
2008年05期 [89-94][Abstract](1809)(1)
528 Changes of active oxygen and related enzymes during the interaction of poplar and canker disease pathogen
2008年05期 [41-46][Abstract](1853)(1)
529 Preparation and application of an ASA new-type emulsifier P-DAVM
2008年04期 [135-138][Abstract](1788)[pdf 3768KB](1138)
530 Effects of management styles on soil fertility index of different structure Phyllostachys edulis stands
2008年04期 [81-85][Abstract](2468)[pdf 4826KB](968)
531 Geographical variation of morphologic characteristics of Cyclocarya paliurus seeds
2008年04期 [63-66][Abstract](2053)[pdf 3289KB](958)
532 Effects of biological mulching on dynamic of phosphorus contents in rhizospheric soil of poplar plantation in southern upland area
2008年04期 [47-50][Abstract](2275)[pdf 3440KB](889)
533 Analysis of soil physical and chemical properties of riparian zone along Qinhuai River
2008年04期 [17-22][Abstract](1978)[pdf 5885KB](846)
534 Relationship between drought resistance and physiological change of three elm trees seedling under water stress
2008年03期 [131-134][Abstract](2169)[pdf 3947KB](1022)
535 Research progress of the environmental impact factors of internal phosphorus loading release in river systems
2008年03期 [117-121][Abstract](2948)[pdf 5113KB](2208)
536 Ectomycorrhizal morphology and root hair growth and their relationships with the growth of Pinus thunbergii seedlings
2008年03期 [107-111][Abstract](2018)[pdf 4250KB](1053)
537 A study of the acquisition of sterilized nematode and growth of the pine wood nematode
2008年03期 [99-102][Abstract](1649)[pdf 3567KB](965)
538 Histopathological changes in the resistant pine trees inoculated by pine wood nematode
2008年03期 [95-98][Abstract](1797)[pdf 3628KB](859)
539 The screening and identification of the bacterium with nematicidal activity to Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2008年03期 [91-94][Abstract](2013)[pdf 3779KB](893)
540 Physical and chemical properties of ammonia sulfite pulping black liquor before and after ultrafiltration
2008年03期 [61-63][Abstract](2534)[pdf 2438KB](798)
541 The changes of physio-biochemistry and morphological characteristics of Ginkgo biloba L. subjected to high temperature stress
2008年03期 [31-34][Abstract](1775)[pdf 3720KB](879)
542 Annual Changes of Water Quality in an Upstream River of Taihu Lake
2007年06期 [121-124][Abstract](1999)[pdf 246KB](1257)
543 16S rDNA Sequence Analysis of 23 Rhizobium Strains Isolated from Leguminosae Woody Plants
2007年06期 [117-120][Abstract](2076)[pdf 236KB](940)
544 Analysis of the Inter-species Relationships and Polymorphism on the Hemerocallis by ISSR-PCR Molecular Markers
2007年06期 [97-100][Abstract](2377)[pdf 257KB](1121)
545 Inhibition Effects of High Voltage Electrostatic Field and Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field on the Pathogen of Bacterial Wilt of Eucalyptus
2007年06期 [94-96][Abstract](2238)[pdf 183KB](1150)
546 Influence of Types on Chemical Composition, Fiber Morphology and Pulping Properties of Broussonetia papyrifera Bark
2007年06期 [65-68][Abstract](2104)[pdf 269KB](1219)
547 Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Catalpa bungei
2007年06期 [57-60][Abstract](2255)[pdf 272KB](942)
548 The Effect of Soil Nutrient Around Broad-leaved Trees on Phyllostachys edulis Growth in the Mixed Forest
2007年06期 [43-47][Abstract](1997)[pdf 326KB](869)
549 Research on Mycorrhizal Formation of Nine Ectomycorrhizal Fungi with Poplar Seedlings
2007年06期 [29-33][Abstract](1989)[pdf 327KB](1267)
550 A Study on Morphological Features of Epiphyllous Microsporangia in Ginkgo biloba
