[1]郭芳芸,曹 兵,䥺Symbolj@@,等.CO2浓度升高对宁夏枸杞果实发育期形态指标及糖分积累影响[J].南京林业大学学报(自然科学版),2020,44(01):105-110.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201901024]
 GUO Fangyun,CAO Bing*,SONG Lihua,et al.Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on Lycium barbarum fruit morphological parameters and sugar accumulation during development period in Ningxia[J].Journal of Nanjing Forestry University(Natural Science Edition),2020,44(01):105-110.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2006.201901024]





Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on Lycium barbarum fruit morphological parameters and sugar accumulation during development period in Ningxia
郭芳芸曹 兵䥺Symbolj@@宋丽华哈 蓉
(宁夏大学农学院,宁夏 银川 750021)
GUO FangyunCAO Bing*SONG LihuaHA Rong
(School of Agriculture,Ningxia University,Yinchuan 750021,China)
CO2浓度 宁夏枸杞 形态指标 糖分积累
CO2 concentration Lycium barbarum L. morphological indexes sugar accumulation
【目的】探究正常大气CO2浓度升高对宁夏枸杞果实发育期形态及发育期蔗糖、果糖、葡萄糖等糖分积累过程的影响,以期为气候变化对果实发育期糖分积累影响提供参考。【方法】以宁夏枸杞苗木为试材,采用开顶气室模拟控制3个CO2浓度:正常大气CO2浓度[(380±20)μmol/mol,CK]作为对照,0.5倍增浓度[(570±20)μmol/mol,TR1],1倍增浓度[(760±20)μmol/mol,TR2]; 分别取经不同CO2浓度处理的宁夏枸杞果实幼果期至成熟期果品,测定其形态指标及不同发育期含糖量。【结果】TR1、TR2处理的宁夏枸杞果实较CK处理,在幼果期、青果期单果质量,以及横径均显著上升。青果期,其纵径、淀粉及果糖含量较CK处理显著增加。至成熟期,果实横径显著增大,蔗糖含量显著上升,单果纵径/横径显著下降,而果糖、葡萄糖、淀粉含量处理间无显著差异; TR1、TR2处理宁夏枸杞果实较CK处理在转色期蔗糖、淀粉质量比显著上升,初熟期显著下降,成熟期极显著上升; CO2浓度升高处理使宁夏枸杞果实在青果期单果质量与淀粉含量、转色期单果质量与果糖含量、转色期蔗糖与淀粉含量、成熟期单果质量与蔗糖含量间均达显著正相关。【结论】CO2浓度升高可显著促进宁夏枸杞在幼果期、青果期的果实横径、单果质量,使其青果期纵径及果糖、淀粉含量显著增加,处理至成熟期,可使宁夏枸杞果实单果质量、蔗糖含量显著上升,纵径/横径显著下降,影响果实发育过程中淀粉和蔗糖的积累过程。
【Objective】 To explore the effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on the morphological appearance and levels of sucrose, fructose, and glucose in Lycium barbarum fruits during the developmental period, and provide a reference for the impact of climate change on sugar accumulation during fruit development.【Method】 L. barbarum fruits, as test materials, CO2 concentration was controlled by open-top chamber(OTC)to simulate the natural environment: ambient [(380±20)μmol/mol, CK], increased [(570±20 μmol/mol, TR1], and double ambient CO2 concentration [(760±20)μmol/mol, TR2]. Samples from the young fruit stage to the mature stage of L. barbarum were exposed to different CO2 concentrations, and the morphological indexes and sugar content at the developmental phase were tested.【Result】Single fruit weight and the transverse diameter of TR1 and TR2 were increased significantly in the young fruit and green fruit under elevated CO2 concentration; moreover, the longitudinal diameter, and fructose and starch content increased significantly in the green fruits. Sucrose content in the ripened samples increased significantly in TR1 and TR2 compared to CK, although the transverse diameter remained the same, whereas, the ratio of longitudinal diameter to transverse diameter for single fruit was inverse, and there was no difference in fructose, glucose and starch mass levels. Sucrose to starch ratio in the colored, initial maturity and mature phase among the three treatments was disparate. Significant stimulative correlations were indicated in single fruit weight of green fruits and starch, single fruit weight of colored fruits and fructose, single fruit weight of mature fruits and sucrose content under elevated CO2, as well as sucrose and starch content in colored fruits.【Conclusion】Based on the analyses, it can be concluded that elevated CO2 increased the transverse diameter and weight of a single fruit of L. barbarum in young fruit and green fruit phase, facilitated the fructose and starch content in green fruit phase, and changed the process of sucrose and starch accumulation during fruit development. The single fruit weight and sucrose content of L. barbarum were improved in mature fruits under elevated CO2


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