YAN Shaopeng,ZI Xiaoxue,WANG Qiuyu.Intracellular proteome analysis of Piptoporus betulinus induced by different wood substrates[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2019,43(01):181-185.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201702019]





Intracellular proteome analysis of Piptoporus betulinus induced by different wood substrates
东北林业大学生命科学学院,黑龙江 哈尔滨 150040
YAN ShaopengZI XiaoxueWANG Qiuyu
College of Life Science, Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040,China
底物诱导 桦剥管菌 胞内蛋白 差异表达
substrate induction Piptoporus betulinus intracellular protein differential expression
【目的】研究桦剥管菌在不同木质底物诱导下细胞内蛋白的差异表达情况,探讨桦剥管菌降解木材机理。【方法】以白桦、云杉木屑为诱导底物,利用蛋白质组双向电泳技术(2-DE)结合质谱技术(MALDI-TOF/TOF MS),检测桦剥管菌在不同树种木屑诱导下与对照组(未加木屑)相比菌体胞内蛋白质变化情况,对差异蛋白进行生物信息学分析。【结果】在白桦和云杉木屑诱导下,桦剥管菌细胞内蛋白表达发生了明显变化,处理组(添加木屑)共检测到32个细胞内差异表达蛋白点,经质谱检测及数据库检索,成功鉴定17个差异蛋白点,这些蛋白具有转移酶、水解酶、蛋白结合、细胞信号转导等分子功能,涉及分解代谢、有机物质代谢、氮化合物代谢、初级代谢、细胞生物合成和刺激响应过程。【结论】桦剥管菌降解木材是多种蛋白质共同作用的结果,通过调节多种代谢过程中的相关蛋白表达来发挥作用。
【Objective】In this paper, we investigated the differential expression of intracellular proteins induced by different woody substrates, and explored the degradation mechanism of wood by Piptoporus betulinus.【Method】Wood sawdust of birch and spruce were used as inducing substrates, the protein two-dimensional electrophoresis technique(2-DE)and mass spectrometry(MALDI-TOF / TOF MS)was used to detect the changes in Piptoporus betulinus intracellular protein induced by wood sawdust compared with the control group(without sawdust), and analyze the differences in bioinformatics.【Result】The Piptoporus betulinus intracellular protein expression changed significantly induced by birch and spruce sawdust. A total of 32 intracellular differential expression protein sites were detected in the treatment group(adding sawdust), 17 differential protein sites were successfully identified by mass spectrometry and database retrieval. These proteins had transferase, hydrolase, protein binding, and cell signal transduction molecular functions, and were involved in the stimulation of organic compounds, metabolism and metabolic processes.【Conclusions】The degradation of wood by Piptoporus betulinus is the result of the interaction of various proteins, regulating the expression of related proteins in various metabolic processes.


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