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1 Effects of Salix saposhnikovii on removal efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage intermittently running through wetland surface
王天乐1,孔 进2,刘茂松1*
2019年03期 [200-204][Abstract](291)[pdf 1444KB](318)
2 Effect of biological shading on secondary metabolism of ginkgo seedlings
2019年03期 [189-194][Abstract](306)[pdf 1850KB](317)
3 Physiological response of blueberry roots to Mn2+ stress in soil
2019年03期 [169-174][Abstract](314)[pdf 1724KB](326)
4 The growth and fruiting characteristics of ‘Zhaixuan’ blueberry strains in Nanjing
赵慧芳1,闾连飞1,姚 蓓1,吴文龙1Symbolj@@,李维林2*
2019年03期 [163-168][Abstract](311)[pdf 1443KB](301)
5 An observation on three highbush blueberry cultivars cultivated in Nanjing
2019年03期 [157-162][Abstract](311)[pdf 1357KB](418)
6 Anti-inflammatory activity of polyphenol extracts from blueberry fruit
姚 蓓1,赵慧芳1,吴文龙1*,李维林1,2*
2019年03期 [152-156][Abstract](347)[pdf 1478KB](365)
7 Social network analysis of dominance behavior and social structure of Crossoptilon crossoptilon in breeding season
石树敏1,王 楠1*,李扎西姐2
2019年03期 [137-144][Abstract](302)[pdf 1804KB](354)
8 Agglomeration, coagglomeration and labor productivity effects of wood processing industry
2019年03期 [131-136][Abstract](277)[pdf 1424KB](364)
9 Ecological security dynamics and trend forecast of coastal wetlands in Hangzhou Bay
李 楠1,2,李龙伟2,陆灯盛2,3,张银龙1*,吴 明4
2019年03期 [107-115][Abstract](323)[pdf 1472KB](361)
10 Recognition of red-attack pine trees from UAV imagery based on the HSV threshold method
陶 欢1,李存军1*,谢春春2,周静平1,淮贺举1,蒋丽雅3,李凤涛2
2019年03期 [99-106][Abstract](308)[pdf 4121KB](216)
11 Monitoring and analysis of county-level vegetation cover change in Changting, Fujian based on remote sensing images
胡 鸿1,2,许延丽3,鞠洪波1 ,孙志超2
2019年03期 [92-98][Abstract](343)[pdf 5564KB](229)
12 Influence of roof greening substrate materials on nitrogen and phosphorus characteristics in rainfall runoff
席梦涵1,4,郑思俊2,3,张青萍1*,张 浪1,2,3*
2019年03期 [77-84][Abstract](315)[pdf 1708KB](354)
13 Structure characteristics of Pinus massoniana secondary forest in the Three Gorges Reservoir area
胡文杰1,崔鸿侠1,王晓荣1,雷静品2,潘 磊1*,唐万鹏1,庞宏东1,袁秀锦2
2019年03期 [67-76][Abstract](329)[pdf 1666KB](422)
14 Research on the response of SaWRKY7 gene to cadmium stress in Sedum alfredii Hance
王 影1,2,邱文敏2,李 鹤2,贺雪莲2,刘明英2,韩小娇2,曲同宝1*,卓仁英2*
2019年03期 [59-66][Abstract](299)[pdf 4180KB](209)
15 Transpiration characteristics and influencing factors of the dominant species of Machilus microcarpa in Maolan Karst forest
李成龙1,刘延惠2,丁访军2*, 舒德远2,崔迎春2, 赵文君2,侯贻菊2,吴 鹏2
2019年03期 [51-58][Abstract](328)[pdf 1794KB](349)
16 Breeding system and pollination biology of Paeonia ostii T. Hong & J. X. Zhang
罗长维1,陈 友1, 张 涛2
2019年03期 [37-44][Abstract](325)[pdf 1878KB](377)
17 Transcriptome analysis of differentially expressed genes in Reaumuria soongorica seeds germination under NaCl stress
2019年03期 [28-36][Abstract](357)[pdf 3212KB](220)
18 Spatial distribution pattern and sampling technique of Sphecodoptera sheni larvae on Carya illinoinensis
刘凯舟1,曹 霞1,2,巨云为1*,翟 敏3,严晓茹1,王笑石1,周际丰1
2019年03期 [23-27][Abstract](326)[pdf 1326KB](333)
19 Prediction of secretory protein in walnut bacterial black spot pathogen
2019年03期 [17-22][Abstract](356)[pdf 1659KB](325)
20 The effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi on the growth of mulberry in different nursery substrates
黄小辉1,2 ,陈道静1 ,冯大兰1*
2019年03期 [9-16][Abstract](376)[pdf 5375KB](397)
21 The karyotype and FISH analysis of 45S and 5S rDNA on the chromosomes of Phyllostachys edulis and Phyllostachys edulis ‘Pachyloen'
2019年02期 [203-208][Abstract](614)[pdf 1863KB](337)
22 Niche characteristics of a salinized Phragmites communis meadow in a wetland of West Lake, Dunhuang, Gansu Province
张继强1,2,陈文业1,2*,谈嫣蓉1,2,刘冬皓1,2,袁海峰3,王斌杰1,2,刘鸿源1,陈 旭3
2019年02期 [191-196][Abstract](583)[pdf 1345KB](333)
23 Assessing changes in forest coverage and forest fragmentation patterns in Yunnan Province from time series MODIS-VCF products(2000-2016)
2019年02期 [184-190][Abstract](872)[pdf 2354KB](362)
24 Review on seed dormancy of Pinus bungeana Zucc.
2019年02期 [175-183][Abstract](610)[pdf 1413KB](394)
25 Geographical variation and genetic stability of seedling traits of Dalbergia cochinchinensis from different provenances
麦宝莹1,2,洪 舟1*,徐大平1,罗明道 1,2,张宁南1,黄锡钊2
2019年02期 [168-174][Abstract](621)[pdf 1501KB](457)
26 Early stage analysis on growth and wood properties of five provenances for Pterocarpus macrocarpus from Thailand
洪 舟1,刘福妹2,杨曾奖1,曾 杰1,张宁南1,林国雄3,徐大平1*
2019年02期 [161-167][Abstract](761)[pdf 1389KB](338)
27 Variation of seed germination and seedling growth among different families of Dalbergia cochinchinensis
麦宝莹1,2,洪 舟1*,徐大平1,罗明道 1,2,张宁南1,黄锡钊2
2019年02期 [153-160][Abstract](642)[pdf 1425KB](344)
28 Studies on the spatial and temporal dynamics of forest fires in Inner Mongolia from 1980 to 2015
萨如拉1,周 庆1,刘鑫晔1,李 靖1,于宏洲2,代海燕3,张秋良1,张 恒1*
29 Assessment of ecological benefit of street trees in urban community based on i-Tree model
熊金鑫1,祁慧君1,王倩茹1,汪倩如1,王少华1,左文涛3,孙 圆1,2*
2019年02期 [128-136][Abstract](607)[pdf 1869KB](444)
30 Effects of rainfall and slope gradient on runoff and sediment yield of subgrade slope
王保一1,张荣华2*,荆莎莎2,李 欢3,张春强3,黎家作3, 宋媛媛1,罗梦琦1,张光灿2
2019年02期 [114-120][Abstract](705)[pdf 1454KB](385)
31 Influence of forest canopy shape on windbreak variables using a fluid simulation technique
黄 笑1,云 挺1*,薛联凤1,胡春华1,陈帮乾2
2019年02期 [107-113][Abstract](609)[pdf 2981KB](371)
32 Drought resistance analysis of a V-ATPase c subunit(JrVHAc4)gene from Juglans regia
李大培1, 2, 王 艺1, 张尚昆1, 赵 翔1, 2, 赵焕元1, 2, 刘玉梅1, 2, 杨桂燕1, 2*
2019年02期 [79-85][Abstract](575)[pdf 1699KB](341)
33 The relative importance of denitrification and dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in sediments under Cd stress in Chongming Dongtan wetlands
陈 圆1,2,徐传红1,韩建刚2,3*
2019年02期 [64-72][Abstract](610)[pdf 1972KB](341)
34 Mechanism of dissolved organic carbon adsorption in soils under different poplar plantation management patterns
2019年02期 [55-63][Abstract](684)[pdf 1587KB](372)
35 Environment-dependent phenotypic variation of Osmanthus fragrans
郑孙元1,朱 弘1,金思雨2,王梦娟2,孙 杰2,谷诚诚2, 裴引祎2,王贤荣1*,段一凡1*
2019年02期 [38-46][Abstract](803)[pdf 1879KB](345)
36 Effects of substrates and rooting regulators on rooting of cuttings in Manglietia conifera Dandy
赵 翔1,2,李清莹1,姜清彬1*,仲崇禄1,张 捷3
2019年02期 [23-30][Abstract](704)[pdf 2292KB](359)
37 Genetic variations of seedling growth traits among full-sib families of Larix kaempferi
2019年02期 [14-22][Abstract](677)[pdf 1373KB](348)
38 Anther development and floral morphology characteristics of Bambusa oldhami ‘Xia Zao' ZSX
2019年02期 [7-13][Abstract](713)[pdf 3336KB](401)
39 Effects of biochar application on microbial biomass C, N, P and stoichiometry characteristics of poplar plantation soil
王国兵1, 王 瑞1, 徐 瑾1, 曹国华2, 阮宏华1
2019年02期 [1-6][Abstract](2417)[pdf 1503KB](1113)
40 Cytological observation on pollen development of the male sterile poplar variety
刘望舒1,韩林芝2,朱 嵊3,潘惠新1*
2019年01期 [198-203][Abstract](709)[pdf 3281KB](613)
41 Study on the characters of improving saline soil using rice husk charcoal
王 潇1,2,胡海波1,2*,施海新3
2019年01期 [193-197][Abstract](657)[pdf 1306KB](481)
42 The biological effects of 60Co-γ rays on Freesia refracta
刘 玲1,王 丹1*,黎熠睿1,闵可怜1,陈 敏1,张继文1,邓善文1,黎 青2,向 毅2,李建伟2,
2019年01期 [186-192][Abstract](603)[pdf 2987KB](376)
43 Soil carbon density and C/N distribution of seven forest types in Wuyanling Nature Reserve, Zhejiang Province
权 伟1,郑方东2,戎建涛1
2019年01期 [175-180][Abstract](801)[pdf 1441KB](490)
44 Investigation of forest true bugs(Hemiptera: Heteroptera)from Shanghai area
高翠青1,王美娜2,王 焱3,张岳峰3,郝德君1 *
2019年01期 [167-174][Abstract](762)[pdf 2754KB](484)
45 Review on combined electrokinetic and phytoremediation technology for soil contaminated by heavy metal
魏树和1,徐 雷1,2,韩 冉1,2,窦薛楷1,2,杨 微1,2
2019年01期 [154-160][Abstract](756)[pdf 1382KB](577)
