Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2018 03

Interpolation optimization of meteorological factors and its correlation analysis with the larch NPP in Heilongjiang Province, China
ZHAO Yinghui, LÜ Hongchen, ZHEN Zhen*, LI Fengri, WEI Qingbin
2018 03 [1-9][Article](1143)[pdf 2717KB](1796)
Modelling outer crown profile for planted Pinus koraiensis and Larix olgensis trees in Heilongjiang Province, China
GAO Huilin, DONG Lihu, LI Fengri*
2018 03 [10-18][Article](359)[pdf 1926KB](408)
Individual tree diameter growth model for Larix olgensis plantation in Heilongjiang Province, China
PENG Wei, LI Fengri, DONG Lihu*
2018 03 [19-27][Article](360)[pdf 1760KB](412)
Modelling individual tree diameter growth for Larix olgensis based on thinning effects
WANG Meng1,2, LI Fengri1*
2018 03 [28-36][Article](366)[pdf 1696KB](394)
Dynamic analysis and original selection of the leaf color of three ornamental crabapple progeny
ZHANG Jing1,PU Jing1, ZHAO Cong1, JIANG Wenlong1, FAN Junjun1, MU Qian1, YANG Yifan1, WANG Zhidong2, ZHANG Wangxiang1,3*
2018 03 [37-44][Article](358)[pdf 2231KB](403)
The construction of fingerprints and genetic diversity analysis of 61 Malus crabapple cultivars based on SSR markers
RONG Hao, HUANG Bin, ZHOU Qi, ZHANG Wangxiang, XU Li'an*
2018 03 [45-50][Article](334)[pdf 1777KB](226)
Optimization of SSR-PCR reaction system and primer sceening in Malus crabapple
HUANG Bin, NI Zhouxian, ZHOU Ting, ZHANG Wangxiang, XU Li'an*
2018 03 [51-57][Article](340)[pdf 1657KB](402)
Suitability test of SSR primer of Sinocalycanthus chinensis and its application in genetic diversity
WU Jing,HUANG Yaohui,DONG Bin,ZHANG Chao,FU Jianxin,ZHOU Lihua,ZHAO Hongbo*
2018 03 [58-66][Article](334)[pdf 1403KB](405)
Statistical analysis of interval mapping with multivariate trait data in forest trees and its application in poplars
LIU Fenxiang1,2,TAO Shentong1,WU Jiyan1,YAO Dan1,TONG Chunfa1*
2018 03 [67-72][Article](362)[pdf 1663KB](237)
Genetic variation analysis and early comprehensive selection of 21 Eucalyptus clones in western Guangdong Province, China
XIE Yini1,MO Xiaoyong1, PENG Shiyao2, DENG Haiyan1, LIU Liting3*
2018 03 [73-80][Article](340)[pdf 1352KB](405)
A study on geographic variation in wood microfibril angle of Cyclocarya paliurus
SUN Daiyan1, YANG Wanxia1,2, LIU Qingliang1, FANG Shengzuo1,2*
2018 03 [81-85][Article](349)[pdf 1541KB](401)
Antioxidant activity of digestive products from three kinds of berry-lotus root complex in vitro
FAN Ziluan1, LIU Yaxin1, YANG Leiyu1, ZHANG Hua2, ZHUO Erpeng1, LI Na1
2018 03 [86-92][Article](360)[pdf 1723KB](390)
Contrastive analysis of volatile components from the pine needles of Pinus taiwanensis and P. massoniana
Contrastive analysis of volatile components from the pine needles of Pinus taiwanensis and P. massoniana
2018 03 [93-98][Article](335)[pdf 1467KB](396)
Influence of light quality and genetype on flavonoid accumulation in the leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus
LIU Yang1, QIN Jian1, ZHOU Mingming1, FANG Shengzuo1,2*, YANG Wanxia1,2, SHANG Xulan1,2
