Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2018 04

Advances and frontiers in global forest and harvested wood products carbon science
CHEN Jiaxin1,YANG Hongqiang2,3*
2018 04 [1-8][Article](535)[pdf 1752KB](523)
A evaluation index system of forest carbon sequestration poverty alleviation performance based on the CDM Forest Carbon Sequestration Project
ZENG Weizhong1, CHENG Ying2, YANG Fan1, 3*
2018 04 [9-17][Article](477)[pdf 1401KB](490)
Economic benefit assessment of CCER bamboo forest management carbon sequestration in Anji County based on B-S option pricing model
ZHU Weiqiang1, GU Lei1,2,3*, LI Jia1, SHI Yongjun3, JI Wei1
2018 04 [18-24][Article](441)[pdf 1301KB](461)
Characterization of fiber morphological variation of Pseudosasa japonica var. tsutsumiana and the underlying mechanism
WEI Qiang,GAO Zhipeng, GUO Lin,HU Pei, XIA Sujuan, DING Yulong
2018 04 [25-31][Article](421)[pdf 2633KB](442)
Research on the structure and photosynthetic responses of Phyllostachys glauca spathes during flowering
LIU Guohua, XU Qiang, DING Yulong, LIN Shuyan*
2018 04 [32-38][Article](437)[pdf 3142KB](450)
Point pattern analysis on the distributions of large individuals of four dwarf bamboos
QIN Peng1,3, GU Qi1,2, WANG Shucong1, CAO Junjie1, WANG Fusheng1, SHI Peijian1*
2018 04 [39-45][Article](441)[pdf 2116KB](471)
Model construction and application of forest resource assets key auditcity
MA Renfeng, HOU Bo, DOU Simin, WANG Tengfei
2018 04 [46-52][Article](436)[pdf 1722KB](496)
Effects of changes in land use and cover on carbon storage in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
FAN Lihong1, ZHU Jianhua1,2*, LI Qi1, FENG Yuan1, XIAO Wenfa1,2
2018 04 [53-60][Article](449)[pdf 2610KB](460)
County forest ecological security evaluation and spatial-temporal analysis in Hunan Province
TANG Xu, FENG Yan, WANG Hui, ZHANG Dahong*
2018 04 [61-67][Article](434)[pdf 2911KB](470)
Effects of application of poplar litter and sludge compost on poplar seedling growth in Cd2+-contaminated soil
CAO Li1,3, WANG Genmei1,2*, XU Weili4,PU Huimei1,2, YANG Yuan1,3
2018 04 [68-74][Article](427)[pdf 1576KB](466)
Effects of low molecular weight organic acid on inorganic phosphorus fractions of typical temperate forest soils
CHEN Lixin1, LIANG Weiwei1, DUAN Wenbiao1*, LI Gang1, LI Yifei1, LI Shaoran1, MA Haijuan2
2018 04 [75-82][Article](412)[pdf 1321KB](469)
Application of SNaPshot to detect SNP markers in Eucalyptus
ZHOU Changpin, WENG Qijie, GAN Siming, JI Hongxia, CHEN Shengkan, WANG Li, LI Fagen*
2018 04 [83-88][Article](411)[pdf 1870KB](464)
Computational framework for mapping composite traits
WANG Jing1, ZHU Sheng2, LI Jiahui1, ZHANG Li1, ZHANG Meng1, JIANG Libo1*, HUANG Minren2, WU Rongling1
2018 04 [89-96][Article](417)[pdf 1735KB](472)
SSR association analysis of Eucalyptus camaldulensis wind resistance and growth traits
SHANG Xiuhua, ZHANG Peijian, XIE Yaojian, LUO Jianzhong, LI Chao,WU Zhihua*
2018 04 [97-105][Article](419)[pdf 1402KB](466)
Growth traits variation among families and preliminary selection of superior families in Dalbergia odorifera T. Chen
HONG Zhou1, LIU Fumei2, ZHANG Ningnan1,YANG Zengjiang1,XU Daping1*
2018 04 [106-112][Article](408)[pdf 1306KB](484)
Bioinformatics and expression analysis of BpTCPs in Betula platyphylla Suk.