46 Anatomical structure characteristics of blackberry fruits with differential firmness during ripening
2019年01期 [149-153][Abstract](814)[pdf 3517KB](461)
47 CAD enzyme activity and gene expression in connection with lignin synthesis during fruit development and ripening process of blackberry
2019年01期 [141-148][Abstract](815)[pdf 2521KB](434)
48 Comprehensive evaluation of five blackberry hybrid strains by analytic hierarchy process(AHP)
2019年01期 [135-140][Abstract](781)[pdf 1365KB](568)
49 The beauty degree of forest facies and its optimal color composition pattern in the southwest Zhejiang Province in autumn
王贤广1,2,王峥嵘1,2,何小勇2,练发良2,洪 震2,王军锋2,杜有新2,唐 丽1*
2019年01期 [118-126][Abstract](638)[pdf 1382KB](534)
50 Effect of soil moisture on yield and quality of Guizhou small-leaved Kuding tea(Ligustrum robustum)
2019年01期 [111-117][Abstract](658)[pdf 1369KB](507)
51 Carbon storage and carbon sequestration potential based on forest inventory data in Jiangxi Province, China
2019年01期 [105-110][Abstract](673)[pdf 1661KB](486)
52 Water source of Salix cheilophila plantation in alpine sandy land in summer
朱雅娟1,齐 凯1,庞志勇2
2019年01期 [91-97][Abstract](641)[pdf 1601KB](440)
53 Effects of slow-release fertilizer rate on the quality of Quercus aliena container seedlings
2019年01期 [69-75][Abstract](790)[pdf 1606KB](457)
54 Effect of density regulation on growth of Mytilaria laosensis plantation with middle age
唐继新1,2,贾宏炎1,王 科3,曾 冀1,郑 路1,王亚南1,杨保国1
2019年01期 [45-53][Abstract](876)[pdf 1580KB](703)
55 Analysis and evaluation on flower color characteristics of the Malus ‘Purple Prince' half-sib progenies
浦 静1,张 晶1,赵 聪1,范俊俊1,姜文龙1,张往祥1,2,王改萍1*
2019年01期 [18-24][Abstract](761)[pdf 1750KB](626)
56 Effects of different inbreeding levels on seed characteristics and growth of slash pine
2019年01期 [9-17][Abstract](982)[pdf 1441KB](481)
57 Comprehensive index selection on superior growth and wood properties of Eucalyptus cloeziana for saw timber
李昌荣1,陈健波1,郭东强1,翁启杰2,卢翠香1,李建凡3,周 维1*,甘四明2*
2019年01期 [1-8][Abstract](2986)[pdf 1388KB](2086)
58 Genetic diversity analysis and fingerprint construction of fig(Ficus carica Linn.)cultivars by SSR markers
孙岩啸1,王贤荣1*,孙 蕾2,贾 明2
2018年06期 [197-202][Abstract](823)[pdf 1693KB](409)
59 Review on emission from biomass combustion
罗碧珍1,罗斯生1,魏书精1,2,孙 龙1,胡海清1*
2018年06期 [191-196][Abstract](895)[pdf 1405KB](543)
60 Preparation and stability of avermectin-loaded ethylcellulose
2018年06期 [186-190][Abstract](685)[pdf 1577KB](446)
61 Comparison of chemical constituents in volatile compounds from leaves of five Thuja species
倪妍妍1,2,张玉婷1,刘建锋1*,肖文发2,黄跃宁1,姚 宁1,胡 军3
2018年06期 [179-185][Abstract](784)[pdf 2109KB](377)
62 A study on the application of low impact development of green roof in large underground buildings based on SWMM
刘志峰1,陈 晨2
2018年06期 [165-173][Abstract](631)[pdf 2031KB](483)
63 Experimental study on thermal insulation performance of green roof in hot summer and cold winter area
2018年06期 [159-164][Abstract](667)[pdf 2438KB](405)
64 Isolation, screening and identification of endophytic bacteria from Cinnamomum camphora that promote growth and antagonistic pathogen
陆蓝翔1,江明明1,王 焱2,张岳峰2,张洪良2,叶建仁1*
2018年06期 [128-136][Abstract](811)[pdf 3309KB](396)
65 Characteristics of the avian communities in the natural wetland and artificially restored wetland in Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai
曹 牧1,蒋劭妍2,陈婷媛3,陈韡玭3,汤臣栋3,景晓玮2,薛建辉1*
2018年06期 [113-120][Abstract](819)[pdf 2452KB](370)
66 Effects of altitude change on soil organic carbon fractions in Pinus taiwanensis and broad-leaved mixed forest
2018年06期 [106-112][Abstract](927)[pdf 1714KB](439)
67 The impact of urban heat island of Landsat 8 OLI on plant phenology in Nanjing
2018年06期 [99-105][Abstract](827)[pdf 3844KB](417)
68 Multiple trees contour extraction method based on Graph Cut algorithm
2018年06期 [91-98][Abstract](835)[pdf 3570KB](386)
69 Spatial distribution pattern and interspecific association of dominant tree species in a broad-leaved mixed forest on Zijin Mountain
陈 霞1, 2,袁在翔2,金雪梅1,朱 军1,徐海兵1,赵 宸1,陈 斌2,关庆伟2*
2018年06期 [84-90][Abstract](752)[pdf 1651KB](408)
70 Response of radial growth of Larix chinensis to climatic factors in Aoshan Mountain of the Qinling Mountains, China
闫伯前1,林万众1,刘琪璟2 ,于 健2*
2018年06期 [61-67][Abstract](771)[pdf 1999KB](424)
71 Separation analysis and mixed genetic analysis of phenotypic traits in F1 progenies of tree peony
张 琳1,郭丽丽1,郭大龙2,侯小改1*
2018年06期 [51-60][Abstract](762)[pdf 3170KB](380)
72 Effects of drought stress and rewatering on physiological indexes of four Paeonia lactiflora cultivars and evaluation of their drought resistance
常青山1,张利霞2*,王建章3,王 梓1,徐少君1,康 璐1,严俊驿1,杨梦浩1,赵一凡1, 刘 杨1
2018年06期 [44-50][Abstract](712)[pdf 2219KB](401)
73 The effects of methyl jasmonic acid on leaf antioxidative capacity of Ilex verticillata L. seedlings under drought and re-watering
陈燕琼1,2,沈 1,2,范佳露1,3,陈 茜1,2,许欣玥1,3,张 迪1,3,钱 钢1,3,陈 颖1,2*
2018年06期 [35-43][Abstract](822)[pdf 2029KB](441)
74 Tissue specificity and hormone induced expression of three cytochrome P450 genes from Betula platyphylla Suk
杨 杰1,孙 璐1,王思瑶1,李 影1,翟 睿1,林香雨1,詹亚光1,2,尹 静1*
2018年06期 [27-34][Abstract](834)[pdf 2529KB](532)
75 Genetic variation in growth and wood properties for southern type poplar clones
吕 义1,2,刘 扬1,2,方升佐1,2*,田 野1,2,徐锡增2
2018年06期 [20-26][Abstract](948)[pdf 1522KB](455)
76 The characteristics of bamboo charcoal pyrolyzed from moso bamboo culms in 14 bamboo producing areas in China
刘国华1,方 正1,郑 笑1,范婷婷1,高佳伟1,王福升1,张金池2*
2018年06期 [13-19][Abstract](773)[pdf 2904KB](419)
77 Comparison of cell morphology of moso bamboo fibers from fifteen main producing regions in China
陈 铭1,2,郭 琳1,2,郑 笑1,2,姜明云1,2,王 茹1,2,丁雨龙1,2,高志民3,魏 强1,2*
2018年06期 [7-12][Abstract](901)[pdf 2867KB](453)
78 Research on inflorescence establishment and revision of inflorescence type in bamboo plants
林树燕1,2,万雅雯1,2,3,傅华君1,2,3,张 莉1,2,3,姜明云1,2,3,尹增芳1,3,丁雨龙1,2*
2018年06期 [1-6][Abstract](2169)[pdf 2457KB](1275)
79 Preparation and antiseptic properties of poplar fiber /Si-B composite materials
陈继超1,姜维娜2,曹文静1,周徐亮2,周晓燕3,徐 莉1,4*
2018年05期 [206-210][Abstract](771)[pdf 1988KB](418)
80 Estimation of genome size of two Acer Linn. by flow cytometry
马秋月1,李淑顺1,马 骧2,闻 婧1,朱 璐1,唐 玲1,黎 瑞1,郭 伟3,李倩中1*
2018年05期 [201-205][Abstract](685)[pdf 1596KB](517)
81 Changes of genetic gain & genetic diversity in the breeding process of Pinus massoniana
2018年05期 [196-200][Abstract](833)[pdf 1287KB](429)
82 Suitability of band width for Hyperion image classification based on wavelet analysis
2018年05期 [141-147][Abstract](630)[pdf 2259KB](410)
83 Improved model of canopy shading for fruit tree
2018年05期 [135-140][Abstract](621)[pdf 2439KB](373)
84 A comparative analysis of volatile components of Phoebe hui Cheng ex Yang
王天石1,宁莉萍1,2*,熊 燕1,陈颐萱1,李嘉诚1,丁 文1
2018年05期 [129-134][Abstract](692)[pdf 1415KB](473)
85 Effects of dams and landscape on river water quality: a case study in Suo River
牛宇琛1,孔 进2,王 薇1,喜文娟1,芮正琴1,刘茂松1*
2018年05期 [107-112][Abstract](734)[pdf 1925KB](420)
86 Study on the composition and stability of soil aggregates of the main forest stands in Fengyang Mountain, Zhejiang Province
2018年05期 [84-90][Abstract](678)[pdf 1458KB](432)
87 Study on function of cathepsin bmcath1 in Bursaphelenchus mucronatus using method of RNA interference
潘妍毅1,2,黄 麟1,吴小芹1*
2018年05期 [65-70][Abstract](793)[pdf 1910KB](425)
88 Effects of planting densities on tree growth and wood quality of 25-year-old Liriodendron chinense plantations
潘文婷1,夏 莘2,夏良放2,孙建军1,武晓玉1,余良富1,厉月桥1*
2018年05期 [46-52][Abstract](881)[pdf 1402KB](479)
89 Tissue culture and rapid propagation of sterile seedling of Camellia nitidissima C. W. Chi hybrid germplasm
吴丽君1,高 楠1,陈 达1,陈文荣2
2018年05期 [32-38][Abstract](801)[pdf 2294KB](389)
90 Effects of formula fertilization on leaf nutrient dynamics and yield of Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn.
