GE Zhi wei,GONG Ji rui*,DUAN Qing wei,et al.Diurnal and monthly variation of soil respiration during growing season in Yili, Xinjiang[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2009,33(02):065.[doi:10.3969/j.jssn.1000-2006.2009.02.016]





Diurnal and monthly variation of soil respiration during growing season in Yili, Xinjiang
GE Zhiwei1 GONG Jirui1* DUAN Qingwei1 YOU Xin1 ZHANG Xinshi12
1.College of Resources Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China; 2.Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100093, China
fast growing poplar shelterbelt growing season soil respiration soil temperature Power model Yili area
在新疆伊犁地区选定了9块地理位置接近、环境类似、不同龄级的速生杨防护林。每月对林地土壤呼吸、土壤温度进行测定,分析可知:新疆伊犁地区生长季内(5至10月)速生杨防护林土壤呼吸在7、8两个月内最活跃;日变化最大值出现在16:00左右,月变化的最大绝对值和相对值都出现在生长最旺盛的8月。随着林分年龄的增长,土壤呼吸日变化和月变化的相对差值和最大值都有减小的趋势,而且土壤呼吸随土壤温度(地下5 cm)变化呈Power曲线分布。
As a large carbon pool, the shelter forest is an important part in the study on the CO2 fixing efficiency of the forest ecosystem. The soil respiration is a dispensable part of the CO2 fixing efficiency. Nine fast growing poplar in the shelter forest were selected, which all were close to each other and in the similar environment and different age level. The data were collected monthly in the growing season (May to October). The soil temperature and respiration were observed. The analysis results revealed that the most active soil respiration was observed in July and August during the growing season in Yili, Xinjiang. The maximum of soil respiration in the daytime appeared around 16:00. The largest absolute and relative value both could be found in August, the bloom month of plants in Xinjiang. As the growing of the forests, the absolute and relative changing of soil respiration in the daytime and every month were diminished. From the results of estimating, the R2 reaches the peak when comparing the function between the soil temperature (5 cm under the soil surface) and respiration with the Power model.


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