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1 Component detection analysis of floral color formation in Cymbidium ensifolium
2019年04期 [57-62][Abstract](394)[pdf 1590KB](353)
2 Flower bud differentiation and dynamic changes of endogenous hormone in Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge
张 宁1,黄曜曜1,敖 妍1,2*,苏淑钗1,2,刘金凤3,张行杰3,刘觉非4
2019年04期 [33-42][Abstract](537)[pdf 3818KB](335)
3 Ecological security dynamics and trend forecast of coastal wetlands in Hangzhou Bay
李 楠1,2,李龙伟2,陆灯盛2,3,张银龙1*,吴 明4
2019年03期 [107-115][Abstract](562)[pdf 1472KB](481)
4 Influence of roof greening substrate materials on nitrogen and phosphorus characteristics in rainfall runoff
席梦涵1,4,郑思俊2,3,张青萍1*,张 浪1,2,3*
2019年03期 [77-84][Abstract](546)[pdf 1708KB](487)
5 Review on seed dormancy of Pinus bungeana Zucc.
2019年02期 [175-183][Abstract](827)[pdf 1413KB](524)
6 Anther development and floral morphology characteristics of Bambusa oldhami ‘Xia Zao' ZSX
2019年02期 [7-13][Abstract](919)[pdf 3336KB](495)
7 Preparation and antiseptic properties of poplar fiber /Si-B composite materials
陈继超1,姜维娜2,曹文静1,周徐亮2,周晓燕3,徐 莉1,4*
2018年05期 [206-210][Abstract](950)[pdf 1988KB](494)
8 Improved model of canopy shading for fruit tree
2018年05期 [135-140][Abstract](731)[pdf 2439KB](453)
9 Study on leaf nutrient of Camellia oleifera in Jiangxi Province
胡国珠1,2,高 伟1*, 许怡欣3,龚 春1,宁博轩2, 徐林初1, 杨馥宁4
2018年04期 [193-197][Abstract](1335)[pdf 1268KB](841)
10 Characteristic of urban expansion based on CA-SVM model
张 洁1,2,蔡逸涛2*,杨 强3,何立恒3,曹新晴4,侯莉莉2,周 墨2
2018年04期 [148-152][Abstract](1482)[pdf 2268KB](1390)
11 Effects of application of poplar litter and sludge compost on poplar seedling growth in Cd2+-contaminated soil
曹 莉1,3,王艮梅1,2*,续卫利4,普慧梅1,2,杨 园1,3
2018年04期 [68-74][Abstract](1742)[pdf 1576KB](1176)
12 Review of forest health assessment methods
王秋燕1,陈鹏飞1,李学东2,冯 岩3,宋新宇4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [177-183][Abstract](1301)[pdf 1330KB](756)
13 Generalized nonlinear mixed-effects crown base height model of Larix principis-rupprechtii natural secondary forests
段光爽1,2,李学东3,冯 岩4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [170-176][Abstract](1305)[pdf 1741KB](673)
14 Developing a height-diameter relationship model with mixed random effects for Larix principis-rupprechtii natural secondary forests
段光爽1,2,李学东3,冯 岩4,符利勇1*
2018年02期 [163-169][Abstract](1265)[pdf 1416KB](753)
15 Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass for four common greening tree species in Shanghai City, China
张希金1,冷寒冰2,赵广琦2,景 军2,涂爱翠1,宋 坤1,4*,达良俊1,3,4
2018年02期 [141-146][Abstract](1010)[pdf 1368KB](716)
16 Relationship between PM2.5 adsorption and wettability of different trees during summer, autumn in West Mountain of Beijing
陈 波1,蒋 燕2,鲁绍伟1,3,李少宁1,3,陈鹏飞4,刘海龙4,赵东波4
2018年02期 [113-119][Abstract](666)[pdf 1636KB](566)
17 Effects of density adjustment on ground cover and soil hydrological function of Picea asperata plantation in the subalpine region of western Sichuan Province, China