2018 03 [99-104][Article](341)[pdf 1704KB](401)
Photosynthetic characters of seedlings of plant species for afforestation in Zhoushan Island
YE Bo,ZHANG Ling,WANG Guoming
2018 03 [105-110][Article](334)[pdf 1698KB](407)
Study on tissue culture and rapid propagation of Cerasus cerasoides var. cerasoides
ZHANG Fan1, YE Lu1, DONG Jifei1, WAN Xueqin2*, ZHONG Yu2
2018 03 [111-116][Article](340)[pdf 1579KB](402)
The growth response of Pistacia chinensis Bunge containerized seedlings to slow-release fertilizer
SONG Xiehai1,GUO Huanhuan1, LIU Yong1*,HE Guoxin2,XUE Dunmeng2, LI Cheng2
2018 03 [117-122][Article](352)[pdf 1354KB](396)
Effects of NAA on growth and active ingredients in root tuber of Pseudostellaria heterophylla
MA Yingli, SHI Lei, ZHANG Yufeng, GU Hui, WANG Xiaorong, DAI Li, XIE Yinfeng*
2018 03 [123-130][Article](338)[pdf 1412KB](222)
Plant diversity and influencing factors of rocky slope based on net-suspended spray seeding
ZHANG Xin1, HU Haibo1*, WU Qiufang2, MA Bing3
2018 03 [131-138][Article](335)[pdf 1589KB](407)
Study on construction strategy of storm water management in hilly land based on resilience theory
MA Kun, TANG Xiaolan*, REN Yujie, GE Yipu, DENG Mian
2018 03 [139-145][Article](326)[pdf 3957KB](225)
Analysis on forestry carbon tax in the application of deforestation management based on CGE model
DING Sheng, ZHU Tianjin, ZHAO Qingjian*, YANG Hui
2018 03 [146-152][Article](181)[pdf 1480KB](162)
Effects of common urban tree species on vertical distribution of soil carbon & nitrogen and organic carbon storage
YUAN Zaixiang1, JIN Xuemei1, ZHAI Kaiyan1, CHEN Bin1, GUAN Qingwei1*, XU Jianfeng2
2018 03 [153-158][Article](169)[pdf 1371KB](360)
Research advances and molecular mechanism on SPL transcription factors in regulating plant flower development
TIAN Jing, ZHAO Xueyuan, XIE Longsheng, QUAN Jinyi, YAO Lianmei, WANG Guodong, ZHENG Yaoqang, LIU Xuemei*
2018 03 [159-166][Article](187)[pdf 1502KB](180)
Review of global soil and water conservation in last ten years
CHEN Zhuoxin1,2, ZHANG Jinchi2*
2018 03 [167-174][Article](164)[pdf 2468KB](168)
Feasibility analysis of the function structure and spatial layout of green space for urban park in disaster
YE Jienan1, WANG Hao2
2018 03 [175-181][Article](165)[pdf 2120KB](166)
Influences of grassland degradation on soil saturated moisture content in the Three-River Headwaters Region
WU Dan1, CAO Wei2, SHAO Quanqin2*, ZHAO Zhiping3
2018 03 [182-186][Article](158)[pdf 3091KB](163)
Spatio-temporal distribution characteristics of mammals investigated using infrared camera traps in Wolong Nature Reserve
HOU Jin1, YANG Jian2, LI Yujie1, HUANG Jinyan3, LIU Dian3, ZHANG Jindong1*
2018 03 [187-192][Article](170)[pdf 1635KB](168)
Effects of thinning on nitrogen contents and enzyme activities of rhizosphere soil in Pinus massoniana plantations
YE Yuqian, ZHAO Jiahao, LIU Chang, GUAN Qingwei*
2018 03 [193-198][Article](166)[pdf 1330KB](168)
Textual research and taxonomic treatment of the name Cercis gigantea Cheng et Keng f.
XIANG Min1, DUAN Yifan2, XIANG Qibai2
2018 03 [204-206][Article](188)[pdf 2166KB](180)