2007年06期 [11-15][Abstract](1833)[pdf 304KB](962)
551 Trees’ Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals in the Soil of South China
2007年05期 [125-128][Abstract](2477)[pdf 261KB](1180)
552 Morphological Differentiation of Flower Bud of Osmanthus fragrans ‘Wanzi Yingui’ and ‘Duoya Jingui’
2007年05期 [105-108][Abstract](1411)[pdf 270KB](852)
553 Phenotypic Plasticity on Clonal Growth of Hippophae rhamnoides L. subsp. sinensis in Mu Us Sandland
2007年05期 [92-96][Abstract](2512)[pdf 337KB](928)
554 Effects of Replanting Poplar on Soil Microorganisms
2007年05期 [81-83][Abstract](2112)[pdf 187KB](928)
555 Rooting Characteristics of Green-wood Cuttings of Staphylea bumalda
2007年05期 [75-80][Abstract](1572)[pdf 387KB](810)
556 Analyses of Genetic Diversity Among 65 Chrysanthemum Cultivars Based on AFLP
2007年05期 [67-70][Abstract](2179)[pdf 263KB](1181)
557 Effects of Enviromental Factors Such as Perturbation on Release of Phosphorus from Sediments
2007年05期 [62-66][Abstract](1955)[pdf 322KB](878)
558 Isolation and Screen of Antagonistic Bacteria Against Sphaeropsis and Bioassay on Seedling of Pine
2007年04期 [144-146][Abstract](2190)(1)
559 Different Virulence of Pine Wood Nematode from Japan and China on Cedrus deodara
2007年04期 [139-140][Abstract](1936)(1)
560 Development of Quick Detection Kit for Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2007年04期 [133-135][Abstract](1650)(1)
561 Comparative Analyses on Three Kinds of Molecular Detection Technique of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2007年04期 [128-132][Abstract](1813)[pdf 4543KB](832)
562 Study on Dispersal Behavior of Pine Wood Nematode and Water Potential Inside Resistant Pinus thunbergii
2007年04期 [125-127][Abstract](1564)[pdf 1121KB](876)
563 Detection Technique of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus Using Real Time PCR
2007年04期 [121-124][Abstract](1806)[pdf 2411KB](935)
564 Histopathological Study on the Nematode in Seedling of Pinus thunbergii
2007年04期 [115-120][Abstract](2061)[pdf 7614KB](866)
565 Resistance Determination and Histopathological Observation of Induced Pinus densiflora Families from Japan to Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2007年04期 [110-114][Abstract](2213)(1)
566 Diurnal Variations of Moisture Physiology Characteristic of a Few Plants in Hobq Desert
2007年04期 [81-84][Abstract](1439)(1)
567 Characteristics of Drought Tolerance in Mycorrhizal Fungi Seedlings of Pinus armandii Franch
2007年04期 [69-72][Abstract](1989)[pdf 4549KB](899)
568 Effects of Silicon on Polyamine Types and Forms in Leaf of Zizyphus jujube cv. Jinsi-xiaozao Under Salt Stress
2007年04期 [27-32][Abstract](2273)(1)
569 Study on the Pathogens of Pine Wilt Disease
2007年04期 [1-5][Abstract](2148)[pdf 4250KB](854)
570 Effects of Different Water Stress on Photosynthetic Characters of Liriodendron chinense from Zhejiang Province
2007年03期 [136-138][Abstract](2298)[pdf 2559KB](970)
571 A Method Suitable for Protein Extraction of Poplar Leaves
2007年03期 [119-121][Abstract](1682)(1)
572 Research of Cultivating Conditions of 12 Wood Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
2007年03期 [113-115][Abstract](1903)(1)
573 Phosphorus Move Down by Leaching and Related to Olsen –P of Surface Soil in Two Paddy Soils
2007年03期 [52-56][Abstract](1871)[pdf 4125KB](835)
574 Comparative Analysis of Water Absorption and Retention to Six Super-absorbent-polymers
2007年02期 [101-104][Abstract](1400)[pdf 2955KB](723)
575 Research on Crack Extension at Bottom of Asphalt Pavement Base Course
2007年02期 [78-82][Abstract](2052)[pdf 3505KB](915)
