Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2003 04

2003 04 [1-1][Article][PDF: 332 KB]
Fermentation of Ethanol by Immobilized Cells of Manganese Alginate
SONG Xiangyang1,XU Yong1,YANG Fuguo2,YONG Qiang1,YU Shiyuan1
2003 04 [1-4][Article][PDF: 575 KB]
Effects of Water and Heat Stress on the Seedling Height Growth and Biomass of Five Trees
YU Fangyuan1,XU Xizeng1,Robert D.Guy2
2003 04 [10-14][Article][PDF: 686 KB]
Comparative Effects of Different Acacia Rhizobia Inoculated on Acacia crassicarpa Seedlings
Lü Chengqun1,2,HUANG Baoling2,WEI Yuanlian2,YE Jianren1,WU Bo2
2003 04 [15-18][Article][PDF: 580 KB]
A Study on Synthesis and Structure of Rosin Benzyl Ester Polymer
LEI Fuhou1,2 ,LAN Hongyun2,HUANG Daozhan2,AN Xinnan1*
2003 04 [19-22][Article][PDF: 454 KB]
The Characteristics of Photosynthesis of Slash Pine in Different Type of Mixed Forests
TAN Fanglin1,2,XUE Jianhui1,ZHANG Shuisong2,LIN Wuxing2,FU Zhonghua2
2003 04 [35-38][Article][PDF: 516 KB]
Effects of Ectomycorrhizae on Growth and Resistance of Poplar
LIANG Jun,ZHANG Ying,JIA Xiuzhen,L Quan,ZHANG Xingyao
2003 04 [39-43][Article][PDF: 768 KB]
A Study on Character Variation of the P.occidentalis L. Seed Source at Seedling Stage
FANG Lejin1,SHI Jisen2,HE Zhenxiang2
2003 04 [44-46][Article][PDF: 430 KB]
Effects of Planting Densities and Growing Media on the Growth and Development of Miniature Rose(Rosa hybrida ’Miniature Pink’)
WANG Guoliang1,WANG Youliang1,ZONG Lianggang2,LI Xiaozheng2
2003 04 [47-50][Article][PDF: 607 KB]
The way of Rhizobia Invading Locust
HAN Sufen,LIN Shuyan,ZHENG Fuqiang
2003 04 [59-61][Article][PDF: 410 KB]
The Negative-effect Disciplinarian of Popular Shelter Forest Belts on Wheat Output in Xuhuai Plain Area
SUN Guoji1,ZHANG Jinchi1*,WANG Zhi2,HUANG Xiayin3
2003 04 [67-71][Article][PDF: 677 KB]
Genetic Diversity of Dianthus chinensis L.and D.caryophyllus L.with RAPD
WU Wen1,CAI Youming2 ,ZOU Huiyu1,HUANG Minren1*
2003 04 [72-74][Article][PDF: 389 KB]
Variation of Fibre Wall Thickness During the Moso Bamboo’s Aging
XU Bin,JIANG Shenxue,ZHANG Qisheng
2003 04 [75-77][Article][PDF: 390 KB]
The Variation of Aero-anion Concentration on Landscape Forest
WU Jiyou1,CHENG Zhenghong1,LONG Yingzhong1,TONG Fangping1,SONG Qingan1,LIU Yunguo2
2003 04 [78-80][Article][PDF: 399 KB]
Air Environmental Quality Assessment of the Main Types of Greenland in Yichang City
LIU Xuequan1,TANG Wanpeng1,ZHOU Zhixiang2,CHEN Yiqun1,HU Xingyi1,SHAO Tianyi2
2003 04 [81-84][Article][PDF: 557 KB]
A Study on Ash and Silica Content of Surinam’s Commercial Hardwoods
ZHANG Yaoli1,XU Yongji1,CHENG Yafei2
2003 04 [85-86][Article][PDF: 335 KB]
Forest Ecosystem Management and Its Relationship with Traditional Forest Management
YANG Xuemin1,2,JIANG Zhilin1*
2003 04 [91-94][Article][PDF: 695 KB]