[1]任 丽,董京祥,杨 洋,等.白桦BpTCP7基因启动子的克隆及表达分析[J].南京林业大学学报(自然科学版),2019,43(01):032-38.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.20186025]
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Cloning and expression analysis of BpTCP7 promoter from Betula platyphylla
任 丽董京祥杨 洋黄海娇李慧玉*
东北林业大学,林木遗传育种国家重点实验室,黑龙江 哈尔滨 150040
REN LiDONG JingxiangYANG YangHUANG HaijiaoLI Huiyu*
Key Laboratory of Tree Genetic Imporement and Biotechnology, Northeast Forestry University,Harbin 150040,China
白桦 BpTCP7启动子 顺式作用元件 克隆 表达分析
Betula platyphylla BpTCP7 promoter cis-elements analysis clone expression analysis
【目的】研究BpTCP7启动子的表达模式,为深入分析BpTCP7基因功能提供一定参考。【方法】克隆了BpTCP7基因上游1 791 bp启动子序列,通过PLACE和Plant CARE网址对顺式作用元件进行分析,然后转入拟南芥,并分析BpTCP7启动子的组织表达特性及盐、旱胁迫应答反应。【结果】BpTCP7启动子序列中含有与细胞周期、开花、叶片发育、激素及胁迫响应等相关的顺式作用元件。该启动子在拟南芥中的表达模式呈现为营养生长阶段和生殖生长阶段均有表达,且在叶片中表达明显,与此同时,BpTCP7启动子在幼嫩、成熟叶片的边缘均有表达。与对照相比,NaCl、PEG胁迫诱导处理后BpTCP7基因表达量有升高的现象。【结论】BpTCP7基因参与白桦的叶片发育、激素应答、胁迫响应(盐、干旱)等生物学过程,对营养、生殖生长阶段各组织器官的发育也有一定的调控作用。
【Objective】BpTCP7 gene, a member of the CIN branch of TCP family, plays an important role in plant growth and development. In order to characterize the function of BpTCP7. 【Method】 A 1 791 bp flanking sequence upstream of the translation initiation codon was cloned, and putative cis-regulatory elements were deciphered from the promoter sequence of BpTCP7 using PLACE and Plant CARE web tools, and transferred into Arabidopsis thaliana. Then, the expression patterns were investigated during salt and drought stress. 【Result】The results showed that cis-regulatory elements involved in cell cycle, flowering, leaf development, multiple hormone-responsiveness, and stress response were included in the promoter region. The Gus reporter gene that was drived the BpTCP7 promoter was detected in all tissues and organs during the reproductive and vegetative phases. Notably, the BpTCP7 promoter was expressed in the leaf margin of young and mature leaves. The expression level of BpTCP7 gene was increased in transgenic A. thaliana after NaCl and polyethylene glycol(PEG)stresses compared with the control.【Conclusion】In conclusion, BpTCP7 participates in biological processes of leaf development, hormone response, drought and salt stress response, and to some extent regulates the development of all tissues and organs during the reproductive and vegetative growth phases.


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