576 Effects of Different Retarders on the Properties of Gypsum Particleboard
2007年02期 [63-67][Abstract](1798)[pdf 4065KB](762)
577 Vertical Patterns of Diameter and Volume of Moso Bamboo Stem
2007年02期 [51-54][Abstract](1574)[pdf 2991KB](708)
578 Study on Physical Properties of Bambusa wenchouensis Wood
2007年02期 [42-46][Abstract](2059)[pdf 3852KB](790)
579 Study on Response to Photosynthetic Characters of Slash Pine’s Half-sib Under Water Stress
2007年02期 [32-36][Abstract](2656)[pdf 4501KB](863)
580 Synthesis of Amphoteric Superabsorbent Polymers Modified by Carboxymethyl Cellulose
2007年02期 [27-31][Abstract](1499)[pdf 4275KB](828)
581 Effects of Silicon on Antioxidant Enzyme System of Zizyphus jujuba cv. Jinsi-xiaozao Under Salt Stress
2007年02期 [19-22][Abstract](2074)[pdf 3407KB](763)
582 The Relationships Between Soil Enzyme Activity and Soil Physical-chemical Properties or Microbial Biomass in Semi-Arid Area
2007年02期 [13-18][Abstract](2108)[pdf 5225KB](838)
583 Organic Acids Exudation from the Roots of Cunninghamia lanceolata and Pinus massoniana Seedlings Under Low Phosphorus Stress
2007年02期 [9-12][Abstract](2425)[pdf 3484KB](925)
584 The Variation Comparison of Leaf Morphological and Physiological Characteristics Among Different Provenancesof Cyclocarya paliurus Seedlings
2007年01期 [106-110][Abstract](2345)[pdf 316KB](976)
585 Study on the Soil Properties of Bamboo and Broadleaved Mixed Forest
2007年01期 [81-84][Abstract](2035)[pdf 221KB](923)
586 A Comparison of the Volatiles Compounds from Pinus massoniana Twigs Extracted by Solid Phase Microextraction and Steam Distillation
2007年01期 [78-80][Abstract](1946)[pdf 184KB](937)
587 Influence of Process Conditions Treated with Pulping Black Liquor by the Extremophiles
2007年01期 [75-77][Abstract](1812)[pdf 194KB](872)
588 Screening of Antagonistic Microbes to Two Kinds of Pine Trees Pathogens
2007年01期 [59-62][Abstract](2161)[pdf 256KB](926)
589 Comparison of Biomass and Its Estimation of Hippophae rhamoides L. Under Different Climatic and Soil Conditions
2007年01期 [37-41][Abstract](1988)[pdf 339KB](851)
590 On the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Ramie Cloth Reinforced UP Resin Composites
2007年01期 [23-26][Abstract](1898)[pdf 249KB](894)
591 Development of SCAR Markers Linked to Resistance Locus of Black Spot Disease in Populus deltoides
2007年01期 [15-18][Abstract](1948)[pdf 263KB](875)
592 Research on the Relationship Between the Pathogenicity and the Distribution Velocity of the Nematode in seedling of Pinus thunbergii
2007年01期 [5-9][Abstract](2482)[pdf 355KB](1257)
593 Study on the Road Surface Cracks in Ning-Su-Xu Highway
2006年S1期 [47-48][Abstract](1491)[pdf 141KB](706)
594 Study on Preventive Maintenance Technology of Asphalt Concrete Pavement in Highway
2006年S1期 [31-34][Abstract](1310)[pdf 214KB](775)
595 Design and Construction of Cement Concrete Cover on Old Asphalt Pavement
2006年S1期 [27-30][Abstract](707)[pdf 221KB](733)
596 Study on Pavement Performance of Asphalt Mixtures at Urban Road Intersection
2006年S1期 [11-14][Abstract](931)[pdf 199KB](619)
597 Anti-crack Ability of Diatomite Modified Asphalt Concrete Under Low Temperature
2006年S1期 [5-7][Abstract](464)[pdf 182KB](679)
598 A Survey on the Micro-morphologic Character of Four Carnivore’s Straight Guard Hair
2006年06期 [135-137][Abstract](1943)[pdf 1726KB](858)
599 Inhibitory Effects of Alkaloids of Sophora alopecuroides on Pine Wood Nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus)
2006年06期 [129-131][Abstract](2119)[pdf 447KB](972)