2018年05期 [17-24][Abstract](908)[pdf 1427KB](534)
91 Distribution of soil organic carbon among different forest types in Wuyanling Nature Reserve
权 伟1,戎建涛1,郑方东2
2018年04期 [198--1][Abstract](1047)[pdf 1369KB](732)
92 Study on leaf nutrient of Camellia oleifera in Jiangxi Province
胡国珠1,2,高 伟1*, 许怡欣3,龚 春1,宁博轩2, 徐林初1, 杨馥宁4
2018年04期 [193-197][Abstract](1159)[pdf 1268KB](759)
93 Application of internet of things technology to the design of disaster prevention and refuge function in urban integrated parks
史 莹1,2,叶洁楠3,王 梦1,费文君1*
2018年04期 [187-192][Abstract](1093)[pdf 2789KB](882)
94 Effects of different planting years on soil physical and chemical properties in navel orange orchard
2018年04期 [181-186][Abstract](1278)[pdf 1558KB](691)
95 Research progress on in vitro micropropagation of Fagaceae plants
邓小梅1,2, 吴乔娜1,李蕊萍1,赵梦秋1,林洁莹1,奚如春1,2
2018年04期 [171-180][Abstract](1438)[pdf 1393KB](944)
96 Ecological sensitivity analysis of rural natural landscape in the south of Jiangsu Province based on GIS
刘 澜1,2,唐晓岚1*,熊 星1,杜 娟3,王军围1
2018年04期 [159-164][Abstract](1364)[pdf 1852KB](737)
97 Characteristic of urban expansion based on CA-SVM model
张 洁1,2,蔡逸涛2*,杨 强3,何立恒3,曹新晴4,侯莉莉2,周 墨2
2018年04期 [148-152][Abstract](1330)[pdf 2268KB](1328)
98 Land use information extraction using multiple features derived from hyperspectral images
刘晓双1,龚直文2,吴 见3
2018年04期 [141-147][Abstract](1711)[pdf 2122KB](1619)
99 Cloning and expression pattern of BpMYB21 from Betula platyphylla Suk.
孙 璐1,杨 杰1,王思瑶1,李 欣1,李 影1,徐志强1,詹亚光1,2,尹 静1,2*
2018年04期 [119-126][Abstract](1707)[pdf 11380KB](1032)
100 Growth traits variation among families and preliminary selection of superior families in Dalbergia odorifera T. Chen
洪 舟1,刘福妹2,张宁南1,杨曾奖1,徐大平1*
2018年04期 [106-112][Abstract](1841)[pdf 1306KB](1133)
101 Computational framework for mapping composite traits
王 静1,朱 嵊2,李佳慧1,张 丽1,张 萌1,姜立波1*,黄敏仁2,邬荣领1
2018年04期 [89-96][Abstract](1767)[pdf 1735KB](1379)
102 Effects of low molecular weight organic acid on inorganic phosphorus fractions of typical temperate forest soils
陈立新1,梁薇薇1,段文标1*,李 刚1,李亦菲1,李少然1,马海娟2
2018年04期 [75-82][Abstract](1500)[pdf 1321KB](1217)
103 Effects of application of poplar litter and sludge compost on poplar seedling growth in Cd2+-contaminated soil
曹 莉1,3,王艮梅1,2*,续卫利4,普慧梅1,2,杨 园1,3
2018年04期 [68-74][Abstract](1622)[pdf 1576KB](1114)
104 Effects of changes in land use and cover on carbon storage in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
范立红1,朱建华1,2*,李 奇1,冯 源1,肖文发1,2
2018年04期 [53-60][Abstract](1731)[pdf 2610KB](1400)
105 Point pattern analysis on the distributions of large individuals of four dwarf bamboos
秦 鹏1,3, 顾 琪1,2, 王舒悰1, 曹俊杰1, 王福升1, 时培建1*
2018年04期 [39-45][Abstract](1784)[pdf 2116KB](1435)
106 Economic benefit assessment of CCER bamboo forest management carbon sequestration in Anji County based on B-S option pricing model
朱玮强1,顾 蕾1,2,3*,李 佳1,施拥军3,计 薇1
2018年04期 [18-24][Abstract](1615)[pdf 1301KB](1148)
107 A evaluation index system of forest carbon sequestration poverty alleviation performance based on the CDM Forest Carbon Sequestration Project
曾维忠1,成 蓥2,杨 帆1, 3*
2018年04期 [9-17][Abstract](1783)[pdf 1401KB](1269)
108 Advances and frontiers in global forest and harvested wood products carbon science
陈家新1,杨红强2, 3*
2018年04期 [1-8][Abstract](4092)[pdf 1752KB](2956)
109 Textual research and taxonomic treatment of the name Cercis gigantea Cheng et Keng f.
向 民1, 段一凡2, 向其柏2
2018年03期 [204-206][Abstract](1347)[pdf 2166KB](713)
110 The germination and fertilization of Pinus kesiya grafting
唐瀛洲1, 唐红燕2*
2018年03期 [199-203][Abstract](742)[pdf 1398KB](377)
111 Spatio-temporal distribution characteristics of mammals investigated using infrared camera traps in Wolong Nature Reserve
侯 金1,杨 建2,李玉杰1,黄金燕3,刘 巅3,张晋东1*
2018年03期 [187-192][Abstract](1295)[pdf 1635KB](788)
112 Influences of grassland degradation on soil saturated moisture content in the Three-River Headwaters Region
吴 丹1,曹 巍2,邵全琴2*,赵志平3
2018年03期 [182-186][Abstract](1104)[pdf 3091KB](758)
113 Feasibility analysis of the function structure and spatial layout of green space for urban park in disaster
叶洁楠1,王 浩2
2018年03期 [175-181][Abstract](1189)[pdf 2120KB](819)
114 Review of global soil and water conservation in last ten years
2018年03期 [167-174][Abstract](1421)[pdf 2468KB](824)
115 Effects of common urban tree species on vertical distribution of soil carbon & nitrogen and organic carbon storage
袁在翔1,金雪梅1,翟凯燕1,陈 斌1,关庆伟1*,徐建峰2
2018年03期 [153-158][Abstract](1090)[pdf 1371KB](1339)
116 Plant diversity and influencing factors of rocky slope based on net-suspended spray seeding
张 鑫1,胡海波1*,吴秋芳2,马 冰3
2018年03期 [131-138][Abstract](1602)[pdf 1589KB](1332)
117 The growth response of Pistacia chinensis Bunge containerized seedlings to slow-release fertilizer
宋协海1,郭欢欢1,刘 勇1*,贺国鑫2,薛敦孟2,李 成2
2018年03期 [117-122][Abstract](1639)[pdf 1354KB](1388)
118 Study on tissue culture and rapid propagation of Cerasus cerasoides var. cerasoides
张 帆1,叶 露1,董姬妃1,万雪琴2*,钟 宇2
2018年03期 [111-116][Abstract](1751)[pdf 1579KB](1168)
119 Influence of light quality and genetype on flavonoid accumulation in the leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus
刘 洋1,秦 健1,周明明1,方升佐1, 2*,杨万霞1, 2,尚旭岚1, 2
2018年03期 [99-104][Abstract](1872)[pdf 1704KB](1207)
120 Contrastive analysis of volatile components from the pine needles of Pinus taiwanensis and P. massoniana
2018年03期 [93-98][Abstract](1958)[pdf 1467KB](1341)
121 Antioxidant activity of digestive products from three kinds of berry-lotus root complex in vitro
樊梓鸾1, 柳雅馨1,杨蕾玉1,张 华2, 绰尔鹏1, 李 娜1
2018年03期 [86-92][Abstract](1790)[pdf 1723KB](1387)
122 A study on geographic variation in wood microfibril angle of Cyclocarya paliurus
2018年03期 [81-85][Abstract](1848)[pdf 1541KB](1390)
123 Genetic variation analysis and early comprehensive selection of 21 Eucalyptus clones in western Guangdong Province, China
2018年03期 [73-80][Abstract](1846)[pdf 1352KB](1225)
124 Statistical analysis of interval mapping with multivariate trait data in forest trees and its application in poplars
刘粉香1,2,陶申童1,吴吉妍1,姚 丹1,童春发1*
2018年03期 [67-72][Abstract](1869)[pdf 1663KB](949)
125 Dynamic analysis and original selection of the leaf color of three ornamental crabapple progeny
张 晶1,浦 静1,赵 聪1,姜文龙1,范俊俊1, 穆 茜1,杨祎凡1,王志东2,张往祥1,3*
2018年03期 [37-44][Abstract](2058)[pdf 2231KB](1387)
126 Histo-cytological observation on the graft union formation in Carya illinoinensis
兖 攀1,彭方仁1*,张 瑞1,曹明闽1,翟 敏2,刘壮壮1
2018年02期 [202-206][Abstract](830)[pdf 2638KB](480)
127 Morphological and cellular characterization of rhizome development of Phyllostachys edulis ‘Pachyloen'and Phyllostachys edulis
魏 强1 ,高志鹏1 ,陈 铭1 ,曹俊杰1 ,郭 琳1 ,于 芬2,杨光耀2,丁雨龙1*
2018年02期 [197-201][Abstract](1031)[pdf 3616KB](511)
128 Advances on impact of climate change on ecosystem services
韩会庆1,张娇艳2*,马 庚1,张新鼎1,白玉梅1
2018年02期 [184-190][Abstract](1207)[pdf 1309KB](681)
129 Review of forest health assessment methods
王秋燕1,陈鹏飞1,李学东2,冯 岩3,宋新宇4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [177-183][Abstract](1108)[pdf 1330KB](651)
130 Generalized nonlinear mixed-effects crown base height model of Larix principis-rupprechtii natural secondary forests
段光爽1,2,李学东3,冯 岩4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [170-176][Abstract](1072)[pdf 1741KB](540)
131 Developing a height-diameter relationship model with mixed random effects for Larix principis-rupprechtii natural secondary forests
段光爽1,2,李学东3,冯 岩4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [163-169][Abstract](1042)[pdf 1416KB](625)
132 Basal area growth model for oak natural forest in Hunan Province based on dummy variable
朱光玉1,2,胡 松1,符利勇2*
2018年02期 [155-162][Abstract](1045)[pdf 1481KB](461)
133 Prediction mean height for Larix olgensis plantation based on Bayesian-regularization BP neural network
沈剑波1, 雷相东1*,李玉堂2 , 兰 莹3
2018年02期 [147-154][Abstract](869)[pdf 1590KB](436)
134 Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass for four common greening tree species in Shanghai City, China
张希金1,冷寒冰2,赵广琦2,景 军2,涂爱翠1,宋 坤1,4*,达良俊1,3,4
2018年02期 [141-146][Abstract](863)[pdf 1368KB](616)
135 The change of trees structure in urban residential area of Nanjing City in the recent 15 years
卞方圆1,2,陈 爽1*
2018年02期 [127-133][Abstract](699)[pdf 1424KB](390)
136 Exploring the ecological healthy function of Phyllostachys pubescens forest in Qishan Park of Fuzhou in summer
王 茜1,王 成2,杜万光3,许 超1,郭珺琪1
2018年02期 [120-126][Abstract](588)[pdf 1733KB](391)
137 Relationship between PM2.5 adsorption and wettability of different trees during summer, autumn in West Mountain of Beijing
陈 波1,蒋 燕2,鲁绍伟1,3,李少宁1,3,陈鹏飞4,刘海龙4,赵东波4
2018年02期 [113-119][Abstract](573)[pdf 1636KB](427)
138 Plant species diversity of vegetation restoration of moving sandy land on flood plain in Tibet, China
廖承锐1,吕国屏1,王 涛2,徐雁南1*,李海东2*
2018年02期 [89-96][Abstract](839)[pdf 3367KB](466)
139 Nutrition ecological niche of dominant arbor species in natural Pinus taiwanensis community
2018年02期 [81-88][Abstract](578)[pdf 1375KB](407)
140 Accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their correlation with black carbon in urban forest soil of Nanjing City, China
张俊叶1,2,俞 菲3,杨靖宇1,俞元春1
2018年02期 [75-80][Abstract](722)[pdf 1478KB](395)
141 Seasonal dynamics of soil active organic carbon content in the original Pinus koraiensis forest in Changbai Mountains, China
刘明慧1,孙 雪1,于文杰2,秦立武2,冯富娟1
2018年02期 [67-74][Abstract](599)[pdf 2072KB](353)
142 Effects of fertilizer type on soil microbes amounts and distributions in fertilizer microsites of fluvo-aquic soil
彭思利1,朱 劲2
2018年02期 [59-66][Abstract](735)[pdf 1521KB](311)
143 Light response characteristic of Phyllostachys edulis under drought treatment
倪 霞1,2,吴思思1,周本智2,3,鲁小珍1*,曹永慧2,3
2018年02期 [47-51][Abstract](827)[pdf 1342KB](536)
144 Effects of PEG and GA3 priming on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of aged moso bamboo(Phyllostachys edulis)seeds
蔡春菊1,范少辉1*,曹帮华2,赵建诚1,3,刘 凤1,2
2018年02期 [40-46][Abstract](793)[pdf 1451KB](459)
145 Effects of inoculation ways on nodule formations of precious timber tree species Ormosia henryi seedlings
安常蓉1, 韦小丽1*, 段如雁1,2, 叶 润1, 黎星炜1
2018年02期 [9-16][Abstract](901)[pdf 1375KB](362)
146 Response of roots morphological characteristics and nutrient utilization to low phosphorus stress among five clones of Cunninghamia lanceolate(Lamb.)Hook.
