WEI Dongshan,ZHANG Qiuliang*,CHANG Jinbao.A study on mechanism of propagation and shoot cutting of Monarda didyma[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2018,42(05):039-45.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201801045]





A study on mechanism of propagation and shoot cutting of Monarda didyma
内蒙古农业大学林学院,内蒙古 呼和浩特 010019
WEI Dongshan ZHANG Qiuliang* CHANG Jinbao
College of Forestry, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot 010019, China
美国薄荷 嫩枝扦插 插穗 解剖学 生根机理
Monarda didyma shoot cutting cuttings anatomy rooting physiology
S682; Q945.1
【目的】对美国薄荷进行嫩枝扦插繁殖系统研究,分析其多因素优化繁殖条件及生根机理,为寒旱地区城市森林地被植物的扦插繁殖技术研究提供理论基础和技术借鉴。【方法】通过嫩枝扦插正交试验,确定美国薄荷最优繁殖条件组合; 进行形态学、解剖学及生理学研究,揭示插穗生成不定根的组织学起源、生根类型及其营养物质代谢基本规律、植物酶保护系统对有害物质动态消长变化的响应机制等。【结果】美国薄荷嫩枝扦插优化繁殖条件最优水平组合为A2B1C2D3(即基质为V蛭石:V草炭土=7:3,插穗采枝条顶部,长度为10 cm, ABT生根粉含量为1 000 mg/kg),其根系成团率为100%,成团时间为23d; 不同插穗部位对根系成团率的影响最大; 根原基类型属于诱生根原基,生根方式为混合型生根,但愈伤组织的形成与不定根的产生彼此独立; 可溶性蛋白质含量、POD酶、SOD酶同MDA含量动态变化呈显著或极显著相关关系。【结论】嫩枝扦插适用于美国薄荷的繁殖; 植物扦插生根的难易程度并不完全取决于是否具有潜伏根原始体,而决定于植物本身的生物学遗传特性和扦插关键技术正确运用等综合因素; 可溶性蛋白质及植物酶保护系统在逆境胁迫下对有害物质动态变化的响应机制,对根原基和愈伤组织的形成起到了重要作用。
【Objective】Identify the optimum multi-factor combination for propagation and the mechanism of rooting of shoot cutting propagation of Monarda didyma, with the goal of providing the theoretical basis and technical support for shoot cutting propagation of ground cover plants as applied in urban forests of cold and arid regions.【Method】Based on the orthogonal test of shoot cutting propagation, the optimized multi-factor combination for propagation was determined. Anatomical and physiological studies, as well as a morphological study of M. didyma were conducted to reveal the histologic origin of adventitious roots, rooting type, the basic law of nutrient metabolism, and the response of protective enzymes against the dynamic fluctuation of harmful substances.【Result】The optimal combination for shoot cutting propagation of M. didyma was A2B1C2D3(the substrate with the ratio of the vermiculite and peat soil is 7:3 and the cutting taken from the top with length 10 cm, ABT concentration to 1 000 mg/kg)with 100% root balls forming within 23 d. Different positions of cuttings on the branch substantially affected root ball forming rate. The root primordia originated by the induced pattern, and the mixed rooting mode produced the roots. The callus formations on the cutting base were independent from adventitious root production. There were significant and highly significant correlations between the dynamic variation contents of soluble protein, POD, SOD and MDA.【Conclusion】Shoot cuttings is suitable for the propagation of M. didyma. Crucial factors of shoot rooting were not totally dependent upon the existence of root primordium in the cutting slips, which should be a plant hereditary character and dependent upon use of key techniques. The response mechanism of soluble proteins and the plant enzyme protection system to the dynamic changes in harmful substances under stress played an important role in the formation of root primordium and the callus.


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