600 Study on Processing Timber Infected with Pine Wood Nematode Using Microwave
2006年06期 [87-90][Abstract](1532)[pdf 672KB](833)
601 Spread and Distribution of Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi on the Different Tips of Pine
2006年06期 [79-82][Abstract](1956)[pdf 703KB](814)
602 Study on Variation Law of Crystal Area in Bamboo Cell Wall
2006年06期 [66-68][Abstract](1935)[pdf 1415KB](677)
603 Syntheses of Isobornyl Acetate Catalyzed by MoO3/ZrO2
2006年06期 [51-54][Abstract](2365)[pdf 626KB](785)
604 Variation of Bending Performance with Different Location of Bamboo
2006年06期 [44-46][Abstract](1646)[pdf 1652KB](749)
605 Techniques of Chemical Control of Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi
2006年05期 [119-122][Abstract](1862)[pdf 2832KB](931)
606 A Study on the Occurrence Rule of Micromelalopha troglodyta
2006年05期 [115-118][Abstract](2255)[pdf 3281KB](1051)
607 Effects of Soil Moisture Status on the Phoebe chekiangensis Seedings
2006年05期 [112-114][Abstract](2913)[pdf 2234KB](1070)
608 Liquefaction of Salix, Caragana and Populus in the Presence of Phenol
2006年05期 [67-70][Abstract](1832)[pdf 3221KB](1052)
609 The Effects of Shading and Soil Water Content on Photosynthesis of Toona ciliata var. pubescens Seedlings
2006年05期 [63-66][Abstract](2121)[pdf 3449KB](888)
610 Effects of Three Types Stress Pretreatment on Chilling Resistance of Jatropha curcas Seedlings
2006年05期 [60-62][Abstract](1664)[pdf 2253KB](838)
611 Physiological and Biochemical Changes in Epiphytic Bryophytes Under Different Air Pollution Levels
2006年05期 [5-9][Abstract](1527)[pdf 4417KB](809)
612 Study on the Content of Chlorophyll Measured by the Optic-fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
2006年04期 [21-24][Abstract](1408)[pdf 3312KB](1549)
613 Identification of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and B. mucronatus by PCR-RFLP Technique
2006年04期 [5-9][Abstract](2172)[pdf 3706KB](909)
614 Study on Epidemic Law of Micromelalopha troglodyte in Shanghai
2006年03期 [113-116][Abstract](2091)[pdf 3289KB](910)
615 Characters of Euphorbia pulcherrima Buds Differentiated from Calli
2006年03期 [81-84][Abstract](1730)[pdf 3460KB](761)
616 Analysis on Variation of Endogenous Hormones Contents to Betula lumini f era During In Vitro Culture
2006年03期 [67-70][Abstract](1903)[pdf 3534KB](881)
617 Comparison on Dry Weight and Nutrient Storage of Litter in Pure Phyllostachys edulis Stands
2006年03期 [51-55][Abstract](2108)[pdf 3019KB](904)
618 Effects of Ca2+ on Heat Tolerance of Peanut Seedling
2006年03期 [47-50][Abstract](2539)[pdf 3635KB](821)
619 Effects of Shading on the Antioxidant Enzymatic System and Photosynthesis of Centipedegrass
2006年03期 [32-36][Abstract](1952)[pdf 4156KB](884)
620 The Dynamic Changes of Acid Phosphatase during the Fiber Development in Phyllostachys edulis Culm
2006年03期 [13-18][Abstract](2145)[pdf 5273KB](905)
621 Physiological Responses of Pteroceltis tatarinowii Seedlings Under Hydroponic Culture to NaC! Stress
2006年02期 [94-98][Abstract](2044)[pdf 4738KB](903)
622 Exogenous Silicon Regulates Membrane Fatty Acid in Root and Leaf of Ziziphus jujuba cv. Jinsixiaozao under Salt Stress
2006年02期 [89-93][Abstract](2193)[pdf 4473KB](874)
623 Effects of Silicon on Ion Micro-distribution Status of Ziziphus jujuba cv. Jinsixiaozao Under Salt Stress
2006年02期 [85-88][Abstract](2146)[pdf 3219KB](879)
624 Study on the Fungi from the Diseased Pine Wood Nematode
2006年02期 [79-81][Abstract](2246)[pdf 2606KB](879)
625 Analysis on Supercooling Phenomenon in the Clone of Poplar
2006年02期 [67-70][Abstract](1966)[pdf 2927KB](861)