2018年01期 [98-104][Abstract](1104)[pdf 1397KB](846)
18 Analysis on comprehensive utilization of landscape water resources based on UAV digital photogrammetry technology
王 玮1,王 浩2,李卫正3*,乌日汗4,田晓冬5,郭苏明2,陈周翔2,张浩峰1
2018年01期 [7-14][Abstract](1788)[pdf 3524KB](779)
19 Community structure of soil fauna under different land use types in the coastal area of Northern Jiangsu Province
杨宝玲1,2,张文文1,3,范 换1,王邵军4,阮宏华1*,沈彩芹5,曹国华5
2017年06期 [120-126][Abstract](2316)[pdf 1683KB](1233)
20 Study on heterosis estimation and genetic analysis of Eucalyptus hybrids in cold area
李光友1,徐建民1*,王 伟1,吴世军1,朱映安1, 王英生2,潘 建2,郭洪英3,施庭有4
2017年04期 [55-63][Abstract](1566)[pdf 1637KB](991)
21 Ecological study of Keteleeria davidiana populations of Yachang forest farm in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
2017年03期 [71-76][Abstract](1086)[pdf 1554KB](937)
22 Stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus and the content in grassland ecosystem in the upper reaches of Ili River
马 杰1,2,李兰海2*,刘 翔2,白 磊2,高利伟3,朱咏莉4*
2017年03期 [7-14][Abstract](1180)[pdf 1753KB](967)
23 Inorganic nanoparticles as delivery vectors for plant transformation
霍爱玲1,2,陈金慧1,4,甄 艳1,夏 兵1,3,陈桢雨1,施季森1,4*
2016年06期 [162-166][Abstract](3213)[pdf 1327KB](1544)
24 Effects of soil fauna on seasonal variations of soil N mineralization under different land use type
2016年06期 [20-26][Abstract](3905)[pdf 1686KB](1320)
25 SCAR markers-based molecular identification of 20 flowering cherries(Cerasus) cultivars
赵庆杰1,2,李海波1, 屈 燕2,王青华3, 郭 佳4,徐 梁1 Symbolj@@
2016年05期 [34-40][Abstract](3954)[pdf 1524KB](2061)
26 Effect of soil fauna on organic nitrogen mineralization under different land use patterns in a coastal area of northern Jiangsu Province, China
张文文1,杨宝玲1,2,董可嘉1,张雅坤1,彭 赛1,阮宏华1*,郑阿宝1,3,曹国华4
2016年04期 [1-9][Abstract](3487)[pdf 2038KB](1876)
27 Investigation of strain of gradient density interface of plywoodusing digital speckle correlation method
关明杰1,2,付祥飞1,李君彪1,孙丰文1,2,3,尤 健4
2016年03期 [115-120][Abstract](2427)[pdf 3331KB](1832)
28 Hyperspectral response and light response of the Populus×euramericana ‘Neva' under different nitrogen nutrition levels
王鑫梅1,牟洪香1*,杨可伟1,赵 雪1,孙 晓1,程志庆2,王鹤松3,4
2016年03期 [70-74][Abstract](2614)[pdf 1891KB](852)
29 Synthesis and ultraviolet absorption characteristics of 7-arylidene-isolongifolanene
芮 坚1,徐 徐1,2,4,杨益琴3,黄建峰1,王石发1,3,4*
2016年02期 [88-94][Abstract](2761)[pdf 1576KB](1469)
30 A natural quercetin-based fluorescent sensor for sensitive and selective detection of acetate ions
徐园园1,4,杨世龙1,2,姜维娜1,2,赵俸艺1,4,印 彬4,徐 莉1,3,4*, 高步红3,孙海军3,杜丽婷3,唐 颖3,5,曹福亮1,5
2016年01期 [80-86][Abstract](2222)[pdf 1883KB](1730)
31 Effects of different vegetation recovery types on soil chemical and microbial biomass properties in Maolan Karst region
2015年05期 [73-80][Abstract](3591)[pdf 1932KB](2116)
32 External nitrogen input and soil inorganic nitrogen pool in different stands of poplar plantations
燕亚飞1,2,3,田 野1,2,方升佐1,2 Symbolj@@ ,宋 浩1,2,囤兴建1,2,4
2015年04期 [69-74][Abstract](2673)[pdf 1776KB](2241)
