Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition)2002 06

2002 06 [1-1][Article][PDF: 348 KB]
2002 06 [35-35][Article][PDF: 224 KB]
Effects of Horizontal Density Variation on Properties of Wood Strand Composites
MEI Changtong1,DAI Chunping2,ZHOU Dingguo1
2002 06 [1-4][Article][PDF: 343 KB]
The Structure and Properties of Laminated Bamboo-wood Composite Lumber
JIANG Shenxue,ZHU Yixin,ZHANG Qisheng
2002 06 [10-12][Article][PDF: 407 KB]
Purification and Characterization of Xylanases from Trichoderma reesei
MAO Lianshan1,2,SONG Xiangyang1,YONG Qiang1,YANG Fuguo3,YAO Chuncai1,YU Shiyuan1
2002 06 [13-16][Article][PDF: 522 KB]
The Controlling Effects of Shelter Forest on Non-point Source Pollution of Agricultural Lands in Taihu Lake Area
CHEN Jinlin1,PAN Genxing2,ZHANG Aiguo1,YU Bin1,TIAN Weibin1
2002 06 [17-20][Article][PDF: 536 KB]
The Ecological Strategy of Clonal Growth of Qiongzhuea tumidinoda Under Different Levels of Water Resource Supply
DONG Wenyuan1,HUANG Baolong2,XIE Zexuan3,XIE Zhouhua3,LIU Houyuan4
2002 06 [21-24][Article][PDF: 572 KB]
Control of Carbon Tendency Based on Single-factor Method by Oxygen Sensor
PAN Yifan,ZHAO Maocheng,ZHAI Enyu
2002 06 [25-27][Article][PDF: 412 KB]
Phenological Observation and Diurnal Change of Net Photosynthetic Rate of Liriodendron
JI Kongshu1,YANG Xiuyan2,YANG Dechao3,WANG Zhangrong1
2002 06 [28-32][Article][PDF: 536 KB]
The Mathematical Model and Control System of Round Wood with No Center Peeling
CHEN Xueyong1,PAN Tianhong2,WANG Jinhai3
2002 06 [45-48][Article][PDF: 480 KB]
Analytical Design on Steering Motion of Wheeled Vehicle
HUANG Xiaoping,MAO Jinming
2002 06 [49-53][Article][PDF: 462 KB]
Effects of the Content of Main Chemical Composition of Slash Pine for Pulpwood on Planting Density
ZHANG Yaoli1,XU Yongji1,LONG Yingzhong2,WU Jiyou2
2002 06 [60-62][Article][PDF: 465 KB]
Reviews on Resistance of Baldcypress
WANG Guibin,CAO Fuliang
2002 06 [78-82][Article][PDF: 691 KB]
Current Situations and Prospects on the Microfibril Angle Research of Wood
FU Xiangxiang,YANG Wenzhong,FANG Shengzuo
2002 06 [83-87][Article][PDF: 701 KB]
2002 06 [99-99][Article][PDF: 1014 KB]