626 Effects of Light Spectrum and Photoperiod on Contents of Flavonoid and Terpene in Leaves of Ginkgo biloba L.
2006年02期 [51-54][Abstract](2714)[pdf 3371KB](987)
627 Studies on Flora of Mountain Mufu Nanjing
2006年02期 [38-42][Abstract](2219)[pdf 4185KB](913)
628 The Relationship of Karyotype Analysis and Modulate of Sophora davidii and Cassia canymbosa
2006年01期 [98-100][Abstract](1636)[pdf 3383KB](957)
629 The Screening and Identification of Endophytic Fungi from Four Species of Family Euphorbiaceae and the Strains’ Antibacterial Activity
2006年01期 [79-83][Abstract](1897)[pdf 977KB](823)
630 Effects of Salt Stress on Some Physiological Indexes in Iris Leaves
2006年01期 [57-60][Abstract](2059)[pdf 804KB](846)
631 Photosynthetic Characteristics of Quercus pannosa in Gongga Mountain Region
2006年01期 [25-28][Abstract](1742)[pdf 1881KB](832)
632 Application of Gel Permeation Chromatography on the Separation of Xylooligosaccharides
2006年01期 [21-24][Abstract](1909)[pdf 1586KB](851)
633 RAPD Analysis on Genetic Relationships Among Sphaeropsis sapinea Isolates
2006年01期 [13-16][Abstract](1612)[pdf 3752KB](778)
634 Relationship Between the Epidemic of Pine Shoot Blight and Soil Element.
2005年06期 [126-128][Abstract](1926)[pdf 2179KB](850)
635 Effects of Salicylic Acid on the, Induced Resistance of Japanese Black Pine Seedlings to Pine Wilt Disease
2005年06期 [49-53][Abstract](2043)[pdf 4564KB](863)
636 Selections and Genetic Analysis of Families in Second Generation Orchard of Eucalyptus urophylla
2005年06期 [40-44][Abstract](1927)[pdf 4506KB](827)
637 A Study on Building up Jiangxi Province 1 : 1 000 000 Soil Information System
2005年05期 [106-110][Abstract](2057)[pdf 4513KB](859)
638 Identification of Species from Magnoliaceae via Seeds Morphology
2005年05期 [97-100][Abstract](2144)[pdf 3563KB](1048)
639 Study on Selection of Paternal Cultivars for Nongda No. 1 Chestnut
2005年05期 [94-96][Abstract](1692)[pdf 1981KB](1122)
640 Effects of Aloperine on the Activities of Endogenous Enzymes of Protective System in the Larva of Microelalopha trogloyta
2005年05期 [91-93][Abstract](2189)[pdf 2077KB](1367)
641 Chemical Characteristics of High Content 3-carene Oleoresin from Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis
2005年05期 [85-87][Abstract](1496)[pdf 2254KB](929)
642 Differences of Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Gum Turpentine from Simao Pine
2005年05期 [80-84][Abstract](1699)[pdf 4016KB](819)
643 Comparison of the Sterilizing Activity of Two Chemosterilants Against the Longicorn,Anoplophora glabripennis
2005年05期 [73-76][Abstra