33 Auxology analysis of galls of Phylloxera notabilis on Carya illinoensis(Wangenh.)
周 平1,4,叶 健2,窦全琴3,曹 霞1,高 瑾1,巨云为1,4*
2015年04期 [26-30][Abstract](3869)[pdf 2347KB](2204)
34 Developing an online estimation and query system of net primary productivity of China based on RIA technology
耿 君1,2,涂丽丽1,吕春光1,阮宏华2*,田庆久1,瞿子晶3,李 平2,田德山4,吴国训2,王 磊1
2015年03期 [167-171][Abstract](2788)[pdf 2317KB](1995)
35 Research on the features of DNA methylation in embryo ripening period ofFraxinus mandshurica Rupr. based on the method of MSAP
丛建民1,陈凤清1,沈海龙2,4*,李玉花3,4, 张 鹏2,4,杨 玲2,4
2015年03期 [39-44][Abstract](4068)[pdf 1450KB](107711)
36 Research progress of biological control by use of insects to deliver pathogens
2015年02期 [155-162][Abstract](3226)[pdf 1463KB](2174)
37 Relationship between yield and its components in new variety ‘Dafeng 95’ of Hevea brasiliensis at young and middle tapping ages
2015年02期 [63-68][Abstract](2632)[pdf 1357KB](2027)
38 Study on removing ginkgolic acids from EGb by coordination-organic solvent method
杨世龙1,黄春丽2,唐 颖3,徐 莉2,3,4*,蒋国斌5, 曹福亮4,5*,雷 萌2,陈 泳2,王燕芹2
2015年02期 [7-13][Abstract](3095)[pdf 1563KB](2326)
39 Quantitative analysis of the main forest vegetation spatial characteristic in terrain gradient of Argun National Nature Reserve
龚文峰1,孙 海2,智长贵3,张 静1,范文义4*
2015年01期 [79-85][Abstract](3014)[pdf 2041KB](2279)
40 Genetic variation and early selection of growth traits in 8-year-old open-pollinated progenies of the 3rd germplasm of Chinese fir
郑仁华1,施季森2,肖 晖1,黄金华3,苏顺德1,许鲁平4, 欧阳磊1,张志才3,叶代全3,方扬辉3
2014年06期 [38-42][Abstract](1673)[pdf 1394KB](1021)
41 Niche characteristics of dominant population of Cerasus clarofolia community in Huangshan Mountain
2014年增刊 [39-46][Abstract](3022)[pdf 1385KB](2459)
42 Three new cultivars of Osmanthus fragrans from East China
臧德奎1,2,孙美萍3,董斌仁4,向其柏 1*,刘玉莲1
2014年04期 [0-][Abstract](3151)[pdf 3587KB](2227)
43 Thermostability of xylanase(XynB)by introducing Arg into its Ser/Thr surface
李 飞1,2,解静聪1,李 琦1,张雪松4,赵林果1, 3*
2014年04期 [107-112][Abstract](3447)[pdf 1719KB](3824)
44 A novel QTL mapping model for allometric growth and pleiotropic extension
2014年03期 [35-39][Abstract](3460)[pdf 1777KB](2349)
45 Effects of soil fauna on litter decomposition and its community structure under different land use patterns in coastal region of northern Jiangsu province
2014年03期 [1-7][Abstract](4149)[pdf 1627KB](2453)
46 A study on stand growth process for three dominant forest types in Changbai Mountain
刘 洋1,2,亢新刚1*,郭艳荣3,铁 牛2,高 祥4,赵东宁4
2014年02期 [63-67][Abstract](3231)[pdf 1340KB](2197)
47 Fiber morphology of different variation types of Neosinocalamus affinis(Rendle)Keng f.
甘小洪1,2,陈 凤1,2,林树燕3,丁雨龙3,谢 海4
2013年04期 [99-104][Abstract](3178)[pdf 637KB](1911)
48 Fertility quality assessment of urban green space soils in Xuzhou city
司志国1, 2,彭志宏2,俞元春1,3*,唐 虹4,俞小鹏1,白玉杰1,关庆伟1
2013年03期 [60-64][Abstract](4256)[pdf 603KB](2163)
49 Quantitative characteristics of natural regeneration population of Jatropha curcas Linn. in dry hot valley of Yuanmou in Yunnan
宋立奕1,郎南军2,3*,郑 科3,艾 畅4
2013年03期 [53-59][Abstract](3944)[pdf 887KB](2081)
50 Single tree height growth models of Larix gmelinii natural forest
马利强1,玉 宝2,王立明3,张秋良4*
2013年02期 [169-172][Abstract](3523)[pdf 457KB](2115)
51 Study on the effectiveness to control Notodontidae in Populus×euramericana by releasing Trichogramma dendrolimi in Northern Jiangsu Area
高 悦1,解春霞1,王光标2,于洪林3,俞 蓉4,张 胜4
2013年02期 [92-96][Abstract](3055)[pdf 625KB](1885)
52 Carbon storage and density of poplars in China
2013年02期 [1-7][Abstract](4750)[pdf 762KB](2244)
53 Spatial-temporal variations of leaf area index(LAI)in Jiangxi province during 2000—2011 based on MODIS data