韦如萍1,2, 胡德活2, 陈金慧1, 施季森1*
2018年02期 [1-8][Abstract](872)[pdf 1593KB](470)
147 Variation in radial increment of Lindera megaphylla and its wood anatomical characteristics
杨建飞1,宁莉萍1,2*,杨 了1,王天石1,陈甜甜1,钱钰滢1
2018年01期 [181-187][Abstract](915)[pdf 1689KB](605)
148 First trials to pollinate Camellia oleifera by using Bombus terrestris
赵博光1,徐光辉2,肖智勇2,李乾明2,易阳春2, 姚芳娟2,施小弟2,李美英2
2018年01期 [175-180][Abstract](1024)[pdf 1352KB](493)
149 Variation in fiber morphology among wild Pteroceltis tatarinowii populations in Hubei Province
汪殿蓓1, 李建华1, 田春元1, 钟亚琴1, 段丽君1, 杨先忠2
2018年01期 [169-174][Abstract](963)[pdf 1371KB](534)
150 Influence factors and measures of remote sensing monitoring precision of mangrove space distribution
周 梅1,李春干2*,代华兵3
2018年01期 [163-168][Abstract](1223)[pdf 1969KB](879)
151 Species diversity of forest communities at different altitudes based on fixed plot in Huangshan Mountains
伊贤贵1, 丁 晖2, 方炎明1, 叶要清3, 陈水飞2, 王 旭3, 从 睿1, 张开文1, 李 垚1, 王贤荣1*
2018年01期 [149-155][Abstract](1435)[pdf 1315KB](570)
152 Growth and biomass simulation of Larix olgensis plantations based on 3-PG model
2018年01期 [141-148][Abstract](901)[pdf 1845KB](457)
153 Soil water movement in Cinnamomum camphora plantation under drip irrigation
张银荣1,兰再平1*,彭晶晶1,秘洪雷1,马 鑫1,贺 新1,楼 杰2
2018年01期 [120-126][Abstract](941)[pdf 1769KB](535)
154 Factors affecting gully erosion Wuyuer River watershed of the black soil region
2018年01期 [113-119][Abstract](980)[pdf 2033KB](763)
155 Effects of density adjustment on ground cover and soil hydrological function of Picea asperata plantation in the subalpine region of western Sichuan Province, China
2018年01期 [98-104][Abstract](1003)[pdf 1397KB](785)
156 Effect of Aspergillus niger and its metabolites on weathering of granite
吴秋芳1,2,胡海波1*,张 鑫1
2018年01期 [81-88][Abstract](1056)[pdf 1594KB](668)
157 Effects of pesticides on soil enzyme activities,available nutrients and growth of Vernicia fordii seedlings
万 盼1,2,黄小辉1,熊兴政1,刘 芸1*
2018年01期 [73-80][Abstract](1174)[pdf 2207KB](531)
158 Study on morphological differentiation and growth rhythm of underground buds of spring ephemeroid plant Erythronium japonicum during summer dormancy
2018年01期 [67-72][Abstract](964)[pdf 2529KB](673)
159 Physiological features of C and N metabolism during shoot elongation in Phyllostachys edulis f. tubaeformis and its reverse mutant
岳晋军1,2,王 涛3,彭镇华1,3,李潞滨1,3*,顾小平2,袁金玲2,吴晓丽2,刘正娥2
2018年01期 [60-66][Abstract](1103)[pdf 1347KB](734)
160 Dynamic change in biomass, root vigor and replacement rate during the green leaf period of Lycoris radiat
蔡军火1, 李金峰1,魏绪英1,2,张露1,3*
2018年01期 [55-59][Abstract](1064)[pdf 1481KB](543)
161 Effects of nitrogen application on photosynthetic characteristics and yields of oil tree peony Paeonia ostii ‘Feng Dan'
段祥光1,张利霞1,刘 伟1,郭丽丽1,郭大龙2,侯小改1Symbolj@@
2018年01期 [48-54][Abstract](1595)[pdf 1422KB](570)
162 Effects of plant growth regulator on cuttings rooting of Altingia gracilipessl
2018年01期 [41-47][Abstract](1126)[pdf 1461KB](695)
163 Effects of flooding stress on the growth and chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics of Malus hupehensis
张 虎1,曹福亮2*, 范俊俊2, 张往祥2
2018年01期 [35-40][Abstract](1048)[pdf 2298KB](613)
164 Quantitative research on rain-flood patterns of urban area in the construction of “Sponge Cities”
汤 鹏1,王 玮2,张 展3,苏同向1,王 浩1*
2018年01期 [15-20][Abstract](1523)[pdf 2430KB](635)
165 Analysis on comprehensive utilization of landscape water resources based on UAV digital photogrammetry technology
王 玮1,王 浩2,李卫正3*,乌日汗4,田晓冬5,郭苏明2,陈周翔2,张浩峰1
2018年01期 [7-14][Abstract](1449)[pdf 3524KB](659)
166 Research of the application of digital survey techniques in private garden
张青萍1,梁慧琳1,李卫正2,杨梦珂1,朱灵茜1,黄 安1
2018年01期 [1-6][Abstract](1403)[pdf 3312KB](1253)
167 Study on the undrained bearing capacity of strip footing on slope
2017年06期 [211-215][Abstract](1658)[pdf 1854KB](1093)
168 Assessment of ecological service function and its value of key public welfare forest in Jiangsu Province
张 谷1,2,岳金平2,王 奕2,胡海波1,3*,刘 璇1,马 冰1,赵 硕1,王 凯2
2017年06期 [205-210][Abstract](1446)[pdf 1401KB](1098)
169 Proteomic analysis of Ilex seedling leaf response to low temperature
周余华1, 2, 梁有旺1, 彭方仁1*
2017年06期 [187-192][Abstract](1730)[pdf 1724KB](1171)
170 Micropropagation of Ilex verticillata axillary buds from male and female seedlings
陈 茜1,2, 范佳露1,3,王宝腾1,3,王瑞琪1,2, 袁斌玲1,2,魏子涵1,2,陈 颖1,2*
2017年06期 [181-186][Abstract](1462)[pdf 2498KB](894)
171 Study on meiosis of microspore mother cells and germination rate of pollen grains in Populus simonii Carr.
兰 月1,辛昊阳1,赵乙琏1,孙志强2,戴 筱1,解志伟1,席梦利1*
2017年06期 [177-180][Abstract](1528)[pdf 1992KB](1135)
172 Feasibility and ecological value assessment of roof greening in the central urban area of southern Jiangsu
王新军1,3,曹 磊2,王 燕1,王继开1,赵言文3*
2017年06期 [153-157][Abstract](1807)[pdf 1896KB](1331)
173 Residents' cognition to ecosystem service functions of urban wetland parks
陈 瑶1, 蔡广鹏1*, 韩会庆2, 罗绪强3, 王后阵1
2017年06期 [147-152][Abstract](1985)[pdf 1576KB](1438)
174 Effects of nitrogen exponential fertilization on growth and nutrient distribution of Sinocalycanthus chinensis seedlings
2017年06期 [134-140][Abstract](2002)[pdf 1670KB](1111)
175 Community structure of soil fauna under different land use types in the coastal area of Northern Jiangsu Province
杨宝玲1,2,张文文1,3,范 换1,王邵军4,阮宏华1*,沈彩芹5,曹国华5
2017年06期 [120-126][Abstract](2183)[pdf 1683KB](1178)
176 Effects of fire on soil organic carbon in natural secondary forest in north subtropical areas
2017年06期 [115-119][Abstract](2307)[pdf 1402KB](1532)
177 Spatial distributions and species diversity of two types of Larix principis-rupprechtii
2017年06期 [102-108][Abstract](2354)[pdf 1994KB](1263)
178 Spatio-temporal dynamics of forest aboveground biomass in Xixia County, Henan Province, China
余 超1,宋立奕2,李明阳 1*,Omidreza Shobairi SEYED 1,张向阳3
2017年06期 [93-101][Abstract](2308)[pdf 1814KB](1226)
179 Remote sensing estimation of different site-quality broadleaved forest carbon budget in Jiande,Zhejiang
孟 雪1,刘雪惠1,高媛赟1,刘 俊1,温小荣1*,林国忠1,徐 达2
2017年06期 [87-92][Abstract](2315)[pdf 1588KB](1181)
180 Trail-following activity of Odontotermes formosanus foragers for fungus-garden materials
王亚召1,嵇保中1*,刘曙雯2*,丁 芳1,徐立军1
2017年06期 [73-78][Abstract](2176)[pdf 1486KB](1180)
