PAN Yanyan,XU Guiyou,DONG Lihu,et al.Genetic variations of seedling growth traits among full-sib families of Larix kaempferi[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2019,43(02):014-22.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201803038]





Genetic variations of seedling growth traits among full-sib families of Larix kaempferi
(1. 东北林业大学,林木遗传育种国家重点实验室,黑龙江 哈尔滨 150040; 2. 吉林省柳河县五道沟林场,吉林 通化 135300; 3. 吉林省林业科学研究院,吉林 长春 130018)
PAN Yanyan13 XU Guiyou2 DONG Lihu1 WANG Chenglu2LIANG Deyang1ZHAO Xiyang1*
(1. State Key Laboratory of Tree Genetics and Breeding, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, China; 2. Wudaogou Forestry Center of Liuhe County,Tonghua 135300, China; 3. Jilin Provincial Academy of Forestry Sciences, Changchun 130018, China)
日本落叶松 全同胞家系 遗传变异 生长性状 综合评价
Larix kaempferi full-sib family genetic variation growth trait comprehensive assessment
【目的】研究日本落叶松全同胞家系苗期生长性状遗传变异,为日本落叶松遗传改良提供可靠依据。【方法】以67个日本落叶松全同胞家系树高和地径为材料,对树高和地径进行方差分析、遗传参数分析、相关性分析、配合力分析以及家系选择。【结果】方差分析表明:各变异来源差异均达极显著水平(P<0.01); 树高和地径的表型变异系数分别为30.23%和21.51%,遗传变异系数分别为15.98%和16.99%。树高和地径的家系遗传力均为0.94,单株遗传力均为0.52; 通过一般配合力计算初选三棚04为优良父本,三棚37为优良母本,通过特殊配合力计算,东丰18 × 兰山25、东丰81 × 兰山25、三棚98 × 三棚74和临江34 × 兰山28杂交组合为优良组合。以树高和地径为评价指标,以10%的入选率进行优良家系选择,入选的7个家系树高和地径的平均值分别为0.70 m和1.06 cm,遗传增益分别为35.02%和29.01%。以2%的入选率进行优良单株选择,入选的50个单株树高和地径的平均值分别为0.98 m和1.35 cm,遗传增益分别为47.92%和34.67%。【结论】选出的7个优良家系和50个优良单株,可作为建立改良种子园和二代种子园的育种材料。
【Objective】Determine the potential for Larix kaempferi full-sib families to provide the basis for genetic improvement by evaluating their genetic variation and selection potential.【Method】Sixty-seven full-sib families of L. kaempferi were taken as source materials to investigate the tree height and diameter at breast height. The ANOVA, genetic parameter, correlation and combining ability analyses plus family selection were carried out for the tree height and diameter at breast height. 【Result】The result of the ANOVA showed that there were significant differences among all variance sources(P<0.01). The phenotypic variation coefficients of tree height and diameter at breast height were 30.23% and 21.51%,respectively; while the genetic variation coefficients were 15.98% and 16.99%, respectively. The family-level heritability of tree height and diameter at breast height were 0.94, while the individual plant heritability of tree height and diameter at breast height were 0.52, respectively. According to the calculation of the general combining ability, Sanpeng 04 was selected as an excellent male parent, while Sanpeng 37 was selected as an excellent female parent. According to the calculated special combining ability, Dongfeng 18 × Lanshan 25, Dongfeng 81 × Lanshan 25, Sanpeng 98 × Sanpeng 74, and Linjiang 34 × Lanshan 28 were selected as elite hybrids combinations. Using a 10% selection rate, seven families were selected as elite families, with the average of tree height and diameter at breast height of 0.70 m and 1.06 cm and genetic gains of 35.02% and 29.01%, respectively. However, with a 2% selection rate, 50 individual plants were selected as elite individual plants, with an average tree height and diameter at breast height of 0.98 m and 1.35 cm, and genetic gains of 47.92% and 34.67%, respectively. 【Conclusion】Seven elite families and 50 individual plants can provide superior materials for the establishment of improved initial and second generation seed orchards.


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