吴国训1,2,阮宏华1*,李显风3,居为民4,耿 君1
2013年01期 [11-17][Abstract](3768)[pdf 3907KB](2372)
54 Comparison of the photosynthetic characteristics of Dendrocalamus asper introduced in different latitude regions
2012年06期 [53-57][Abstract](3761)[pdf 743KB](2127)
55 The variations of soil labile organic carbon in four plantations in south of Jiangsu province
李 平1,王国兵1,郑阿宝2,沈玉娟1,赵琦齐1,王琳飞 1,蒋如生3,李 莉4,阮宏华1*
2012年04期 [79-83][Abstract](3975)[pdf 688KB](2134)
56 The dynamics of soil microbial biomass nitrogen of poplar plantation with different stand ages and rotations
王艮梅1,韦庆翠1,2, 袁 润1,3, 张焕朝1*,王福好4, 颜开义4
2012年03期 [69-73][Abstract](4476)[pdf 610KB](2023)
57 Analysis of soil respiration in a montane evergreen broad-leaved forest and an artificial tea garden in Ailao Mountains, Yunnan province
2012年03期 [64-68][Abstract](4526)[pdf 908KB](2083)
58 The health index system of different forest types in Zhejiang province
2012年01期 [145-148][Abstract](3621)[pdf 1332KB](2142)
59 Assessment of shrub and herb diversity ordering by Rényi diversity profiles for Kunyushan Forest Reserve
2012年01期 [73-78][Abstract](3294)[pdf 1456KB](2241)
60 Longterm trends of heat factors in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
2012年01期 [48-52][Abstract](3412)[pdf 1899KB](2215)
61 The biomass dynamic analysis of public walfare forest inXianju county of Zhejiang province
2011年05期 [147-150][Abstract](3505)[pdf 1283KB](1535)
62 Effects of insectresistant transgenic cotton on soil nutrients and enzyme activities
2011年05期 [21-24][Abstract](2505)[pdf 1310KB](1325)
63 Genetic analysis on fruits and seedlings characters variation of F1 between Carya cathayensis and C. illinoensis
2011年03期 [29-][Abstract](2815)[pdf 1145KB](1398)
64 Recent advance of reproductive biology in Rhododendron L.
田晓玲1,马永鹏2,3 ,张长芹2, 汤庚国1*,张敬丽4
2011年03期 [25-][Abstract](4372)[pdf 1578KB](2809)
65 Study on the distribution pattern and niche of endangered Magnolia sieboldii in Jilin province
2011年03期 [6-][Abstract](2932)[pdf 1150KB](1280)
66 The survival rate of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus on different moisture of woody packaging material
2010年05期 [63-65][Abstract](3104)[pdf 752KB](1565)
67 The relation of crown structure with poplar canker under different stand density
2010年04期 [79-82][Abstract](3082)[pdf 562KB](1436)
68 Effect of superhigh temperature heat treatment on Fraxinus mandshurica board’s dimension stability
2010年03期 [113-116][Abstract](3350)[pdf 547KB](1542)
69 Analysis of nutrient input and output in a Phyllostachys pubescens ecosystem of southern Sichuan province
2010年02期 [31-36][Abstract](2995)[pdf 869KB](1509)
70 Soil biochemical activities under different land uses in typical degenerated mountainous region of western Yunnan
2009年06期 [79-][Abstract](3103)(1)
71 Effect of drought stress on soluble sugar content in needles of Pinus massoniana seedlings from different provenances
2009年05期 [55-][Abstract](3651)(1)
72 Parameter identification of woodbamboo composites used as the busplatform using EMA theory
2009年02期 [103-][Abstract](2526)[pdf 1070KB](1486)
73 The application of the Pilodyn to assess wood traits of living trees in Pinus armandii
梁保松1,2,朱景乐3,王军辉1,张守攻1*,张建国1,孙晓梅1,赵 鲲4
2008年06期 [97-101][Abstract](1615)(1)
74 Use of support vector machines algorithm to map MERIS land cover and its spatial agreement analysis
李明诗1,Chandra Giri2,朱智良3,吕 恒4,潘 洁1,温卫松5,徐 达5,刘安兴5
2008年06期 [73-78][Abstract](1475)(1)
75 RAPD analysis of population genetic diversity of Tamarix chinensis in Yellow River delta
2008年05期 [56-60][Abstract](1744)(1)