181 Semi-bionic extraction of flavonoids from Rosa roxburghii Tratt.
2017年06期 [47-53][Abstract](2428)[pdf 1972KB](1465)
182 Effects of methyl jasmonic acid on somatic embryogenesis of Liriodendron hybrid
成铁龙1,2 ,孟岩1,3 ,陈金慧1,3 ,施季森1,3*
2017年06期 [41-46][Abstract](2344)[pdf 3053KB](1301)
183 Analysis of phenotypic characteristics of the Malus ‘Purple Prince’ half-sib progenies at the seedling stage
张往祥1,2,范俊俊1,杨 萍3,周 婷1,浦 静1,曹福亮1
2017年06期 [33-40][Abstract](2272)[pdf 2288KB](1164)
184 Effects of different pruning measures on the photosynthetic characteristics of pecan seedlings
韩 杰1,张 明2,林苏宝2,商 婧1,李小飞1,刘壮壮1,彭方仁1*
2017年06期 [13-18][Abstract](2016)[pdf 1675KB](1361)
185 Effects of ringing and cutting off growing-tip on shoot growth and carbon-nitrogen metabolite accumulation in leaves of pecan
冯 刚1,裴 文2,吴亚云2,曲开军2,李小飞1,彭方仁1*
2017年06期 [8-12][Abstract](2225)[pdf 1946KB](1251)
186 The growth and photosynthesis characters of Taxodium hybrid ‘Zhongshanshan 407' following the de-submergence
华建峰1,韩路弯1,王芝权1,2,施 钦1,殷云龙1*
2017年05期 [191-196][Abstract](928)[pdf 1438KB](659)
187 Study on urban heat islands in Changzhou City based on remote sensing data
2017年05期 [185-190][Abstract](922)[pdf 1919KB](697)
188 The reasonable planting distance of urban road greening induced by driving sight line
2017年05期 [180-184][Abstract](810)[pdf 1397KB](605)
189 Soil quality in wind erosion desertified regions: a review
2017年05期 [161-168][Abstract](847)[pdf 1334KB](638)
190 Effect of shell on core-shell structure wood polymer composite with short glass fiber filled shells via co-extrusion technology
黄润州1,梅长彤1, 徐信武1,冒海燕1, WU Qinglin2,戴 翔3
2017年05期 [135-140][Abstract](1457)[pdf 1455KB](762)
191 Influences of chopped straw length on mechanical properties of black soil
林 琳1,张程程2,王恩姮1*
2017年05期 [128-134][Abstract](1043)[pdf 1278KB](743)
192 Optimization of mixture proportions of sea silt-construction wastes with lightweight soil
赵晓晴1,2,赵 尘3,张振东2,宗钟凌1,2,李明东2
2017年05期 [121-127][Abstract](1099)[pdf 1570KB](679)
193 Synthesis and property of composite super absorbent polymer
石燕军1,朱丽珺1*,张金池2,李 坤2,徐旭昇1
2017年05期 [114-120][Abstract](1146)[pdf 1922KB](823)
194 Construction strategy of rural cultural landscape database management platform in scenic area
熊 星1,2,唐晓岚1*,刘 澜1,张坚林3,王军围1,李传文1,徐佳麒1
2017年05期 [99-106][Abstract](1165)[pdf 2083KB](887)
195 Monitoring annual forest change in Eucalyptus plantation based on RGB-NDVI detection of remote sensing imagery
周 梅1,李春干2*,代华兵3
2017年05期 [65-71][Abstract](1034)[pdf 3718KB](783)
196 Dynamic simulation of future ecosystem service value in Puding County, Guizhou Province based on CA-Markov model
吕国屏1,廖承锐1,徐雁南1*,张 婷1,李海东2*
2017年05期 [49-56][Abstract](1490)[pdf 2489KB](625)
197 Effects of ecological factors on biomass allocation of Indocalamus decorus pot seedlings
高贵宾1,2, 钟 浩1,2, 潘雁红1,3, 吴良如1,3, 吴志庄1,2*, 温 星1,2
2017年05期 [35-41][Abstract](1247)[pdf 1655KB](649)
198 Litterfall dynamics of typical forest communities at different succession stages in Xinglong Mountain of Gansu Province, China
魏 强1,凌 雷1,柴春山1,陶继新2,李国林2,张广忠1,王多锋1,戚建莉1,薛 睿1
2017年05期 [27-34][Abstract](1226)[pdf 1587KB](752)
199 Responses of soil physicochemical properties and soil microorganism characteristics regareding as carbon metabolism in original Korean pine forest
孙 雪1,韩冬雪1,刘 岩1,冯富娟1*,隋 心2
2017年05期 [18-26][Abstract](1268)[pdf 1562KB](949)
200 Soil microbial characteristics of Pinus taiwanensis and broad-leaved mixed forest at different altitudes in Fengyang Mountain
2017年04期 [209-214][Abstract](1444)[pdf 1596KB](1077)
201 Influence factors of Ilex chinensis seedling regeneration in the mountainous region of southern Jiangsu Province
王笑梅1,康 昕1,侯嫦英2,郑阿宝2,张存宽3,徐 驰1,刘茂松1*
2017年04期 [197-201][Abstract](1309)[pdf 1543KB](818)
202 Analysis of genetic diversity and construction of DNA fingerprinting of clones in Cryptomeria fortune
骆 鹏1,曹玉婷1,莫家兴1,翁怀峰2 ,施季森1,徐 进1*
2017年04期 [191-196][Abstract](1201)[pdf 1694KB](650)
203 An application of three somatotrophic bacteria on pear in Shanghai
窦承阳1,王 焱2,张岳峰2,江明明1,叶建仁1*
2017年04期 [186-190][Abstract](1423)[pdf 1462KB](962)
204 The connecting passage freezing method thaw settlement grouting optimization study in accordance with measured thawing temperature
吴 繁1,杨 平1*,万朝栋2,张尚贵2,何文龙1
2017年04期 [167-172][Abstract](1128)[pdf 1819KB](701)
205 Bivariate distribution of spatial structure of a Cunninghamia lanceolate coppice forest
彭 辉1,2,周红敏3,惠刚盈1*
2017年04期 [136-140][Abstract](1113)[pdf 2054KB](1059)
206 Estimation and analysis of variation characteristic of forest carbon density in Hunan Province using continuous forest inventory data
戴前石1,胡 觉1, 李建军2*
2017年04期 [129-135][Abstract](1209)[pdf 1757KB](1053)
207 Effects of spatial station density on accuracy of spatial interpolation of monthly rainfall over complex terrain base on PRISM
2017年04期 [115-120][Abstract](1398)[pdf 2462KB](633)
208 Effects of close-to-nature transformation on structure characteristics of Pinus massoniana and Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations
刘志龙1,2,明安刚1,贾宏炎1*,蔡道雄1,马 跃1,王亚南1,孙冬婧1
2017年04期 [101-107][Abstract](1120)[pdf 1793KB](988)
209 Ultrastructure of Pagiophloeus tsushimanus Morimoto antennal sensilla with scanning electron microscope
顾天滋1,张丛丛1,苏 鹏2,樊斌琦3,王 焱3,郝德君1*
2017年04期 [89-94][Abstract](1307)[pdf 2435KB](729)
210 Study on photosynthetic characteristics of five ornamental crabapple
武启飞1, 2,范俊俊1, 2,赵明明1, 2,周 婷1,李千惠1,张丹丹1,张往祥1, 2*
2017年04期 [64-70][Abstract](1734)[pdf 1724KB](959)
211 Study on heterosis estimation and genetic analysis of Eucalyptus hybrids in cold area
李光友1,徐建民1*,王 伟1,吴世军1,朱映安1, 王英生2,潘 建2,郭洪英3,施庭有4
2017年04期 [55-63][Abstract](1401)[pdf 1637KB](923)
212 MaxEnt model-based identification of potential Cyclocarya paliurus cultivation regions
刘清亮1, 2,李 垚1, 3,方升佐1, 2*
2017年04期 [25-29][Abstract](1701)[pdf 2577KB](821)
213 Hypoglycemic and antioxidant activity of various polysaccharides from Cyclocarya paliurus leaves in vitro
2017年04期 [6-12][Abstract](1731)[pdf 1791KB](1066)
214 Nutritional components in palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) buds
2017年03期 [193-197][Abstract](947)[pdf 1409KB](1147)
215 Open pollination progeny test and family selection of 26-year-old Pinus massoniana Lamb. seed orchard
2017年03期 [189-192][Abstract](977)[pdf 1369KB](825)
216 Stratums characteristics of metal furniture design in the Republic of China by a synthetic method of grounded theory and structural modeling
张颖泉1, 2,吴智慧1*
2017年03期 [162-170][Abstract](843)[pdf 2281KB](676)
217 Fabrication of tebuconazole/chitosan microcapsules by the method of spray-drying
徐 鹏1,王利莹2,曹小勇3,邵 伟1,唐进根2*
2017年03期 [157-161][Abstract](1007)[pdf 2294KB](679)
218 Stress wave propagation patterns in larch standing trees
刘丰禄1, 姜 芳1*,王喜平2,张厚江1,刘兴凯1
2017年03期 [133-139][Abstract](928)[pdf 3649KB](642)
219 Research on microstructure of felt-sheet system (FSS)in press section with the extended pressing nip
朱 文1,3,叶 平2,张 辉1,3*
2017年03期 [124-132][Abstract](865)[pdf 2767KB](590)
220 Object-oriented classification of tropical forest
2017年03期 [117-123][Abstract](1150)[pdf 3217KB](663)
221 Comparison between GF-1 data and Landsat-8 data in inversing SWE of the forest in the northern of Daxing’an Mountain
2017年03期 [105-111][Abstract](1077)[pdf 4106KB](653)
222 Distribution and statistical analysis of knots in Erythrophleum fordii plantations
郝 建1, 2,蒙明君1,黄德卫1,韦菊玲1,李忠国1,唐继新1,徐大平2*
2017年03期 [100-104][Abstract](892)[pdf 1739KB](775)
223 Early judgment and disposal technology for stem form abnormity of Taxus chinensis var. mairei plantation
2017年03期 [95-99][Abstract](889)[pdf 1417KB](987)
224 The characteristics of vertical vegetation distribution in hydro-fluctuation zone based on weathered bedrock in the Thousand Island Lake region
徐高福1,卢 刚2,张建和3,李贺鹏2,洪苏州1,柏明娥2,曹南丰1,洪利兴2
2017年03期 [86-94][Abstract](1261)[pdf 1782KB](806)
225 Ecological study of Keteleeria davidiana populations of Yachang forest farm in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
2017年03期 [71-76][Abstract](992)[pdf 1554KB](880)
226 The variation in chlorophyll content and fluorescence parameters of Taxus wallichiana var. mairei breeding parents from different locations
肖 遥1,2, 张 蕊1*,刘建慧3, 梁 朔3, 周志春1
2017年03期 [57-64][Abstract](1121)[pdf 1696KB](711)
227 An efficient extraction method of chloroplast proteins from ginkgo plants compatible for two-dimensional electrophoresis
施大伟1,2,何 梅2,3,梁霏霏2,徐 鸣2,谢寅峰1,2
2017年03期 [51-56][Abstract](1009)[pdf 1803KB](1000)
228 Effects of decomposingleaf litter of Cinnamomum camphora on the resistance physiology of three intercropping crops and activity of the organic nitrogen fraction
