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A review on the effects of biogas slurry on agroforestry soil ecosystems
薛 斌徐涵湄阮宏华*
南京林业大学,南方现代林业协同创新中心,南京林业大学生物与环境学院,江苏 南京 210037
XUE BinXU Hanmei RUAN Honghua*
Co-Innovation Center for the Sustainable Forestry in Southern China, College of Biology and the Environment, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
农林土壤 沼液 土壤动物 土壤微生物 重金属污染 土壤吸附力
agroforestry soil biogas slurry soil animal soil microorganism heavy metal pollution soil adsorption capacity
目前,沼液排放量逐年增加,对农林土壤的影响也在增大,笔者就施用沼液对土壤的影响研究现状进行了综合分析,总结归纳施用沼液对农林土壤理化与生物学特性的影响及其机制。认为:①适当沼液施用条件下农林土壤动物、微生物的数量,全氮、全钾、全磷、速效氮、速效磷和速效钾的含量都有所提高; ②土壤的理化性质和结构及施用沼液的质量浓度、用量、使用时间都是影响农林土壤生态系统的重要因素; ③施用沼液可能增加土壤重金属含量,不同土层各种重金属含量增加程度不一; ④不同的沼液处理方式、发酵时间,对农林土壤的重金属积累、土壤动物的影响各异,稀释后的沼液比原沼液灌溉土壤更易造成Cd、Cu的积累,新鲜沼液比陈放沼液对土壤动物的抑制作用更明显。因此,施用沼液是资源可持续循环利用的重要途径之一,合理施用沼液不仅可以提高农林土壤生产力,也可以保护生态环境; 同时,因土壤生物学特性、理化性质等不同,长期施用沼液对不同类型农林土壤的影响结果有所不同,尤其对土壤生态系统的生物学与生态学的过程与机制尚不清楚。在研究施用沼液对农林土壤的影响及其响应机制过程中,一方面要做2 a甚至更长时间的定位观测与分析; 另一方面要考虑不同处理沼液的理化性质以及实验土壤的理化和生物学特性的差异,深入探究沼液内含物在土壤中的迁移、转化过程以及吸附作用,以达到长期维持土壤生产力的目的。
Emissions of biogas slurry have been increasing year by year, resulting in deleterious effects on soil properties in agroforestry ecosystems. Biogas slurry is not only rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, humic acids and growth hormones, but also in heavy metals and antibiotic content. Biogas slurry can be reasonably used as a sustainable resource; however, it has the potential to cause soil and environmental contamination. The objective of this study was to provide scientific reference for the rational utilization of biogas slurry to improve soil and maintain soil productivity. We reviewed recent research on the effects of diogns slnmy on soil to understand the effects of biogas slurry application on soil properties in agroforestry ecosystems as followed: ① Appropriate application of biogas slurry increases the abundance of soil fauna, microorganisms, total N, total K, total P, available N, available P and available K. ② The effects of biogas slurry application on soil properties are influenced by the nature and structure of the soils, and by the dosages and application times of the slurry. ③ Biogas slurry application could increase the soil content of heavy metals, with the degree of increase varying at different soil layers. ④ Different biogas slurry raw materials and variation in fermentation times might lead to variable effects of biogas slurry on agroforestry soils, as could variation in soil adsorption capacity, accumulation of heavy metals, soil nutrient elements, and soil fauna abundance, stages of growth, and growth rates, in addition to other factors. Compared with raw biogas slurry, diluted biogas slurry irrigated in soil is more likely to cause accumulation of Cd and Cu, and the inhibition effect on soil fauna is more pronounced in fresh versus aged slurry.The application of biogas slurry is an important approach for sustainable recycling of resources. Rational application of biogas slurry can not only increase soil productivity,but also can protecting the environment. However, processes and mechanisms of biogas slurry’s effects vary with biological, physical, and chemical properties of different types of agroforestry soil. Therefore, we suggest that long-term observations of the responses of agricultural and forest soil to biogas slurry application should be conducted, including investigations on the physical and chemical properties of biogas slurry, and specific site conditions. Hence, this would also involve deeply exploring the migration processes and adsorption of biogas slurry in the soil. Thus, biogas slurry has the potential to gain considerable significance in the long-term maintenance of soil productivity in different agroforestry lands in the future.


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