[1]王新军,曹 磊,王 燕,等.苏南城市中心区屋顶绿化适建性及生态价值评价[J].南京林业大学学报(自然科学版),2017,41(06):153-157.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201611037]
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Feasibility and ecological value assessment of roof greening in the central urban area of southern Jiangsu
王新军13曹 磊2王 燕1王继开1赵言文3*
1.常州工学院艺术与设计学院,江苏 常州 213002; 2.南京林业大学艺术设计学院,江苏 南京 210037; 3.南京农业大学资源与环境科学学院,江苏 南京 210095
WANG Xinjun13 CAO Lei2 WANG Yan1 WANG Jikai1ZHAO Yanwen3*
1. School of Art and Design, Changzhou Institute of Technology, Changzhou 213002, China; 2. College of Art and Design, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China; 3.College of Resources and Environmental Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
屋顶绿化 适建性评估 生态价值 常州新北区
Keywords:roof greening feasibility assessment ecological value Xinbei District Changzhou City
【目的】评估城市屋顶资源进行绿化建设的可行性并评价其生态价值,从可持续角度安全地开展屋顶绿化建设,帮助规划与管理者进行屋顶绿化的管理与决策。【方法】以江苏省常州市新北中心区为例,构建屋顶绿化适建性指标体系,运用遥感影像收集指标数据,应用Arcmap软件的叠图法和重分类法进行屋顶绿化的适建性评估; 使用市场价值法评价屋顶绿化的空气质量、固碳释氧、降温节能、雨洪调节4方面的生态价值。【结果】研究区域内15.05 万m2的屋顶面积中7.26万m2适建屋顶绿化,其中适建密集型1.96万m2,混合式约4万m2,拓展型约1.3万m2; 研究区屋顶绿化生态功能价值为16.87元/(m2·a)。【结论】该评估方法能够全面分析研究区域内屋顶绿化建设的可行性与可持续性,有助于提高城市建筑屋顶的使用效率。
【Objective】A scientific and systematic assessment of the feasibility and ecological value of urban roof greening construction is the prerequisite for a safe and sustainable exploitation of the idle roof resources in cities. It also profits urban ecological environment and assists city planners and managers in their decision-making regarding green roof development.【Method】 This study selects the center area of Xinbei District, Changzhou City as a target and aims to build an index system for the feasibility and ecological value assessment of urban roof greening. Remote sensing image technology is employed to collect data for the index system, combined with raster image overlay and reclass methods in ArcMap software for construction feasibility evaluation. 【Result】These methods reveal that in the total roof area of approximately 150 500 m2, 72 600 m2 proves suitable for roof greening, among which 19 600 m2 is fit for intensive greening, 40 000 m2 for semi-intensive greening and 13 000 m2 for extensive greening. After feasibility assessment, market value method is then applied to analyze the ecological value of roof greening in the center of Xinbei District from four aspects, namely, air quality promotion, carbon fixation and oxygen release, energy conservation, and rainwater adjustment. The ecological value is found to be 16.87 Yuan( RMB)/(m2·a).【Conclusion】The study comprehensively analyze the feasibility and sustainability of roof greening construction in the study area, and help to improve the efficiency of the use of urban building roof.


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