DONG Jingxiang, REN Li, ZHANG Yuan, YANG Yang, HUANG Haijiao, LI Huiyu*
2018 04 [113-118][Article](419)[pdf 2507KB](473)
Cloning and expression pattern of BpMYB21 from Betula platyphylla Suk.
SUN Lu1, YANG Jie1, WANG Siyao1, LI Xin1, LI Ying1, XU Zhiqiang1, ZHAN Yaguang1,2, YIN Jing1,2*
2018 04 [119-126][Article](432)[pdf 11380KB](266)
Cloning and expression analysis of polygalacturonase gene(BpPG) from Burkholderia pyrrocinia JK-SH007
CHEN Feifei,HUANG Jinsi,WANG Xiyun,LIU Wanhui,YE Jianren*
2018 04 [127-133][Article](426)[pdf 2142KB](482)
Cloud detection technology based on Gaussian mixture model for high-resolution remote sensing imagery
YANG Fan, ZHAO Zengpeng*, ZHANG Lei
2018 04 [134-140][Article](411)[pdf 3968KB](469)
Land use information extraction using multiple features derived from hyperspectral images
LIU Xiaoshuang1, GONG Zhiwen2, WU Jian3
2018 04 [141-147][Article](419)[pdf 2122KB](467)
Characteristic of urban expansion based on CA-SVM model
ZHANG Jie1,2, CAI Yitao2*, YANG Qiang3, HE Liheng3, CAO Xinqing4, HOU Lili2, ZHOU Mo2
2018 04 [148-152][Article](166)[pdf 2268KB](403)
Spatial distribution of arbor forests in Altay Mountains based on Landsat date
ZHANG Jinglu, ZHANG Huifang*, DILIXIATI·Baoerhan, ZHU Yali, LEI Yajun
2018 04 [153-158][Article](158)[pdf 2168KB](400)
Ecological sensitivity analysis of rural natural landscape in the south of Jiangsu Province based on GIS
LIU Lan1,2,TANG Xiaolan1*,XIONG Xing1,DU Juan3,WANG Junwei1
2018 04 [159-164][Article](159)[pdf 1852KB](141)
Application of unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)image automatic stitching in landscape planning based on Agisoft PhotoScan
DAI Tingting, MA Jun, XU Yannan*
2018 04 [165-170][Article](161)[pdf 1908KB](150)
Research progress on in vitro micropropagation of Fagaceae plants
DENG Xiaomei1,2, WU Qiaona1, LI Ruiping1, ZHAO Mengqiu1, LIN Jieying1, XI Ruchun1,2
2018 04 [171-180][Article](159)[pdf 1393KB](240)
Effects of different planting years on soil physical and chemical properties in navel orange orchard
ZHANG Weiling1,2,ZHANG Jinchi1*
2018 04 [181-186][Article](175)[pdf 1558KB](148)
Application of internet of things technology to the design of disaster prevention and refuge function in urban integrated parks
SHI Ying1,2, YE Jienan3, WANG Meng1, FEI Wenjun1*
2018 04 [187-192][Article](150)[pdf 2789KB](159)
Study on leaf nutrient of Camellia oleifera in Jiangxi Province
HU Guozhu1,2, GAO Wei1*, XU Yixin3, GONG Chun1Symbol`@@, NING Boxuan2, XU Linchu1, YANG Funing4
2018 04 [193-197][Article](151)[pdf 1268KB](144)
Distribution of soil organic carbon among different forest types in Wuyanling Nature Reserve
QUAN Wei1, RONG Jiantao1, ZHENG Fangdong2
2018 04 [198--1][Article](168)[pdf 1369KB](159)