ZHANG Qingping,LIANG Huilin,LI Weizheng,et al.Research of the application of digital survey techniques in private garden[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2018,42(01):001-6.





Research of the application of digital survey techniques in private garden
张青萍1梁慧琳1李卫正2杨梦珂1朱灵茜1黄 安1
1.南京林业大学风景园林学院,江苏 南京 210037; 2.南京林业大学现代分析测试中心,江苏 南京 210037
ZHANG Qingping1 LIANG Huilin1 LI Weizheng2 YANG Mengke1 ZHU Lingxi1 HUANG An1
1.College of Landscape Architecture, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037,China; 2.Advanced Analysis and Testing Center, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037,China
私家园林 数字化测绘 三维激光扫描 近景摄影测量 无人机 苏州遂园
Keywords:private garden digital measure three-dimensional laser scanner close-range photogrammetry unmanned aerial vehicle Sui Garden Suzhou City
TU986; TU198
【Object】 This study was aimed at developing efficient digital measurement methods and result expression for private gardens, and provides a basis for landscape research and protection of heritage private gardens. 【Method】 We analyzed the characteristics of private gardens, the contents and tasks involved in the survey and mapping, and compared the major measurement techniques and expression of results. With Sui Garden, Suzhou as an example, we conducted three-dimensional terrestrial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry with unmanned aerial vehicle for its survey from ground and air. Then, we used Cyclone software to register, clean, color and section the point clouds generated by three-dimensional terrestrial laser scanning, and used Pix4DMapper for joining, point cloud generation and three-dimensional reality-based modeling. Finally, we sketched and addressed the measured drawing based on point cloud sections using multiple software applications. 【Result】 This paper presents specific survey methods and the types, effects, characteristics and methods of drawing suitable for private gardens, as well as the three-dimensional point-cloud model of elements in the garden, two-dimensional line drawings of planes and sections for the garden and architecture, ortho-photograph maps, and three-dimensional reality-based models of the upper region of the garden and its surrounding. 【Conclusion】 The current measurement methods for private gardens mainly include three-dimensional laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry. The selection of methods for survey and expression should consider the requirements and effects of survey and mapping, work efficiency and cost. The combination of three-dimensional terrestrial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry using unmanned aerial vehicles is a highly effective method to obtain information for further research on garden space and elements.


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