76 Characteristics of biomass and root distribution of Pinus massoniana with different dominance
2008年04期 [71-75][Abstract](1715)[pdf 4387KB](785)
77 Differences of leaf traits between pioneer and non-pioneer tree species in early succession stage of tropical montane rain forest
2008年04期 [28-32][Abstract](1841)[pdf 4480KB](956)
78 Variability studies of Cordia africana an indigenous timber species of Ethiopia
徐卿1,薛中官2,Bjzuayehu Geremew3,赵统利4,张景友1,江乃建1,苗乃运1,李玉萍1
2008年03期 [145-147][Abstract](1434)[pdf 2270KB](930)
79 Field experiment of control poplar longicorn with composite management and released natural enemy
2008年03期 [103-106][Abstract](1421)[pdf 3279KB](787)
80 Chemical composition and pulping properties of Dendrocalamus barbatus
杨 清1,2,周承贵3,苏光荣4,许丛恒4,王正良1,郭永杰1,韩 蕾5*
2008年01期 [69-][Abstract](6520)[pdf 693KB](4040)
81 Dynamic Variation of Endogenous Polyamines Contents in Bulbs of Lycoris radiata During the Florescence
2007年05期 [117-120][Abstract](2186)[pdf 249KB](965)
82 Analyses of Genetic Diversity Among 65 Chrysanthemum Cultivars Based on AFLP
2007年05期 [67-70][Abstract](1830)[pdf 263KB](996)
83 Casuarina Introduction Trials at Yuanmou Hot Dry River Valley
2007年04期 [57-60][Abstract](1645)[pdf 2947KB](730)
84 A Study on Bleaching Properties of KP Pulp of Larix kaempferi
2007年03期 [87-90][Abstract](1545)[pdf 2966KB](699)
85 Effects of 18 Clones of Populus deltoides on the Activities of Digestive and Protective Enzymes in Larva of Clostera anastomosis
2007年02期 [127-129][Abstract](1997)[pdf 2173KB](938)
86 Spatial and Temporal Variation of Runoff and Contributions of Different Water Sources in the Alpine Valley
2007年02期 [23-26][Abstract](1394)[pdf 3640KB](719)
87 Research on Nutrition Dynamics of Pinus radiata Young Plantation in Arid Valley in the Upper Reaches of Minjiang River
2007年01期 [31-36][Abstract](1763)[pdf 355KB](763)
88 The Regeneration Strategies and Spatial Pattern of Woody Species in the Mixed Coniferous and Broadleaf Forest in Dinghu Mountains
2006年05期 [34-38][Abstract](1646)[pdf 4717KB](802)
89 The Relationship between Economy Urge Factor and the Development of Urban Man-made Landscape
2006年04期 [132-134][Abstract](1384)[pdf 2211KB](889)
90 Dry Shrinkage Property of Lime-fly-ash Bound Macadam Joined with Steel Slag
2006年04期 [89-92][Abstract](1361)[pdf 2917KB](687)
91 Soil Water Content and Its Dynamics in Arid River Valley Region in Upper Reaches of Minjiang River
2006年04期 [64-68][Abstract](1536)[pdf 4819KB](774)
92 Characteristics of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Soil Along the Highway of Erdos
2006年02期 [15-19][Abstract](1731)[pdf 4335KB](794)
93 Study on Root Rot Disease and Control of Peony
2005年06期 [69-72][Abstract](1574)[pdf 3389KB](1729)
94 Identification of Species from Magnoliaceae via Seeds Morphology
2005年05期 [97-100][Abstract](1725)[pdf 3563KB](864)
95 Effects of Drought on Proline Content in Seedlings of Four Woody Species
2005年05期 [33-36][Abstract](1367)[pdf 3272KB](751)
96 Selection of Superior Clones of Chinese Fir for Fibre Wood
2005年05期 [21-24][Abstract](2173)[pdf 3487KB](812)
97 The Physical Properties of Larix kaempferi Pulp
2005年03期 [41-44][Abstract](1687)[pdf 3282KB](747)
98 The Comparison of Pollen Viability Determination among 17 Ornamental Trees of Prunus
2005年02期 [29-32][Abstract](1267)[pdf 2916KB](639)
99 On the Problem and Orientation of Regional Forestry Eco-environmental Construction in China
2005年02期 [1-5][Abstract](1211)[pdf 5496KB](684)
100 Genetic Variation on Tracheid Microfibril Angle of Chinese Fir Clones
2005年01期 [11-14][Abstract](2304)[pdf 3321KB](766)