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Prospection on some topics of forest genetic improvement through modern biotechnology for the next-ten-years in China
SHI Jisen
Key Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Biotechnology Ministry of Education, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
tree biotechnology tree genomics wood formationtree stem cell pathway genetic modification GEI
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The strategies for forest genetic improvement will be greatly impacted by the new nextgeneration genomic sequencing and the genetic consequences of manmade changes on genetic composition of forest populations, in the new ears of postgenomics. And here, we discussed on some topics for tree genomics, wood production and quantities genetic improvement, research on tree stem cell biology and molecular breeding, new aims and technologies of genetic transformation, breeding for ideal tree form structure and geneticenvironmental interaction management. And I highlighted that the manmade negative impacts on genetic composition of forest population should not be neglected, and the pilot genome sequencing program should be setup on native coniferous species in China.


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