张如义1,2,胡红玲1*,吕向阳2,陈 洪3,杨珊珊1,胡庭兴1
2017年03期 [29-36][Abstract](1069)[pdf 2045KB](997)
229 Impacts of biochar addition on greenhouse gas fluxes from soils subjected to freeze-thaw process
刘 翔1,2,韩建刚3,李兰海1*,朱咏莉3*
2017年03期 [15-21][Abstract](1401)[pdf 1705KB](1002)
230 Stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus and the content in grassland ecosystem in the upper reaches of Ili River
马 杰1,2,李兰海2*,刘 翔2,白 磊2,高利伟3,朱咏莉4*
2017年03期 [7-14][Abstract](1035)[pdf 1753KB](868)
231 Effects of reclamation on soil soluble organic nitrogen contents in wetlands of the Ili River Valley
李兰海1,刘 翔1,2,朱咏莉3*
2017年03期 [1-6][Abstract](1542)[pdf 1579KB](3081)
232 Evaluation of the intra-industry trade type of Chinese rosin
王 瑾1, 聂 影1,2*
2017年02期 [203-206][Abstract](1018)[pdf 1418KB](878)
233 Analysis of influence factors and characteristics of PM2.5 concentration in a public park and surroundings areas
2017年02期 [187-192][Abstract](1102)[pdf 1633KB](1068)
234 Niches of the main plant species in Baili Rhododendron National Forest Park
吴倩楠1,董建文1,3, 郑 宇2,傅伟聪1, 李 慧1,朱志鹏1,陈梓茹1,丁国昌1,3*
2017年02期 [175-180][Abstract](1353)[pdf 1410KB](998)
235 A review on ice formation and propagation in wood cells at subzero temperatures
徐华东1, 王玉婷1,王立海1, 王喜平2
2017年02期 [169-174][Abstract](1167)[pdf 1405KB](934)
236 Mechanical analysis on construction process of extra wide stiffening girder of self-anchored concrete suspension bridge
2017年02期 [143-149][Abstract](988)[pdf 1985KB](945)
237 Numerical analysis of the influence of cemented soil thawing settlement on the stratum displacement field
王效宾1,杨 平2*,胡 俊2
2017年02期 [136-142][Abstract](1104)[pdf 2700KB](577)
238 Microstructure and mechanism of microbial cementation silt treated by bio-grouting
邵光辉1,2,尤 婷1,赵志峰1,2,刘 鹏1,2,冯建挺1
2017年02期 [129-135][Abstract](1294)[pdf 2293KB](731)
239 Improving processability of rice straw by fermentation using Streptomyces rochei
靳晓晨 Symbol`@@ 1,2,武国峰2,孙恩惠2,唐婉莹1,黄红英2*,陈 乐2
2017年02期 [122-128][Abstract](1395)[pdf 1901KB](671)
240 Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of volatile oils from the leaves and fruits of Callistemon viminalis
单体江1,冯 皓1,祝一鸣1,吴春银1,郑明轩1,崔紫宁2,王 军1*
2017年02期 [117-121][Abstract](1216)[pdf 1577KB](704)
241 Modeling above-ground and below-ground biomass of Casuarina equisetifolia in the northeast of Hainan Province
邢海涛1,陆元昌1*,刘宪钊1,薛 杨2,林之盼2,王小燕2
2017年02期 [103-110][Abstract](1318)[pdf 1595KB](691)
242 Characteristics of the throughfall of Berberis diaphana and the factors influencing it in the Qilian Mountain
万艳芳1,3,刘贤德1,2*,于澎涛3,马 瑞1,王顺利2,王彦辉3,李晓青1,3
2017年02期 [97-102][Abstract](1101)[pdf 1860KB](705)
243 Rainfall redistribution and the spatial heterogeneity of throughfall in Larix gmelinii forest, northeast China
石 磊1,2,盛后财1 ,满秀玲1,蔡体久1
2017年02期 [90-96][Abstract](1192)[pdf 1618KB](947)
244 Improvement on growth and photosynthetic physiological performance of three willow clones or cultivar under Cd treatments and supplying Fe
戴前莉1,李金花1*,胡建军1,卢孟柱1,GIUSEPPE Nervo2
2017年02期 [63-72][Abstract](1078)[pdf 1780KB](620)
245 Microstructure of pistils and stamens in Styrax tonkinensis
2017年02期 [34-40][Abstract](1417)[pdf 5574KB](678)
246 Stoichiometric characteristics of leaf carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in forest ecosystems in the head of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
刘泽彬1,程瑞梅1,2*,肖文发1,王 娜1
2017年02期 [27-33][Abstract](1447)[pdf 1539KB](866)
247 Accumulation of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals in sediment under plant communities in river
王晓宇1,盛 晟2,孔 进3,王莹莹1,张小伟1,刘茂松1*
2017年02期 [20-26][Abstract](1413)[pdf 1679KB](880)
248 Effects of a dam on heavy metal distribution in sediment in a small-scale river
王莹莹1,刘茂松1*,盛 晟2,孔 进3,徐 驰1
2017年02期 [15-19][Abstract](1369)[pdf 1581KB](1109)
249 Relationship between shoreline morphology and elements distribution in near-shore sediments
袁 芳1,陈怀艳1,康 昕1,盛 晟2,徐 驰1,刘茂松1
2017年02期 [9-14][Abstract](1884)[pdf 1968KB](732)
250 From matching site with trees towards matching calcium with trees
周永斌1, 邹晓明2,3*
2017年02期 [1-8][Abstract](1824)[pdf 4174KB](682)
251 Rearing techniques of Monochamus alternatus Hope(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)on artificial diets
陈瑞旭1,王露洁1,林 涛1,韦志强1,王 焱2,郝德君1*
2017年01期 [199-202][Abstract](1476)[pdf 1256KB](624)
252 Characteristics of litter production dynamic and decomposition process of Abies fargesii forest in Shennongjia, Hubei Province
崔鸿侠1,潘 磊1,黄志霖2,曾立雄2,王晓荣1,庞宏东1
2017年01期 [194-198][Abstract](1434)[pdf 1387KB](662)
253 The revision of scientific names for three dwarf bamboo species(cultivar)based on the floral morphology
林树燕1,2,范婷婷2,3,姜明云2,3,张 莉2,3,郑 笑2,3,丁雨龙1.2*
2017年01期 [189-193][Abstract](1598)[pdf 1432KB](579)
254 Asphalt pavement surface crack under dynamic loading
葛 辉1,2,王宏畅1*
2017年01期 [177-182][Abstract](1331)[pdf 1602KB](1097)
255 Experiment study of thermal physical properties of marine artificial frozen soil
杨国清1,杨 平1*,何文龙1,张春进2
2017年01期 [170-176][Abstract](1407)[pdf 1508KB](579)
256 Position control of electro-hydraulic actuator system for flexible sprayer chassis using fuzzy PID controller
张 华1,2,郑加强1*
2017年01期 [163-169][Abstract](1628)[pdf 2240KB](478)
257 Research on properties of plywood laminated with electromagnetic shielding carbon felts
侯俊峰1, 2,傅 峰1,卢克阳1*
2017年01期 [156-162][Abstract](1298)[pdf 2215KB](605)
258 Synthesis and bioactivities evaluation of isolongifolanyl thiazole derivatives
芮 坚1,蔡 涛1,杨金来1,杨益琴2,徐 徐1,王石发1*
2017年01期 [149-155][Abstract](1219)[pdf 1354KB](592)
259 Effects of steam explosion on reeds fiber and the properties of reed wood-plastic composites
韩士群1,杨 莹1,周 庆1,杨启辉1,孟 煜1,2
2017年01期 [136-142][Abstract](1438)[pdf 2523KB](480)
260 Optimization of pruning operation method for Taxus wallichina var. mairei
2017年01期 [117-122][Abstract](1377)[pdf 1300KB](913)
261 Species composition and characteristics of saplings for spruce-fir forest at different succession stages in Changbai Mountain
郭韦韦1,张 青1*,亢新刚1,杨英军2,王全军2
2017年01期 [109-116][Abstract](1476)[pdf 1622KB](683)
262 Spatio-temporal changes of garden land from 2000 to 2010 in mountainous city and their effects on ecosystem service value
2017年01期 [103-108][Abstract](1521)[pdf 1946KB](611)
263 Effects of mulching on soil property and microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen
倪 雪1,2,张焕朝3,杨秀莲1,王良桂1*
2017年01期 [89-95][Abstract](1445)[pdf 1790KB](767)
264 The characteristics of soil nitrogen mineralization with different amounts of organic input in Pinus tabuliformis forest
于 一1,郭华峰2,周志勇1*
2017年01期 [69-74][Abstract](1200)[pdf 1584KB](779)
265 Floral characteristics and its effect on insect pollination of Jatropha curcas L.
罗长维1,2,陈 友1
2017年01期 [55-60][Abstract](1454)[pdf 1847KB](607)
266 Cloning and expression analysis of gene LiSEP3 in double lily
隋娟娟1,2,李晓昕2, 杨秋燕2, 吴 泽2,曹 兴2,3,何俊娜2,义鸣放2
2017年01期 [42-48][Abstract](2388)[pdf 3512KB](492)
267 Reevaluation of the value of wetland ecosystem services in Chongming County, Shanghai
曹 莹1,汤臣栋2,马 强2,薛建辉1*
2017年01期 [28-34][Abstract](1765)[pdf 1801KB](1087)
268 Non-use value assessment of the Chongming Dongtan wetland based on the contingent valuation method
蒋劭妍1,曹 牧2,汤臣栋3,马 强3,曹 莹2,薛建辉2*
2017年01期 [21-27][Abstract](1636)[pdf 1293KB](709)
269 Inter-annual population variation of migratory birds in Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve
曹 牧1,汤臣栋2,马 强2,曹 莹1,薛建辉1*
2017年01期 [15-20][Abstract](1530)[pdf 1599KB](739)
270 Effects of habitat restoration on the diversity of bird and marcobenthos in the Chongming Dongtan wetland
马 强1,吴 巍1,汤臣栋1,钮栋梁1 ,吴纪华2,马志军2
2017年01期 [9-14][Abstract](1661)[pdf 1998KB](964)
271 Landscape pattern change of Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve of Shanghai from 2011 to 2015
陈雁飞1,汤臣栋2,马 强2,薛建辉1*
2017年01期 [1-8][Abstract](2092)[pdf 2033KB](966)
272 Analysis of soil heavy metal pollution assessment based on TOPSIS
徐 娅1,陈红华2*,余爱华2,李 政2
2016年06期 [199-202][Abstract](2964)[pdf 1715KB](1205)
273 Female and male flower bud differentiation of Jatropha curcas L. induced by gibberellin
2016年06期 [174-REF!][Abstract](3211)[pdf 1887KB](1271)
274 Inorganic nanoparticles as delivery vectors for plant transformation
霍爱玲1,2,陈金慧1,4,甄 艳1,夏 兵1,3,陈桢雨1,施季森1,4*
2016年06期 [162-166][Abstract](3082)[pdf 1327KB](1423)
275 Model calibrating for NIRS-based oak wood air-dry density prediction with denoising pretreatment
李 颖1,李耀翔1*,徐浩凯1,姜立春2
2016年06期 [148-156][Abstract](2909)[pdf 1986KB](1167)
276 Influence of calcination temperature on the water-resistant stability of SO2-4/TiO2 solid superacid
李力成1,扈 翟1,赵学娟2,钱 祺1,王 磊1,宋珊珊1,俞思凡1,严 俊1,李小保1
