[1]张 虎,曹福亮*,范俊俊,等.淹水胁迫对湖北海棠生长及叶绿素荧光动力学的影响[J].南京林业大学学报(自然科学版),2018,42(01):035-40.
 ZHANG Hu,CAO Fuliang*,FAN Junjun,et al.Effects of flooding stress on the growth and chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics of Malus hupehensis[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2018,42(01):035-40.





Effects of flooding stress on the growth and chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics of Malus hupehensis
张 虎1曹福亮2* 范俊俊2 张往祥2
1. 江苏农林职业技术学院风景园林学院,江苏 句容 212400; 2.南京林业大学林学院,江苏 南京 210037
ZHANG Hu1 CAO Fuliang2* FAN Junjun2 ZHANG Wangxiang2
1. College of Landscape Architecture, Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry, Jurong 212400, China; 2. College of Forestry, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
湖北海棠 淹水胁迫 耐涝性 叶绿素荧光
Keywords:Malus hupehensis flooding stress waterlegging resistance chlorophyll fluorescence
S718; Q945
【目的】评价湖北海棠耐涝性,并从色素含量和叶绿素荧光动力学角度分析其耐涝机制。【方法】通过人工模拟淹水胁迫,对淹水胁迫过程中湖北海棠生长形态、叶片外观及叶绿素快相荧光动力学特征进行分析。【结果】①淹水处理显著抑制湖北海棠的生长,但淹水30~200 d苗木成活率仍为100%。②淹水后叶色转红,叶绿素与类胡萝卜素(Car)和花青素(Anth)的相对含量比值(mChl/mCar+Anth)显著下降。③进行叶绿素荧光动力学观测发现,处理叶片在O相的初始荧光Fo显著高于对照,在P相的最大荧光Fm显著低于对照,且淹水后在J相处的可变荧光Vj升幅(3.4%~9.0%)大于K相处的可变荧光Vk升幅(3.8%~11.6%)。随着淹水时间的延长,叶片单位面积的反应中心数目(RC/CSm)和PS Ⅱ电子受体库容量(Sm)显著降低,电子由QA向QB的传递过程受抑制,导致PSⅡ向PSⅠ的电子传递能力降低(Ψo和φRo),最终表现为综合性能参数(PItotal)受到显著抑制,而叶片的热耗散(DIo/CSm)显著递增。【结论】淹水胁迫显著抑制湖北海棠生长,但并不致死,因此可认为其具备一定的耐水淹能力。虽然淹水对湖北海棠叶片PSⅡ电子受体侧的影响大于供体侧,但叶片可通过增加热耗散比及Car和Anth相对含量比例来降低激发能的产生,以及过剩激发能的伤害,从而提高其耐水淹能力。
【Objective】The goal of this study was to evaluate waterlogging tolerance of Malus hupehensis, and analyze the waterlogging resistance in terms of pigment relative content and chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics. 【Method】The growth, morphology, leaf appearance, and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of M. hupehensis during flooding were analyzed by artificial simulation of flooding stress.【Result】①The growth of M. hupehensis was significantly inhibited by flooding treatment, but the survival rate of seedlings was 100% after 30 days to 200 days flooding. ②The leaves gradually turned red, and the ratio of relative content of chlorophyll to carotenoids and anthocyanin(mChl/mCar+Anth)decreased significantly after flooding. ③ The results of chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics showed that the initial fluorescence Fo(at the O phase)was significantly higher than that in the control, but the maximum fluorescence Fm(at the P phase)was significantly lower than that in the control. After the flooding, the increasing rate of the variable fluorescence Vj(3.4%-9.0%)compared with that of the control was larger than that of Vk(3.8%-11.6%). With prolongation of flooding stress, the number of reaction centers(RC/CSm)and the capacity of PSⅡ(Sm)significantly decreased, and the transfer of electrons from QA to QB was inhibited, which resulted in reducing the ability of electronic transmission from PSⅡ to PSⅠ(Ψo and φRo). Finally, as a result, the performance indexes(PItotal)significantly decreased. However, the value of DIo/CSm increased to reduce the generation of excitation energy.【Conclusion】Flooding significantly inhibited the growth of M. hupehensis, but no seedling died. Therefore, it could be considered that M. hupehensis had a certain waterlogging resistance. Although the effect on the electron acceptor of PSⅡwas greater than that of the donor, M. hupehensis could decrease the excitation energy to improve the flood resistance by increasing heat dissipation ratio, carotenoid and anthocyanin relative content.


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