2016年06期 [129-134][Abstract](3012)[pdf 1698KB](1184)
277 Preparation and research of tebuconazole-loaded cellulose acetate slow-release formulation by high voltage electrostatic technology
徐 鹏1,高 娟2,王利莹2,梁 娟1,唐进根2*
2016年06期 [117-121][Abstract](2990)[pdf 3550KB](1023)
278 Dynamic analysis of symbiosis system in the forestry low-carbonization industrial chain
2016年06期 [92-96][Abstract](2930)[pdf 1464KB](1214)
279 Impact of climate change on potential distribution range and spatial pattern of Phoebe chekiangensis
吴显坤1,2,南程慧2,汤庚国1*,李 垚1,毛丽君1,2,张志成3
2016年06期 [85-91][Abstract](4177)[pdf 3144KB](1186)
280 Characteristics of woody debris in mixed broadleaved-Korean pine forest plot in Fenglin National Nature Reserve in Xiao Hinggan Mountains, China
陈镜园1,毕连柱2,宋国华2,张 伟2,王全波2,刘妍妍1,金光泽1*
2016年06期 [76-84][Abstract](3194)[pdf 2058KB](1192)
281 Forming process of snowmelt-runoff of forest watershed in northern region of Da Hinggan Mountains
朱宾宾1,2,满秀玲1*,俞正祥1,胡 悦1,马培文1
2016年06期 [69-75][Abstract](2941)[pdf 1522KB](1102)
282 Characteristics of GF images and application in eco-environmental monitoring in Taihu Lake
侍 昊1,沈文娟2,李 杨3*,李旭文1,牛志春1,王甜甜1
2016年06期 [63-68][Abstract](4580)[pdf 2558KB](1159)
283 Effect of drought stress on photosynthetic diurnal course and growth of Salix purpurea
姬慧娟1, 贾会霞1, 2, 章小铃1, 胡建军1,2*
2016年06期 [41-46][Abstract](3144)[pdf 1560KB](1274)
284 Genetic variation among origin locations of Phoebe bournei(Hemsl.) Yang and a preliminary selection based on seedling growth and root traits
张 兰1, 张 怡1, 段如雁1, 韦小丽1*, 徐小琴2
2016年06期 [33-40][Abstract](3409)[pdf 1392KB](1172)
285 Effects of soil fauna on seasonal variations of soil N mineralization under different land use type
2016年06期 [20-26][Abstract](3638)[pdf 1686KB](1233)
286 Effects of land use type on soil dissolved organic carbon in a land reclamation area from lake
何冬梅1, 2,王 磊1,冯育青3,阮宏华2*
2016年06期 [15-19][Abstract](3290)[pdf 1410KB](1520)
287 Effects of biogas slurry and biochar application on active organic carbon in the topsoil of poplar plantation
葛之葳1,张 玲1,卜丹蓉1,赵 倩1,阮宏华1*,曹国华2
2016年06期 [9-14][Abstract](3651)[pdf 1528KB](1369)
288 Effects of NAA treatment on the endogenous hormone changes in cuttings of Carya illinoinensis during rooting
吴文浩1,曹 凡2,刘壮壮2,彭方仁2 Symbolj@@ ,梁有旺2,谭鹏鹏2
2016年05期 [191-196][Abstract](3827)[pdf 1619KB](2140)
289 Above and below ground biomass allocation on herb layer of natural evergreen broad-leaved forest and Chinese fir plantation with different age classes
李 静1,王玲红2,程栋梁1,3,徐朝斌1,张中瑞1,吴永宏1,钟全林1,3*
2016年05期 [170-176][Abstract](3742)[pdf 1663KB](1988)
290 Effects of artificial cavity defects on electric resistance tomography and stress wave technology of Cunninghamia lanceolata discs
2016年05期 [131-137][Abstract](3531)[pdf 2734KB](1777)
291 Experimental study on the OSB webbed bamboo beams
陈 国1,周 涛1,李成龙1,张齐生2,李海涛1
2016年05期 [121-125][Abstract](3594)[pdf 2255KB](1785)
292 Experimental study on moisture migration in remolded clay during unilateral freezing
陈爱军1,2,张家生1,陈俊桦1,明 锋3
2016年05期 [115-120][Abstract](3627)[pdf 1699KB](1849)
293 Equations describing stem profiles for several precious tropical tree species
2016年05期 [93-98][Abstract](3492)[pdf 1924KB](1840)
294 Analysis of water purification function in the Pearl River basin in Guizhou Province using InVEST model
韩会庆1,罗绪强2*,游仁龙3,罗晓珊3,陈 瑶3
2016年05期 [87-92][Abstract](3636)[pdf 2365KB](1835)
295 Effect of land use type on variability of soil organic matter content with soil depth in the loess region of western Shanxi Province
王 舒1,马 岚1*, 高甲荣1,杨 帆2,张 栋1,梁香寒1
2016年05期 [81-86][Abstract](3426)[pdf 1572KB](1965)
296 Effects of nitrogen fertilization level in soil on physiological characteristics and quality of tea leaves
袁昌洪1,2,韩 冬1,杨 菲1,杨再强1*
2016年05期 [67-73][Abstract](3647)[pdf 1832KB](1911)
297 A study on anatomical structure and adaptations to environment of three Loropetalum species(variety)
2016年05期 [61-66][Abstract](3440)[pdf 3545KB](1805)
298 Effects of xenia on fruit and seed characteristics in Camellia oleifera
曹永庆1, 姚小华1*, 滕建华2, 任华东1, 王开良1
2016年05期 [55-60][Abstract](3463)[pdf 1438KB](1951)
299 Variation analysis and selection on half-sib progeny tested forests of Pinus massoniana at the ages of final cutting
武紫娟1,吴 洪2,王国良2,李贤伟1,范 川*,肖宝如1,王小军1,陈丝露1
2016年05期 [47-54][Abstract](3669)[pdf 1525KB](1925)
300 A study on changes of genetic diversity for nearly 50 years in superior provenances of Pinus massoniana in Guangxi
2016年05期 [41-46][Abstract](3733)[pdf 1515KB](1848)
301 SCAR markers-based molecular identification of 20 flowering cherries(Cerasus) cultivars
赵庆杰1,2,李海波1, 屈 燕2,王青华3, 郭 佳4,徐 梁1 Symbolj@@
2016年05期 [34-40][Abstract](3792)[pdf 1524KB](1982)
302 De novo transcriptome sequencing and analysis of carotenoids biosynthesis related gene expression in Osmanthus serrulatus
陈 林1,李龙娜2,戴亚平1,杨国栋1
2016年05期 [21-28][Abstract](3489)[pdf 1710KB](2175)
303 Effect of biochar on soil microbial biomass and the diversity of carbon source metabolism in poplar plantation
许文欢1, 邓芳芳1,方水元1,王国兵1,阮宏华1*,曹国华2
2016年05期 [14-20][Abstract](3989)[pdf 1640KB](2059)
304 Effects of different fertilization regimes on soil microbial biomass C, N, P under poplar plantation
王国兵1, 郭娇娇1,2, 曹国华3, 徐长柏3, 阮宏华1*
2016年05期 [9-13][Abstract](3977)[pdf 1492KB](2192)
305 Effects of interfacial modifier on rheological properties of wood/rubber/HDPE mixed materials
陈 玲1,孙 妍1,刘秀娟1,周秉亮1,程明娟2,徐信武1*
2016年04期 [183-188][Abstract](2541)[pdf 1981KB](1706)
306 Study on the wild imitation cultivation technique for Dictyophora indusiata in Dendrocalamus latiflorus stands
卢 鹏1,谢锦忠1*,童 龙2,王 玲3,陈丽洁2,张 玮1,耿养会2,吕玉奎3
2016年04期 [177-182][Abstract](2509)[pdf 1510KB](1723)
307 Research on the relationship of autophagy with the virulence and development of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
2016年04期 [171-176][Abstract](2502)[pdf 2159KB](1745)
308 Isolation and purification of an odorant binding protein from Batocera lineolata Chevrolat
卓志航1,杨 伟1*,徐丹萍2,杨春平1,杨 桦1,刘臣山3,谢婷婷1
2016年04期 [164-170][Abstract](2663)[pdf 1897KB](1846)
309 A review of the calculation method of water consumption by tree transpiration in different scales
石 磊1,2,盛后财1,满秀玲1*,蔡体久1
2016年04期 [149-156][Abstract](2529)[pdf 1506KB](1895)
310 Influences of pretreatment with alkaline copper quat and copper azole on properties of masson pine laminated veneer lumber
金菊婉1,王锦涛1,姬 宁2,唐金华1,尹文秀1,谢承健1
2016年04期 [119-124][Abstract](2532)[pdf 1397KB](1697)
311 Study on the biocontrol of Xylotrechus rusticus L. by parasitic enemies
丁俊男1,2,宇 佳2,迟德富2*
2016年04期 [107-112][Abstract](2539)[pdf 1417KB](1679)
312 Study on carbon emissions of the granite of garden pavement
赵 兵1,张金光1,刘瀚洋1,韦 薇2
2016年04期 [101-106][Abstract](2389)[pdf 1562KB](1659)
313 A study of tree measurement systems based on Android platform
周克瑜1,2,汪云珍3,李 记1,2,姜广宇1,2,徐爱俊1,2*
2016年04期 [95-100][Abstract](2378)[pdf 1577KB](1773)
314 Photosynthetic characteristics of Koelreuteria bipinnatavar. integrifoliola and it's natural yellow mutant ‘Jinyan'
2016年04期 [74-80][Abstract](2347)[pdf 1642KB](1656)
315 Effects of physical and chemical factors on anthocyanin stability in Hyacinthus
唐东芹1,徐怡倩1,袁 媛1,陶秀花2,史益敏1
2016年04期 [69-73][Abstract](2722)[pdf 1816KB](1761)
316 Spatial and temporal changes in wetland use in the meeting place of Hung-tse Lake and Huaihe River
吴 翼1,戴 蓉2,徐勇峰1,韩建刚1*,李萍萍1*
2016年04期 [22-28][Abstract](2720)[pdf 1915KB](1720)
317 Effect of soil fauna on organic nitrogen mineralization under different land use patterns in a coastal area of northern Jiangsu Province, China
张文文1,杨宝玲1,2,董可嘉1,张雅坤1,彭 赛1,阮宏华1*,郑阿宝1,3,曹国华4
2016年04期 [1-9][Abstract](3324)[pdf 2038KB](1822)
318 Biomass allocation and its model construction of Cunninghamia lanceolata plantations in Jiangxi Province
曾 伟1,江 斌2,余 林1,肖复明1*,徐海宁1
2016年03期 [177-182][Abstract](2493)[pdf 1484KB](2200)
319 Research status and prospect of nature fiber reinforced polymer composites
黄润州1,2,冒海燕1,梅长彤1,徐信武1,WU Qinglin2
2016年03期 [163-169][Abstract](2556)[pdf 1946KB](936)
320 Research and design of power line carrier spectrum analyzer based on STM32F407
齐 亮1,2,赵茂程1*
2016年03期 [149-155][Abstract](2383)[pdf 3051KB](580)
321 Effects of initiator on properties of silane modified poplar veneer/high density polyethylene(HDPE)film composites
方 露1,王 正2,熊先青1,王雪花1,吴智慧1
2016年03期 [133-136][Abstract](1993)[pdf 1678KB](1296)
322 Effect of nanomaterials on the abrasion resistance and hardness of water-based wood coating
于家豪1,徐建峰1*,朱卫东2,张明志1,龙 玲1
2016年03期 [121-126][Abstract](2393)[pdf 1689KB](704)
323 Investigation of strain of gradient density interface of plywoodusing digital speckle correlation method
关明杰1,2,付祥飞1,李君彪1,孙丰文1,2,3,尤 健4
2016年03期 [115-120][Abstract](2318)[pdf 3331KB](1788)
324 Study on the relationship between input, output and economic benefit of moso bamboo plantation
2016年03期 [108-114][Abstract](2024)[pdf 1439KB](1992)
325 Implementation and analysis of multi-angle hyperspectral observation system for forest canopy
张 乾1, 居为民1*,杨风亭2,曹 林3,冯永康1
2016年03期 [101-107][Abstract](2280)[pdf 2636KB](645)
326 Dynamics of Poyang Lake watershed landscape pattern
任 琼1,2,佟光臣1,张金池1*
2016年03期 [94-100][Abstract](2532)[pdf 2532KB](1797)
327 Habitat selection and spatial distribution of green peafowl(Pavo muticus) in Konglonghe Natural Reserve of Chuxiong, Yunnan Province
李 旭1,刘 钊1,周 伟1*,白 冰2
2016年03期 [87-93][Abstract](2487)[pdf 1739KB](932)
328 Study of carbon seqestration & oxygen release and cooling & humidifying effect of main greening tree species in Shanghai
薛 雪1,张金池1,孙永涛2,庄家尧1*,王鹰翔1
2016年03期 [81-86][Abstract](2046)[pdf 1428KB](688)
329 Effects of rootstocks ages on the shoot growth and leaf photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of pecan seedling
李小飞1,曹 凡1,彭方仁1*,梁有旺1,李永荣2
2016年03期 [75-80][Abstract](2381)[pdf 1429KB](635)
330 Hyperspectral response and light response of the Populus×euramericana ‘Neva' under different nitrogen nutrition levels
王鑫梅1,牟洪香1*,杨可伟1,赵 雪1,孙 晓1,程志庆2,王鹤松3,4
2016年03期 [70-74][Abstract](2453)[pdf 1891KB](787)
331 Differences of photosynthetic characteristics based on a mechanistic model of light-response for three herbaceous plants
闫小红1,2,周 兵2,王 宁2,叶子飘2,尹增芳1*
2016年03期 [63-69][Abstract](2536)[pdf 1757KB](707)
332 Destruction of the peritrophic membrane of the larvae of Hyphantria cunea Drury by the mixture of Bt and Chlorbenzuron
徐 明1,2,徐福元2,吴小芹1*
2016年03期 [52-56][Abstract](2313)[pdf 2246KB](547)
333 Effects of endobacteria on reproduction and virulence of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
何龙喜1,2,薛 旗1,吴小芹1*
2016年03期 [47-51][Abstract](2404)[pdf 1506KB](683)
334 Effects of water and fertilizer coupling on growth, nutrients absorption and fertilizer use of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim ‘Hanyuan' seedling
王景燕1, 唐海龙1, 龚 伟1*, 胡 文2, 芶国军3
2016年03期 [33-40][Abstract](2126)[pdf 2218KB](579)
335 Effects of temperature on the growth and camptothecin contents of Camptotheca acuminata
汪贵斌1,周 昕1,刘 琳1,曹福亮1,祖元刚2
2016年03期 [21-25][Abstract](2570)[pdf 1466KB](2015)
336 Effects of light intensity on the growth of Camptotheca acuminata seedlings and camptothecin contents
周 昕1,汪贵斌1*,刘 琳1,曹福亮1,祖元刚2
2016年03期 [9-14][Abstract](2999)[pdf 1514KB](2010)
337 Effects of substrate, cuttings and root promoting agent on rooting of Camptotheca acuminata
2016年03期 [1-8][Abstract](3831)[pdf 3719KB](2095)
338 Impact of impeller exit width on forestry fire pump performance and its optimization
汪 东1,周瑞琼2,郑 楠3,茹 煜3,刘成林1
2016年02期 [190-194][Abstract](2140)[pdf 2780KB](1379)
339 Determination of developmental threshold temperature and effective accumulative temperature of Eucryptorrhynchus chinensis
2016年02期 [185-189][Abstract](2288)[pdf 1395KB](1403)
340 Construction of batch fermentation kinetics model of Burkholderia pyrrocinia strain JK-SH007
李 浩1, 2,任嘉红1, 3,叶建仁1*,王小月1
2016年02期 [173-178][Abstract](2458)[pdf 2229KB](1512)
341 Tree-crown information extraction in returning farmland to forest land based on improved segmentation algorithm
吴 见1,2,王帅帅1,谭 靖3
2016年02期 [167-172][Abstract](2241)[pdf 3036KB](1344)
342 Skeleton extraction for point cloud trees based on force field
张 冬1,2,云 挺1,2,薛联凤1*,阮宏华2
2016年02期 [160-166][Abstract](2386)[pdf 2468KB](1341)
343 Influence of heating temperature and time on tensile properties of palm fibers
刘 鑫1,吴智慧1*,张继雷1,2,鲁秋红1,李渝黔3
2016年02期 [149-154][Abstract](2499)[pdf 1461KB](1397)
344 Research on the alkylation modification of cellulose nanofiber separated from moso bamboo
何 文1,李吉平2,金 辉2,田佳西2
2016年02期 [144-148][Abstract](2370)[pdf 1580KB](1512)
345 The cross section structure characteristics of bamboo cell wall with an atomic force microscope
陈 红1,2,吴智慧1*,费本华2*
2016年02期 [139-143][Abstract](2495)[pdf 5669KB](1467)
346 Effect of cuprous chloride on properties of flame retardant system composite phenolic foams
2016年02期 [132-138][Abstract](2187)[pdf 2220KB](1480)
347 Effects of exogenous GA3 on culm form and culm fiber quality of Phyllostachys edulis seedlings neonatal tiller
江 雪1,2,楼 崇2,袁 娜3,岳晋军1,顾小平1*
2016年02期 [121-126][Abstract](2109)[pdf 2385KB](1357)
348 Point pattern analyses on typical secondary forest communities in the mountainous region of southern Jiangsu Province
薛 岑1,刘茂松1*,康 昕1,郑阿宝2,侯嫦英2,关庆伟3,徐 驰1
2016年02期 [107-112][Abstract](2331)[pdf 1975KB](1444)
349 Synthesis and ultraviolet absorption characteristics of 7-arylidene-isolongifolanene
芮 坚1,徐 徐1,2,4,杨益琴3,黄建峰1,王石发1,3,4*
2016年02期 [88-94][Abstract](2634)[pdf 1576KB](1425)
350 Influence of leaf litter and soil leaching liquor on seed germination and seedling growth of Pinus koraiensis
陈立新1,李少博1,乔 璐2,步 凡1,段文标1*
2016年02期 [81-87][Abstract](3862)[pdf 1947KB](1538)
351 Anti-bacterial effects of extracts from the Liriodendron L. barks and leaves
赵亚琦1,吕 言1,张文军1,魏继福2,陈金慧1,施季森1,成铁龙1*
2016年02期 [76-80][Abstract](4039)[pdf 1773KB](1457)
352 Studies on the flower morphology and structure in Bambusa eutuldoides McClure var. viridi-vittata(W.T.Lin)Chia
唐国建1,杨金梅1,丁雨龙2,詹 卉1,赵景威1,王雨珺1,王曙光1*
2016年02期 [71-75][Abstract](2532)[pdf 3428KB](1520)
353 The ultrastructure of anther development in Shibataea chinensis Nakai(Bambusoideae)
林树燕1,2,郑 笑1,张 莉1,姜明云1,丁雨龙1,2*
2016年02期 [65-70][Abstract](2923)[pdf 2971KB](1325)
354 Cloning and expression analysis of ThGF14 gene in Tamarix hispida
宁 坤1,宋 鑫2,李慧玉1*
2016年02期 [33-40][Abstract](2340)[pdf 2539KB](1397)
355 Gray correlation analysis on nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry between Phragmites australis and soil
李 川1,朱陈名1,葛之葳1,李 琪2,李 昱2,薛建辉1
2016年02期 [16-20][Abstract](2575)[pdf 1571KB](1506)
356 Study on the properties of ABS composites reinforced with cellulose nanocrystal
马立波1,2,杨小林2,王思群3, 张 洋1*
2016年01期 [179-182][Abstract](2088)[pdf 1749KB](1825)
357 Evaluation of yield and stability of Camellia oleifera Abel. clones
2016年01期 [174-178][Abstract](2223)[pdf 1370KB](1737)
358 Effects of four microelement fertilizer on growth,quality and yield in Crocus sativus L.
张衡锋1,2,张焕朝1*,韦庆翠2, 李成忠2
2016年01期 [169-173][Abstract](2127)[pdf 1328KB](1725)
359 The change of ecosystem service value along the road in mountainous region— a case study of provincial road 309 in Majiang County, Guizhou Province
2016年01期 [135-141][Abstract](2223)[pdf 2541KB](1697)
360 Dynamic mechanical analysis of moso bamboo timber
2016年01期 [123-128][Abstract](2361)[pdf 1886KB](1880)
361 Synthesis of 6-(2-(3,3-dimethyloxiran-2-yl)ethyl)naphthalene-1,4-dione
罗金岳1,韩 莉1,陆 强1,柳华锋1,刘祖广2
2016年01期 [111-116][Abstract](2167)[pdf 1677KB](1725)
362 The identification of Dalbergia odorifera and D. tonkinensi by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
杨 柳1,方崇荣1,张 建2,于海霞1,王 增1,朱杰丽1,杨伟明1,柴振林1
2016年01期 [97-103][Abstract](2302)[pdf 1835KB](1806)
363 A natural quercetin-based fluorescent sensor for sensitive and selective detection of acetate ions
徐园园1,4,杨世龙1,2,姜维娜1,2,赵俸艺1,4,印 彬4,徐 莉1,3,4*, 高步红3,孙海军3,杜丽婷3,唐 颖3,5,曹福亮1,5
2016年01期 [80-86][Abstract](2137)[pdf 1883KB](1666)
364 The variation and main influencing factors of negative air ions in urban plantation
2016年01期 [73-79][Abstract](2350)[pdf 1747KB](1758)
365 Dynamic changes of trunk sap flow of Picea obovata in the Kanas National Nature Reserve
刘 华1,佘春燕1,白志强2*,李 倩1,刘 端2,韩燕梁2
2016年01期 [65-72][Abstract](2149)[pdf 1878KB](1757)
366 Prediction of potential geographic distribution of alien species Coreopsis grandiflora in China
彭 冶1,王 焱2, 顾 慧1,叶建仁1
2016年01期 [53-58][Abstract](2157)[pdf 1600KB](1985)
367 A survey on the symptoms and endoparasite of the dead pine trees in Vietnam
2016年01期 [44-52][Abstract](2412)[pdf 3505KB](2147)
368 Aerobic composting of pig manure amended with different ratios of ginkgo leave residues
2016年01期 [39-43][Abstract](2089)[pdf 1626KB](1675)
369 Content and distribution of organic carbon in urban forest soil in different function areas in Nanjing City, China
杨靖宇1,俞元春1*,陈 瑜1,王 曦1,2,Vasenev V.I.3
2016年01期 [22-26][Abstract](2391)[pdf 1317KB](1897)
370 The short-term responses of soil available nitrogen to simulated nitrogen deposition in Populus plantations at different ages
王文娟1,赵 超1,杨 鑫1,于水强1*,曹国华2
2016年01期 [15-21][Abstract](3010)[pdf 2444KB](1873)
371 Analysis of growth traits and photosynthetic characteristics of Bombax ceiba among different provenances
倪建中1,王 伟1,郁书君2,贺漫媚1,张继方1,代色平1*
2015年06期 [185-189][Abstract](2793)[pdf 1490KB](2025)